Food Smuggling Skills

Friday, September 15th

How do you get your goods past the gates?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. About yours NASA's smuggling skills to did you contend show. Of college football season speeches have taken stuff 404263094. Lines. I brag about your food smuggling skills hey Renee and leather belt. Good morning. Claire I'm like an adult and edged at this okay what seemed to. It is important postscript you took it courts. Are. All of those acts which are going to put you go to the bottom but urged them what you too. I can't won't or a parent aren't tied up a it's maxed out partnership. Oh tossed at them or not. I isolate my parents and all night at ten. And now okay. Lisa Ancelotti. I eat at the same thing is terrible day that we could call box. A feminine hygiene product in the air and everything now. Our our laps inside the box and that strategically. Find to guide you look or negate. It says they weren't so uncomfortable it was not open box and that she then right at night. That's perfectly logically. If you're going to wait let let's say I don't know four hours sporting events right. You don't need it 24 of those things thanks have a million ever. They are against the guy that I would never question and really do you need you're eight. Because mine that has you changing that every ten minutes and don't worry about it I think I don't worry about it people who keep Teemu and up close and Calhoun and bad about your skills. You're at it because. You can cut a hole and try the N double factor but. But I don't eat and they didn't feel that she didn't ever know. See you cut the hole in the foam. At the rural Australia and it's all my sincere and she had played some homeland menu parade there. Hanging out Melissa wears you go to school. Eight they're so proud I. Any. Yeah. Agca like I yeah Thomas in Auburn's got an idea. Yeah so. To equal raids aimed at the time I had a broken play in a body mind entered into a spot it well. So we talked. Berry's side of the equation and it went. It around our legs are crutches and I had done quickly he had. Mixture can look on the quitting is he would go into crutches and we just went about a week. During. Tomas Tomas my favorite part about your story is he referred to your injury is a baseball accident rather than I yeah I broke my limited him slide you like I was a. I know I'm Miley can actually play. Catcher and we've got up I think silence. No instead my guess I'm really proud of myself island this went on to have Kessel with that answer. You take your purse this is the blue haired version of forget mentioning his and you're doing bad. Unless isn't actually an academy this. You you got you got this like a stressed or something you don't really care about an eternity especially sneaky you go inside his experts cited bit. He cut a slick inside the lining of the zipper of the pocket and anything you put inside the slick goes between the lining of the Paris and underneath it. He Gillick is big baggy Paris so they can look completely empty underneath that you could have like. Inches and inches of what ever you want an exit completely goes through your Paris and see nothing. And it works so well all you have to do is unzip it and it's like it's tiny little like. Couple inches hole inside the scene the like you could even kind of glued shut if your actual paranoid. But it is Smart it's changed as far as that is why all of the NFL stadiums may keep bring in as clear how. They hold lobotomy or purse here Bailey. You know had a lot on your first news and I went and I feel you could also use. Like clunky heels that are hollowed out and you just like he also sold on the bottom. And there's like a whole big part in a room laugh. Now now jeans and a scare me. He thinks about it country or whatever. Had a great idea years ago but could move forward on man well I am a proud a cup and let's just say in college I was a C Milan Dina. Probably temp line. I just as we should do you know about our. Oh yeah maybe. Out but if you Wear Brad deep copper seek Seve can then fill all that with you know a certain kind of liquid and a double bags plastic zip lock bag he end. And nobody in Australia to make sure that what's in the bra is legit. And so I'm just me and that was it attacked accused at my alma mater. And so am I actually thought about inventing. A boost the air and it went so far as decides to pat and turn it but that had already been made they weren't doing anything with it. I never actually made it into a bra that you can use for sneaking and listening on a bruise there you go call it whatever he wanted the patent tell. Guys under the name and already make and a I was moms and move Sosa bonds I Jacob and I accord has a classic idea. Good morning. Talk about how nobody questioned the Starbucks cup where we got they just so bad streak are paying ten dollars for cops. That's very good in Atlanta every watt. Jennifer and Sandy Springs brag about your smuggle in steals. I eat and even when they expect the Ottoman era occurred. I'm not allocate time each drink bottle plastic which I never checked. So it looks like SPS. Yeah Belichick backlit and M I'll wait and edit it but it's proof read it yet and I am as an immense and you know what brand that is right now they have like the real brands. Assume it's a Hawaiian prodigy. Low Wal-Mart great you know it's like Aaron. And hairspray last. Yeah that's Anthony get enough all my vessels. As is let alone hairspray flask and as perfect as. Iran can't elect and now you know Laura thanks Jennifer. Well are tricky. We saw a news story of a guy who took this to the next level and he had a music festival in New York City yeah. And then we'll tell you what he did how much planning and doesn't. In three minutes and started. Star in 941. Yours. I avoid these Big Three oh. He's been given up all their seed Craig. Just a lot of these and found this weekend's. The the best part about this and you dismissed it would give our retirement seems advantage he shared his story and you're out of the studio when I she just got a text message. Oh yeah my mom thinks and I. Yeah woody is going to places smells like ask your other daughter. So I ask you that junior time. But let's put mat Wilson yeah I phrase actually my name and under isn't leading but I first learned that when I was a paranoid thirteen year old that wanted to bring food in the movie theaters. Oh yeah yeah all reasons are here in terms. I'm there is a story they came out last week about because we NY it's odd because any problems for our friends. And music midtown we didn't share it last week for sharing this week but the grand champion of this maneuver. Is a guy who went to assess what his name is Alex and he went to a New York City festival called the electric zoo. Heard it Luke it's something wild and crazy party tea yeah I've heard that it's. Experiences some intense stuff that's where you got to get up. A month before the music festival he went to the park where it was held. Dug a hole in the ground and buried it bottles of vodka. Filled in the hole and then saved a location and the GPS on his phone. Then when the festival rolled around. He went back to this by easing the GPS his friends stood around him so nobody can seal it was happening any used a little hand shovel to dig out the vodka. Pull it out and Philip all of his friends water bottles. That's dedication that is that's an eighth pick. It'd be really easy to do MP mom part because there's so many trees back on the stages is history Pickens they all come back. I know that's why would insists that Chris Ivory and yeah this last we really operatives ovals today on my hand. And Sullivan today now we're trying to recorded music may tenth at Canada trying to galvanize shines on Hannity and fans you all. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.