Is Following Your Ex on Social Media Cheating? Part 2

Tuesday, April 25th

Jenn sure thinks so. 


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Star in 941. I grace and alana hold on okay we're gonna pick Chicago when second right. Hear him we alien in Atlanta hold I'm gonna pick your cough once I got to look at what. Great guy permanent. And Chris the aim at Dallas has actual experience with the X Christie were gonna pick you up once I democratic. I he's got to take care this Bert hey Bob the bid is mad. Your birdies they weren't done. It's time to find out with jet engines 100000. Dollar per day clock on soaring 94 and. Well and I were in the middle of a conversation about whether or not following year acts I and social media is a form of infidelity. But we got to get somebody paid. So while we take these last few calls work and electric collar 25. If you are neck in my guy. November. And month in November birthdays give us the call now for 0426309. For a 125 scores 500 bucks cash. Immediately up 500 hours as yours match today double a 2000 everybody's in the running for 100. Grand November. The birth month of yours truly. And the month of a holiday that celebrates eating. What month could be that a 10 November birthdays give us a call right now for a 4263094. Wine while we look for November birthdays of socked away in Miami and Atlanta a guy's perspective. Is following your significant other and social media a form of infidelity. On your acts. Yeah it. X yeah. Waylon and it. Almost certainly thanks so they get away are we like elite you're doing another that traditional limits eating. It's just this it's just is an emotional. Connection and it still is tied to your soldiers thought is just cut all ties. If you're being 1000%. Respectful to the person that you're committed to you in the ass. Is it OK to still follow them before you get into any relationship. So so to JP is point which he made earlier that following somebody on following somebody and social media could cause drama. Let's say you have an act until about the drama does the exit there an excerpt excerpt there's other Matty front following its not about just be a man it's about going to like mutual Fran and they're like. Texting. And. Our moon. Well they shouldn't be text of they're your exe error everybody's X voice should sound like after the all right and all we look 'cause your eye. Access other people making a big deal about. Unfriendly so on base but that's like such a fifth grades being in such a just a blip on my radar like why aren't like those people take your behavior. I just need not worry about it altogether too revealing your logic. And Gisenyi and if you spend time looking at those X pictures out and just think twice about all of God's the one in your mind. All those thoughts are pregnant and grace in Atlanta is it cheating you're not cheating. I totally kidding really tell us why he had. I'm looking and a just because you can add hair like act is that I felt and it. Like I have in the background like eight CNET. I mean everybody does that blunted at Erin and I are totally aligned in the and it because they wanna check anyone at it Eric is anyone else like Eric are kind of stocking edge. So grace if I'm understanding what you're saying incorrectly is don't follow them. But just low key look up their stuff win the person you're currently dating isn't around. It's. Teen hanging. I'm in any tainted and it here. Right and does aim and continual kind of still scared that you wanna explore at bat Eric I mean when I got married I get an I would. Everybody intense I was bit I mean I found out about you at. Eric grace be totally honest your husband is not listening right now a thousand and I as I know women. When is the last night when is the last time you look dug up an X on social media. Groove race. Up up up up. Island end I didn't get the Marriott. I don't know she didn't fire probability the fire. Greatly sort of discounted into. Chris. Hi Chris in Dallas has some experience in this. They Christie. And I haven't remembered bird act on it and yet the boyfriend who. Taught me a lot but cut out I ended up working for him for a short time so I Allen messages. And he would get you know late at night he would hit up a commission had what I call them a bad luck Kurt you had Salo. He would follow our social media and I went and did it did shaped his computer. They're eight picture that. He would then. Starts starving media attention and met Jerry action and did they airy. Very controlling about what that it bit you don't they look at our profile picture. Get a chair up and eat it I'm looking for you may. And he would not delete it would act that act ethernet admit it that talk about it down and eat it all kidding our. Well if you if you send a message to somebody and say you wanna hook up with them that you follow with aloe well and then. Went to your crying number oh gee it doesn't count the not unless they respond and then they want to but I'm also. You wouldn't want to do need to do you could shape civilly controlling and jealous. He had been dramatic to bring drama to it like that he Obama neither urged he would be remembered. All been color of their male and a late hosted got it back. And shot with the breast week to get everything about it rarely think about who you slept with some of these women or had Bakke pictures of them when you need their daily news feed your constantly replay. Though it. Also warned flicker when you're right. You. I agree with him. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.