Is Following Your Ex on Social Media Cheating? Part 1

Tuesday, April 25th

Jenn sure thinks so. 


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Star in 941. Out jam asks that question in at least say am I started calls rate up with 12 later bum. What's question James. Is following me your acts on social media a form of cheating lease. What's the answer. Depends on the rules of your relationship everybody's different emission how different rules we shouldn't just followed it up and poly amorous. I can't sleep with my act and it wouldn't break my rule. Yeah you don't count ten K death because you are in a very special situation that would drive most of the people months. So we're. Certainly everyone's got a special situation ever should have their overrule. I poly amorous. I'm poly amorous I just can't physically do anything about. What the president. Yeah I don't think that that really hers her situation is certainly unique for a 4263094. Line. Is. Following. Your accent social media. A form of infidelity rate shelled downtown Atlanta what's up. Harriet Morton good. I am I think on some else you try to bridge it is very subjective depending on a relationship. Depending on the maturity of the couple bought all the people involved but like my fiancee he is so kind with his ex wife. On social media because they have a daughter. Even. It's out there are subjected to depend on what's going I'm. I need you oh great girlfriend. No but you know if you've got a decent relationship and their children and old or. Let's say there's no kids involves yeah your fiance you if you co parent together that's an exception to the world ray London then to accuse you if you take the kids out of it. Then you'll maintain. That's infidelity well I think it's almost. Emotional infidelity because why do you need to can't keep up with that person why do you wanna know about their life why do you want to be involved if you're involved with someone else. Then I feel like being. Devoted to what they're what self these are posting what they're doing where'd they go on vacation when they forget the last time whenever everybody close or puts on Santa chatter whatever. But why you even sedan not anymore yeah really why you keep it up to China. I don't now if I feel like I feel like it would hurt your leader. Kirk person's feelings it would hurt my feelings if I knew. My husband was keeping up with his exes online and knowing what they were up to must lie Tiffany and Lawrenceville a 100% agrees that the gen. Hi good morning her. I eat Harriet. Certainly. I totally agree because of my biggest thing is. There you're at our region and I would tie it you know to look forward not backward. And that might get staying at I am happy here relations at you know. And my biggest thing I don't care what my taxes that you didn't care what his exit that ilk. You know there's no re fat and it if you are looking into something you know. As you know following them on Twitter or whatever the case may be my biggest thing it. Your reminiscing on some spots are feeling from the past because you're not happy where you're at and you need to take a look at back. And I am the first. First step that. China it is OK I don't Tiffany and Janet question for Rosen you what if he had just. Our friends. I'd like call this using NC Gramm you've followed them financed Ingraham okay I'm. I you guys. You guys break up you never like on follow whatever which you never interact you never like their picture you never comments. He never anything it's just bear because. It's of which is there. Well that's good and they'll it all depends to me I'm not friendly to any of my exchange. Now the only ex that I might have to put up wind at my daughter's father but I'm not going to follow his FaceBook because. I mean it's none of my yeah. I love the way you phrase that is the only ex that I have to put up way. I think there is a natural curiosity there and not could be innocent. But the way I look at it as why hurt the feelings of your current partner. By looking at pictures of your axe to me it's about a respect for the person that your width. And not about. That interest in your candidates just like a friendly acts like some I that you dated for like a year or some thing. I I I still think that it's disrespectful if you are in a committed. Exclusive relationship with somebody neo and I think it's disrespectful to that person to be keeping up your act some rain SanDisk. I totally disagree. I just totally disagree many of their friendly X and air cool and it's just kind. Mean dinner dating now and I've got a picture of my ex and Louise well there at one man like you have we use today but they moved are they're super cool like you literally like man you know chimes payment no more. Trusting picture right gas is now I'm like I can be friends with an ex new. But January you follow the bigger the more broad rule of their necks for a reason there's no reason to take you to make as they come out right. Yeah I don't say transit taxes that's just not my thing you are. It's it's the picture is becoming clear and you are. Very much in the minority. Laura and Woodstock. Kenny I really don't figured cheating I haven't expert then Democrat and her band record better than and I haven't checked relationship. I really keep up with my picture and picture I want to just married to him I was married your hopes and handling each. And that's how I keep up with some of them that are not aren't any and the social media. I keep up with them and that's why not let stand the people that I love B Holmes. I loved them here. Are you currently in a relationship. I'm an eight. Years OK what if your husband said man we use me out. That's certainly we never really checking relationships he also keeps up with that accent her family because he loved them. And I we answer to trust and relationship I think its earliest objects there. I really surely. It makes him feel any sort of way that you keep up with your axe. No I don't and I don't feel any kind of way to interpret their tax. We were there but each one eventually married shirt over sixteen years. But the personnel we are myriad cure and we have to shoulder with those people till but I. We were best friends with their other family members and some of them don't have such immediate perks processional reasons. I think at some point users scattered. Yeah what's your thought on it do you are you friends with any of your eye and social I have I don't think so if I am it's because I haven't it's un it's not exactly. No intentional thing. Caitlin and Smallville. In my name yes I love you again I have to disagree I don't think it's cheating I'll I'm pretty. Since my accident that goes belly and I are there any end. Just it depends on kind of I really good relationship but it's one of those mutually Kayla department for each other but you know I really respect you let yet occurred and but. If I'm not in love with you anymore I don't think that there's a problem with that. I've never wanted to get back with any of my act since I'm friendly apparently not Kirk's entered and then I think the key to dealing. Meanwhile at how they're keeping up an extremely they're doing. I think it appears they instill in Lubbock that hurts standing near little. Accurate about the break out and that's something else but I think you can definitely be friend that actually I'm a comedian. What is jam here on this theory right thanks Dave and Jeff what is your just staying transmit them on social media so after you guys break up. Legs do you get so right in so tight and you looked so good. I'm I'm sure they say it's their revenge pictures. Dad and you wanna make sure they see it what a fancy does that tell you what if Kelli ever dumps me. I'm gonna get one of those bureau modeled by ads and I'm just walk around. I want to go to church and speed. That's how I think he's got eyes everywhere you go yes he's semi Adonis those high JP or use transmitting your taxes on social yes. I don't see the big deal on it. I mean if this Heidi you know the friends of the taxes on social. I involve them I mean I think did we live in a world that it's like boy it's on FaceBook what does that mean with three between the lines do some CSI investigating like. You just don't follow your axes because I think the blocking Iran trending somebody can create more drama than it's actually worse. Single and I and so by blocking them or confronting them it'll be a bigger deal yes. Because I don't have any like. It it's in the past knowledge you can't question menopause attacks haven't had any of my exes that have like blocked me out like yell at Sunday night I got a new girlfriend language sounds like a B word play a lot of data Barkley figure I sat out in six years and like your mind pass and it was a part of my past I can appreciate. Abbie you hate the person anyhow walk a mile but maybe you're afraid I don't. I don't know how to worry about it and that's the worry about your in the minority energy and I I say I would be actually in her home. IA and IP Indiana sorry. It's fine you have to have problems. And I don't think you can create any this year and it here. And I have had another average as an issue whether it obviously a EEE here. But yeah I did it it opened the door and they are married and are. Ari can and. This happened and I sorry about that. Is it affects in flurry ranch. It. I'd try to speak differently don't think it's she ain't like I. Every single one of my exes are trumped. More about social media are not action. I had everything that went about it Errol I don't not a single one another perspective for him that he can get a bit on that barely cheating and eat these days. I kinda lose. Why might. Georgia so big cracked open. I mean. I don't tiger. Still and excitement they'll see what heritage that their life like what they are at 08. If they had a deep unhappiness. All our lake if they're still struggling. We. A relationship with them. Necessarily. If I'm your boyfriend and I just heard that there's a lot of the so a lot of per day I say there's a gray area and I feel like to your friend. That's in some way disrespectful that you could be maybe driving along in the car with him is gone through FaceBook you're in the passenger seat and you're actually with your boyfriend looking at pictures of your exes. Interested in their life like tell me that reaps real. Helmerich feed and I just want their pictures plus up and are buying I felt like I got a new dog and I don't like it can really care issue. It's not something that I. Actively thinking about yet. MS actually convincing me to come over and teams and I think it's weird thing. Passion or is it time of your day it's a part of how you're spending your time is keeping up with your access that is what is so funny to see pictures of of people and then even when your with your Cigna you know like that's your purse amounts of screen for you and your like look at this country bound him that I used today like how funny is. His little meal like Los haystack wedding Manny does have like how funny is it the thing that. You know exciting years ago I used to date this person that I was just out of the Keane took a couple of I don't and other about it I dated the cute little red handed in their country boy just got married less and and well looking and he's just so sweet but this. Is you're in a committed relationship with anybody else but I think if you were heard. It would be spending your time on the country guy verses. On your job and I'd be Brasilia and nagged him look at this guy that I used today and we haven't you laugh about it. I'll bet it. Will be on the hunt by summer you think it's cheating and away or not cheating. Skiing in June and like the experts expect by your relations are at a time. Diet if there are still creeping into a lot I think they always try not talk to the X or you're the other and it's time to let them know. They can sell messenger you go they can still follow yours where when I know what's going on your why didn't like it starts with liking a dog picture and then you're like in shirtless pictures of them on the beach or in bikinis and it just goes awry. When he's bad saying that I'm not necessarily. It was that when her because if I was listening to do. Kelli tell a story of any of us. You're listening to Heidi tell a story JP out and she was like oh my god isn't my ex boyfriend and that necessarily attracted to him anymore but in you're like you're not what attract well we're we're in the middle or not. Save and it's like of course there's a natural curiosity about what they're doing. Justin Jan Shia Iowa take a few more phone calls. I think this is going to be an even split energy and a 5050 split dad everybody is against you at first for now the calls are certainly commands well I think you should ask your significant other or ask you look I don't know what is video right transient people do you (%expletive) do you still file your taxes on social media and then. I'm gen Y 4042630941. If you went away in front starts. And she I'll still are.