Follow Up With Angelina and Creepy Mr Jacobs Part 2

Friday, November 18th


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In Smyrna. And all over eighteen yeah. Jet engines are. I mean people alive. I quick reminder to be listening at 8 o'clock if you and your family's vacation yes we've got a Disney cruise a family vacation for four up for grabs will it be next chance to implement that in clock on stuntman for lack. So. Angeline and all of us. For America settings. Last month. She wanted us to track down. A man that she knew a decade now so far so. This guy. I'm going to be her music eerie teacher her senior year. Seas and back and he made her so nerve says that she wouldn't even act like ourselves and do well on his last use so. Flustered by hand and she's like. Now in this high school teacher off him acting for him in ten years later. He's like now I'm hot and not on word I want you. Find out what he's doing but he's on social media says and track and in the original call. It was odd it was like. That's weird week urged October yeah because he's her high school teachers that we Ireland. You know I mean but I think she said he was actually a teacher's assist and which would have. If she was let's say it was a senior and she's seventeen years ago. Technically he could be. When he. Green a six years old. Which Sharon Jack Bane is weird and creepy but now you fast forward she's 27 he 33 that that. Whatever it. Not if they met at a bar nobody even bad about our lessons since then between union right yeah. Well not so I keep it up and held them returning next though. And so so that was like vain and we called him as we view. Slow. Road. I ever grow yes I've been dating for a little while all the development. So it's super serious so. So that's something that you would do it like catch over the former student that's not like a weird. Professional weird day. And yeah again they had that step uncle I mean achieve our important that looked at you know pick up whether they actually still on. Would it will. Provide professional weird thing I mean totally unethical compact I think that. Well mood seemed a little more specific domain. And notice what else that you looked like. Once you lose one so insecure and coats in the seat like how to look and it's and say here. So we re asking Angelina why she's so hung up on them. I have the honor I know it sounds kind of like a Lugar. I can't seem to make you know the fact that like I just want to let me how he's doing and try to connect and an adult way. Because he left that impression on me. What are the High Court so it kind of like that curiosity factor. And we took caller after caller. After caller talking about how weird and creepy. This creep out just like you're listening to him. And I I would growth outlook thing and I mean obviously. We're gonna have. Who do and and Rebecca when she called that made a request. I ain't so intrigued by that the that you all big leap. Least you'll follow up I want art that the GP. At how well I arrived afterward were negated it and we're gonna do. Who we shot a message to Angelina. And asked her if there was an update because she said. That went holidays it closer she's gonna go see her family and I believe. And she's gonna get here family Texas east of teachers and acts. Oh she might be able to feed him and so on out we asked Angelina. Yeah. Her on this and called her a. Creepy. BP teacher. Don't. Angelina. Hang a day it's championship and we've been talking about here how can you. Oh man yeah. I would Blair and get back I wholeheartedly. Campaigned. Ask you it's already time for Thanksgiving. Where I I are you really making small country now and I hope I'm just she's. Giving. I'm pretty I don't think I'm freaking out because you're really gonna meet up where you'll are creepy ex teacher. I. I need. Inquiring minds want to know I have to meet it I mean I got family out there. I better read an unequivocal goal of getting back. We're definitely gonna hang out yeah I'll go. Have you had any contacts. Significant contact with him since the radio segment. Only you know a little bit technically competent like the ones that aren't that he hasn't been a whole lot and I. The name you know trot any. I wouldn't you know that and it I don't I can't. Acting out any great connecting you know I don't think we know they can't have my crazy I am glad I'm I'm trying to get around a little bit. Of weight so he asked you for a photo. You said you guys exchanged photos. Yeah because you know make sure you remember right lives flag I don't like end market dig in how I looked out. I can't say anything different now meet immediate course and by higher now he. You know. And I look at an hour and twenty didn't look right about what committed. It's did Jacques. This is what. This is really you're you're really causing a conflict. Because. I. Just yesterday I think the other day was saying and they show how attractive I find competent women and you are certainly. Confidence. But it's on all total it's awesome so. I feel like it's ms. I don't know I don't feel good about. All right. So but I mean because it's. You're treated. Each year. I'm in. That she got the creepy eyes how can you know. What I mean I don't how art would be creepy older you know. We know what you don't like that you don't wanna find out about that he creeping goal. Nobody would like. Period how hot Jay gray creek yeah they've got my dad. But you know I'm packed already had about eight cannot I cannot say they're a letter thank you gonna make their and I am I didn't mean ribbon. Whole big inning Grumman. It's been the one way earn out there. You just to make sure that your well we're like you've had a half guard. I know but yeah how did you. I admit what he met Greg. No I don't let. Old lady and I had a I don't know how to handle that that that they get there you know America. While where you need to call us. That today. Yes. Obviously rock a couple of days of Thanksgiving. You'll reread your family but the Monday after Thanksgiving. We need to talk with the promise. And down. I'm down when you report then. Because seriously if we don't talk deals that were calling 91 wine and Hamas are calling that producers of dateline. Okay I'm there on the Owen he's stepping around but seriously. Somebody needs to know where you are. Yeah I'm national barely got Eric there are a lot of people don't know the non candidate candidate granola. I'm a I'm like oh all right thank you Angelina. Yeah. Hey I. All that's Angela. I and yeah. Okay. Angelina I headed back to Texas to go down that I deep creek mobile and we have followed with just nature's. 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