The Fish Butt Story

Tuesday, April 4th

Jenn found an article and made Jeff attempt to explain it to a 5 year old. It's about as awkward and hilarious as it sounds. 


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. Just a heads up to anyone listening right now Jan off the air prefaced this break with the words. This may be terrible. That I thought. Well I was about the segment we did with JP where he did. Explain a movie to have your world yes. Right yes so he led explain a movie and you know to five world and we try to guess what the movie. Well similarly. I'd Jeff I want I'm gonna give you a news story to weird news story that's on an anti all right but. I want to see if you can explain it to a five Euro. OK okay let's do me for example. I don't think that's possible all right let's do one of them yeah let's just do this I want you read the headline tag yourself GAAP. Only hear your reaction to reading headlines OK and then you see if you can explain it of. I'm. Think that maybe your initial assessment of this kind it was accurate it's. A. And. Well yeah. All right so. A tank. So I need to explain this like if I'm telling. It's a story about a guy OK so Lewis I have to tell. But a five year old who knows this guy. Why daddy can't come home tonight. Correct them. Seven as a I would do you guys know at this area. The OJ did I forgot I don't know I. So I want to pretend JP as the guy. Or is this sign I'd JP. You your daddy. Can't come home tonight. Because. He. Where is playing a game. Of hide the fish. Tank. And when he tried the high eight issue number two where fish number one wise. Issue number one got scared and started to swim away. And ended up in daddy's tummy. So he had to have. An operation to have the fish taken out of his tummy. The top yeah. Pretty definite that you are now do you worry there on headline well Davies asked the question how to in his timing why does not. What do we taught kids about asking questions Nana and. Curiosity is stupid. The actual headline says. I drunk guy sticks to live fish opens rectum and in need surgery when one swims into his abdomen. And while the dollar bank here and are set for father and here's the question. And where did you find it right. Those. Weird news stories that comes up. The fish actually reading the story that fish actually broke through his bowel wall all law and the strong swimmer he. And they did get both fish out codes but the guy has an infection from the damage. He saw a house so and what's the moral of the story Baird adds. Only quote once this year. Now for the championship. Our O'Sullivan worked today to go home and keep him. Now back to. 01 story nannies or wants.