First Wives' Club

Tuesday, October 10th

One out-of-the-blue call changed everything. Do ex-wives always have a unique and personal relationship with their ex?

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Okay Terna Nande. And yet again show old now. Apparently we have to take your call from somebody who is treated so that's. OK imagine while good news show. Us. Hey guys I met and until 8 o'clock and then building up front and say OK well welcome to this. These rallies and. That day. I. Yeah I had so much about them clean that anybody turned. Yeah yeah we did talk earlier about that a fun time back. Assists. The first wife and she made a comment yesterday while promoting her book that she was the real First Lady. And indeed the real First Lady released a statement that saying you know basically things smackdown on our. I'm confident I'm calling because I had an every man who has been creating an area. Had a relationship like incident that I read in your girlfriend's little I don't know whenever I don't need to talk. Really I mean that yeah and it's funny how can. And I have based on the eve that it must try like I don't. It's clearly more accurate and now I like about the charm and way I'm playing a. So you're statements. Is that every man who. It's hasn't first wives who has been married and divorced. Has a relationship. We had that. First wives. Absolutely and and the second wives and girlfriends or anybody comes on after that doesn't mean you know that's. I'm out of time is that they. It's true it's just the perfect though is that true I can tell you that it's a gag it's that they now know. This is true you are are you and XY. Are you friends with your acts and his current wife doesn't know. And actually. Yeah I think that just recently. In the whole big trip for her third and big surprise and helped and helped clean. I hope I'm right. Alexei planned date now I aids. I have to make sure that you don't say that he didn't break actually I am the completely out of our offense. And that just wanted to keep it now. All actually. Almost always you can do bombs and always come sanitation access. It's an okay so our end and wide youth who. Why do you think this is the what's it called that regular. Why do you think this is common and no and yes the Norman not the rare. Well I can tell you that there is first let god absolutely there's Arnold can't. Land John creek. And they had tried it a little safe but Kirk there's a movie sport he saw 11 of the grouped. Easy. Why a man loves is. Good. So does he. Act that day thank so very neat very is a knock them out you meet in person. Yes and then that need to think 400 women. A first wives club and woody talk about. It are actually in the relationships. And you know leak and I would drink while. Normal group. So do you. Why is it like co parenting their eyes and you act like it yet kids that's like a thing. Well a year like what do you mean relation to your account is closed. I. Think. It looked like the best friend about it. But not really you know really hang out much of my other job opportunities to indicate they're good at an event together when they can Allentown Blake and Bob. I'll get based and what are you like that it will. I usually don't Pat Hurst and. More intimately than just about even if you haven't you really young. Anger how exciting or whatever and they did black something that doesn't usually occurred twice and I don't tablets in the wind intelligent and at that. And I'm back and mentality helped them without thinking how complaints after he looks into questions and there have been issued Urlacher. Right so in your maintaining that there are. There are groups like pride that FaceBook groups in different communities. Called first wives clubs. And one of them has more than 400 members. Yeah. We've what can we ask which one has over 400 members. They come. Her plan Clinton. Since okay. He knew that continue are you able to hang on for like three minutes. If there's any other birds. I do wanna call and we'd love to hear from me two or. 263094. Why this is at. Yeah. And young star ready for a one. She claimed that every man has a relationship with his ex wife that the and second wife doesn't know about her name is it Meghann she lives in Atlanta and she just told us about. First wives clubs and. That exists may be in your neighborhood. To hand me down about one has 400 members. Sandy. In Dawson bill doesn't think that may in that crazy pace. He sandy. All saying she's not that. I'm actually had only really get relations. And George aiding other people. Earn you recall mean no I didn't. You know my girlfriend and why she actually it's utterly alone and the like why is my only. Seeds and she says that in our Greta that we got to get your heart rate. Who. And you'd be kicked out of the first wives club because now you remember him as first and excellence at. So personnel there. Hello AM that's yeah that's right. And Jennifer pay. I don't. Oh yeah well. Honestly absolutely crazy I have not much has been the bottom I keep kids in years and number and she's not happy women that got dressed up. That's the though. Coaches have made any Atlanta you claim that every I got really humid Nick's wife that the current wife doesn't know about so you're x.s turn. About you guys. Yet cracked yeah she is no idea what she seemed very young and I think a little nineteen Carlos he had no idea what's going on. Because she Q&A cushy Dion did she doesn't have experience about it kinda thing. Yeah. I don't what do you guys talk about the meetings this. So you said you said that a hundred women get together and you have these it in person meetings like you talk about ways to held. Your ex husbands be good boyfriends you talk about ways to get them back. Independence and every woman I have a different. You know tango and I made some of the and I found love. To not forget how to bounce back from needs just about connecting with and have a similar story home. Like other lady just said some people think you're too wild creek in Japan and it's actually very normal thanks so it's just nice to have people to really just. And you enjoy the power you hold over his current wife because he no longer. Do you think. That you could save that plane that who wouldn't. Especially when I had to cape and called see better back I'm I had some power relations. It is anything physical ever happened between junior acts. No no it's not about and it. Not at all. I mean they're cheering and incomparable. And that email from an underemployed. Did you where did you Wear them the role of first way to visit a badge of honor light. I helped him. Yeah absolutely. I. Would rather than we got a club we're proud of that. Him yeah I just I calamity. I don't know lancer hold on it anymore questions are. But I feel bad Leonard I'm afraid that she's gonna form a club about us ex jet engine show callers. If you exceed isn't that club and then she calls it the first time. But it's actually played tennis. I couldn't help thinking until. Hey guys are ready and mainly we played tennis. Is it tennis club it is. Aides announced that. I know there's no way I'd be playing this you know and then and then and that we can open it if you wanna political employment peaked yet. Now. First want our men know that since. That's as the PGA. Amy you've heard. Yes me. Had I actually haven't they had her eye ear and I narrowed and out early tablet or act why are great. Can you talk to him about hitters and led a secret secret thing. I know that I try actually taught her that I can't carry eight shell out at out at other. And I found like I got back down. Yeah flat. Lula. De de you're you're in now like the real life small Lonnie has situation casesa this whole conversation has started. Lol I laughed so Elaine Amy I guarantee you there is a thread about you and that privacy is slow growth first rides clowns are the unsung. So late late I don't latter half and I am I in my life like at. Hurry and under aren't yet to talk about. How about Foley called shell shocked at how after 8 o'clock. OS. It is here lol I love your very. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.