First Update on Reese

Tuesday, August 16th


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One. Jesse James shot. I sit Jeff can check show acting at one and it Jamie today I'm sure by now you've heard the news if not we. Look here at this time yesterday that on Saturday morning and found out that her youngest daughter of breeze. Probably is. Had a tumor and had cancer and Liz and it starts. Treatment for. Cancer to be the wage and is phrasing it which I love and it's like. Our little broad. Reese is now fighting to be camps. So on there's nothing negative she's taken all the negative words away from it. And that's that's the situation they find themselves in solitary give it an update even though there isn't. Much of an update it. You guys were so great yesterday so many. Messages and and and comments in my own social media and then make the coverage and speech last night I could even I was. EE you know men. The messages of support and encouragement that you guys and her and then I've been out angles in a couple of times to see them and running the people in the halls who recognized me from the show. Stopping of that anything can meet people at the hospital. Who have other kids. In the hospital the rate now. Stopping me in the hall saying. This is my room number please tell Jan inner has been grant that this is where they can find me if they have any questions if there any concern in Egypt mean. Like that that and now it may meet here at the end at that level and it is and so. I'm. Thank you everybody for reaching out. And you want to address a few things here's what happened yesterday with little wreath she had surgery. And this surgery was to take a piece of the tumor out. To do a biopsy. To it's called the pathology and everybody whose myriad other cancers that we for the apology. On the pathology is where they put actual tumor under a microscope and they look at the cells that make up that humor. And then eight from there determine what the best course of action. If the tumor is what the doctors had picked it is. Low res we'll have to have chemotherapy. And I'm not sure how much you that there appear over a longer with the side effects that. That would be but yeah chemotherapy. That would shrink that it tumors found enough. So that the doctors can go in and then remove it completely. And then she becomes. Cancer survivor so that's that's the plan. I'm if you that person who appraiser or things at odds if not the UN and today it is. The tumor. Cells match with the doctor thinks it is so they can proceed with the treatment plan. That item. That they've they've imagined. Jayne. Is doing rate and we all went out after the show yesterday. Kelly cheese with there in Kenya. She his. Fine. You don't write insists he goes from mom modes like work mom manage. Yeah and so it's you season sees the buying and selling those bullet points are giving him like how's everything going. Makes you do this and this and that I woke up to release the text this morning that was just. Sweeney an encouraging in ranges a 100% Jan hop on SN home. And her husband grand he's when he walks around with a notebook and he'll interview anybody's if you if you have any experience or any thoughts. I'm related to the issued that they're dealing with a Grant Woods that is open and let's talk for a minute and he's gathering this information he's really great and parents aren't. So there should there they're all doing really well and freeze issues are angry yesterday B is you and by the eat before her surgery the ground to ground. But she's laugh in and and saying and I'm peek a boo and wasn't for the teams and Myers in a few steroids. Use. So. Please keep them in your Dotson in the good energy and and you know please. It say a prayer for. Doctors the pathologist will be looking at the cells today that they're able to see. Crystal clear exactly what they know immediately. How did he. So that's where we are today I'll answer a couple of questions that have marked quite a bit at everybody and everybody friends strangers listeners. Everybody wants to know what they can. And that he faulty use is. I wanna say thank you but I'm trying to lose weight for the weddings. And everybody wants to view. Some thing and people are that would have got to go find me page how about a you food tree how about this hallmark back in May open this. Right now. There is nothing that they need. I'm. AR. You know very fortunate. In having good insurance and great family and support around them and Amy in from out of town and in France family's year so. They're covered in that round if you you feel called to do something. There are a lot of really great organizations connected he had treat cancer. In Atlanta number one being Chela where they are right now children's healthcare of I'm a lawsuit. I'm connected we news organization called eons friends on the rally foundation for Trout into research there's a million. I'm linked to a couple of my FaceBook page find them make a donation and Reese's name if you oddities and financial. For food they've really they're okay right now we don't know what the next several months are gonna bring so let's. And and I am at. And in. Honest to god the only thing that they need good wishes and not just for them for ever created battling count it. Doubles while reiterate what I said. Yesterday. Frye. Had to go out today and you random act of kindness. Stranger for somebody you know butchers. It's and some kindness and do it with the thought. Pediatric cancer aids in your mind beacons. That good energy is gonna go out in the world. And it can make somebody else feel better hopefully somebody else about Lumix materials flow patterns and little ripples and waves. And can you come crashing back in two places like. The AFLAC cancer and angles and hospital where there's so many cases literally. Fighting for their lives. So. That that's that's the only thing that they would need or want. And I will say can't brag on you for a second term because you talk about the ripple effect and your Bragg army now. Elan and LL say way what you're saying you really do put out there to only when we're walking through the also yesterday especially children's hospital and so easy to. Kind of become area network loose you know it land this is so sad that kids are in their. Fighting to beat cancer just lightens and as and she's talking arteries. And you walk by a mom who is catching pokey balls. Are her daughter who is in a wheelchair and is obviously hat. Fighting the same battle and that you were just I mean it's indicated to you you know this as a kid who. With so Monica all right as I name it just so sleep just as bright light of energy out of Starbucks and her hand. And was just having the best time talking with you and you radiate that positive Eddie. And what could be such a sad situation and you just look at it like now you're strong and and and I'm happy I'm gonna make you happy and it was really really need to see. And I am all about out. You can use the opportunity that you gotta be in a wheelchair for a little party realize he can send mom out the chase rare poking around in the park and lives. Because here we have your wheelchairs and bind to the hospital and you know why go for it and mama had an opportunist and seek out on to say okay it's so exciting to. And back. You felt it says when she came back with at. I anyways keep Jan and Reese and grants and she and Reese's big sister of Warren. I'll keep all of them in your thoughts in the game all of the cancer patients especially the pediatric cancer agents. And that doctors and nurses volunteers. And its enemies. And we promise to keep you. Totally updated. And as we go forward and I hope we're doing a better job fair today. Keeping it light area on. The easy B down and doesn't want that. Leases and actually. Than than we thought we got into Japanese and Spanish before. Yes it's. Yeah OnStar not before one.