Fired Up Frank Part 2

Tuesday, April 18th

Some of our listeners say that their relationship proves Frank wrong.

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She I'll still on. And we got to. Take a few last comments I'm frank in his theory about picking. Europe forever partner. Until women all the time. 018 he never picked the right name it the man had the picked the warm. Why you're seeing now led elaborate on that a little bit right blame that here. Well the that is. England and pick a mandate like all we got kicked mistreated. You I mean we're degraded and all the time that they very. Well when then 81 compared. Tuesday if he did he'd be the mother much. Can he do this you should do if you. If you greater Graham ran out of my memorably. So you can walk always choose the right warm. I want remotely threatening. Oh wow. Megan doesn't only thing. I've been wary at the very. I think our Bankrate. So I'm actually. I actually asked my husband now and tap amenity. And a lot of ordinary chicks here and man it. I think it's always and never. You know he's night. And always pick the right what is common but it case should be no divorce Megan ward play. What is he said the same exact thing but it did not speak in absolutes. I did we democratic but as you know everybody's different everybody else. A lot of that and come on she asked Madonna married arc and they band together or older. I think maybe they need and not OK okay good weekend. Jessica and Kim son might agree with you hey Jessica. And morning. What's your thoughts on Frank's theory. I think he's putting people in two very. Vague and very small boxes. And I mean basically and they all women aren't you are special and all men are very foundation which is not okay. And I think he's saying that women make all decisions based in emotion. Which I disagree wet and then I also disagree that your forever partner should be chosen completely illogical. There's some sort of emotion and asked them make a relationship work there have to be some. Passion there are some emotion some chemistry has to be based on some intangible things that you can't quite put your finger on that you just have to be without. Yeah otherwise it would just like not a survey. And you just get we get it irks me this salary requirement to do the dishes they do the laundry how to youthful. Your shirts bags of logically everything worked out lined up on paper with tally right but she didn't have a great Sheikh. I could make a work on same. Partner. I've seen in Panasik Belushi we have a can of balls conversation. About emotion here. And you bring it all back to the boot yeah. She got back that thing up and anger then would it matter what the logic says. What else is having an unsafe and. I. Some of these may be cracked. Like Jamie said those who rejected frank back in the day Iraq. And it sounds like an excuse for him and he's never been picked I lament. And Obama column. But just really poignant in Athens whenever we try to of people in the boxes in and we. I. Mean at least. Patrick in Marietta thank you for listening this morning. A French are curled her condition from a young age difficult for the bad guy completing six of your stories on Utley and natural beauty in the peace. Oh lad and he was a leash and there are taught all you can fix them. That's. That's princess. I think you're princesses are getting better iron I think you'll find that that grant was the one who had yet has been. Right about the story line it's all. There's always an older woman Nina. It's like evils mother. You know step sister and worse. It just interest yelling I'm older I'm jealous women yeah which is just a pain or a bad 100 Wyndham crew relative bill. Katie and flowery branch your final thoughts on frank. She crede. And yesterday. And credit should go in and out. Yeah. You may have proposed I'm jeans a dream man he cleans the house loves cats. Okay how did you propose to him. Actually I had my daughter did tell me. It's absolutely Anne's where he surprise. You completely and. And you do with every how does this. Q did I didn't get a look at me like and we actually create encoders can tell Larry. I'm expecting me Dick they're Latino which he concluded I can scale. I was I was so little rubble and I got him could. A blue cartons and healing effect dragon so her anyway. Our. As it. I hope that I was just figuring out how can he translate that it is my fairy. Is it did you propose to him in real life or is he an imaginary. Amp unicorn happy man. That leaves in their own world. They realize OK well congratulations. You. Star in 941.