Fired Up Frank Part 1

Tuesday, April 18th

Recently, a guy named Frank called us to say that men should always pick women for marriage, and not the other way around. Surprisingly, that started a spirited debate...

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all the net. Now. I yesterday on the show we've played. Eight philosophies that the way to saint day francs philosophy on marriage. Isn't it BI's decision. It was an affront. I'm thrilled women all of term. Oh well may never pick the right main demand had the picked the warm. Why you're seeing now led elaborate on that a little bit right line that. Well the what happens it. England and pick a mandate like all the guys came to see it in line in we're degraded and all these kind of things right. Well yeah and then again compared. You say if he. Did he'd be the mother much can she do this you can do if he didn't let it be. This great program great news I'm mark Graham big. So you didn't want always to warm. Warmly militants threatening. Why aren't we open up that blow back is definitely say always and never yeah. I know some people unfazed by it and an issue with that you know I kind of agree with frank. Chance. Do you and always Solomon and never column does that sound problems yeah my favorite was only if he'll lose. Oh only away only a fifth heal naturally it's just hours. Jeanine is keeping track of all the comments given in and and FaceBook on both about a rare farmers for a 42630941. Well to me again. I had for the pro league women make more emotional decisions more often than not and then make more logical decisions Amara now that's just the way it is so yeah he's probably got a valid point. It came from Lena. And Shelly said I'm not sure if it's 100% true but it ceased entries in it in my experience women are often willing to do you demand for intentional. Which may or may not come to fruition while. Men are more inclined to date a woman what she is in the. That's advice that I've heard you give. It's. Don't being in love with the idea of being in oh well it's really don't fall in love with the greatest potential of a man. Because he is who is right now that it is potentially game six for 25. I and a billionaire and I looked just like their magic might do what's his name. She Chandler's and then being in Canada that potentially. So I got that in me. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.