Favorite Kid-tervention

Wednesday, November 8th

Should Jeff tell his friend that he's OBVIOUSLY favoring one kid in pictures more than the rest?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. If ever there was pain a 100% honest would they pick your favorite child. I think that he needs to confront his friend who has an obvious. Favorite of his three kids. I am gonna present some math give him some statistics Jan fifth. And I it's it is extraordinarily. Obvious spirit. They give you a copy of chart OK okay I'm gonna see the chart I've made huge K here's the chair. Is so this gentleman has three children. The oldest is a sign. The middle child is the daughter is his daughter that I considered the favorite and then his youngest is awesome would now. OK okay adds a three kids I have done some analysis. On these children. Thanks to follow along please at home a huge fan and I'll post this chart online so you can look but I think the numbers don't lie. I hated and I'm instead Graham over the past approximately. Three months. This gentleman his posted a one hit solo picture. Of his son the oldest child. He has posted four solo pictures. Of the youngest daughter. Okay. Any is posted 23. Solo picture blow out of the middle daughter of the when that I call the favorites and one of four and 23 yes im what I say solo pictures I am referring. To a photograph that includes either just the Cade. Or indicated with one or both parents. God and man that question yes does the favorite child that were referring to look just like him. Well no because he's a boy and she's a girl right sometimes senators look just like an island just like my dad. I.s so. They I'm not sure and I hang out as I have a question now is one is the middle daughter the one redeeming the favorite. Is she like ham it's the camera there one Imad teaming the favorite and it's the one that the math in this stats say is that is the favor a pace of the favorite is the favorite Norma hand for the camera isn't manner. Sometimes it's easier to take a picture of grain on child over the other one saying that this child is more beautiful than the other children. No I mean their behavior like if they like to have their picture taken or not had. Because some kids will literally sick of phone in their face they're like get out of my faith dozens and other ones will go he's in spite of our yet here. It doesn't matter. These number I've only done on the first column I ran as an acting grilling me with questions that doesn't matter my question is. Do I have to say something to him based on these numbers because even if the kid it does look just like him is supermodel beautiful. Is a ham. He posted a seven. So low pictures on FaceBook of his youngest daughter for a solo pictures on FaceBook of his son. If the wind the pictures. I'm phased out of the middle daughter you know what I love okay. You did a deep dive. He so we'd text and email pictures that group tax or send out emails in as groups extreme house. He posted zero pictures of his youngest daughter. Zero pictures of his son eleven's pictures. Tom Glavine of the middle daughter okay. Now if you wanna move on to group shots OK which means a photograph that includes more than one child. OK there are eighteen pictures of the youngest daughter on on instead Graham. The favorite is in seventeen of those days. I had that. Well there are nineteen photographs of this son I mean Seagram. This favorite is in nineteen. Of those pictures there is no big shirt. Of this sign it without the tape there's no group picture that doesn't include the favorites. It's even lower it's even worse are and on FaceBook so is Jeff obligated to say something to his friend. Yes dude that's my question clearly have a favorite kid cut it out right and it's obvious if I know if I'm noticing this. The middle child is twelve years old. OK okay so the favorite is twelfth she knows this is happening when she asked to see it. More importantly knows the youngest child is eight or nine she's knowing she's got to know it's. In the sun clearly knows. He might care Alaska's he's a boy but still. Is there any way to corrected at this point. Yeah like a back in the lead the day her and I know for arts totally posting more of the other 14042630941. Is our phone number the question. Isn't like what we can talk about whether or not it's a good look decade whether or not it's a ham for the camera whether or not it looks just like the dead. We talk about all those things whether or not the other ones my opponents over the camera to the end of the day. Math doesn't lie that he's got a favorite in do I need to talent. Do I need to do have a favorite intervention. Which you want to know again. I don't know why it is now only acne. Hard to his house. Star in 941. This just have an obligation and tell a friend Andy obviously has a favorite kid on social media what do you. Mum numbers don't lie. I'm FaceBook and this guy posted 51 pictures of the trial that I called the favorites. Fifty wants. Pictures of the child I referred to as the favorite. Here in your head every time you see a picture of the favorite kid I'm totally made up. And his other two kids a total of eleven solo pictures combined. 51 over ninety days in Q1 figures of one game. Eleven pictures of his other 404 to 630 941. JO I gotta tell Mariah aids. Naral I would like. Partner Bernie Parent should. And none appear bit where at number one and number two older child maybe try it. Number thirty in the adult daughter oh my god she made these so that it in the and ate a lot and then that would build her confidence. And that eight search all she shook catch up. But it a little numbers the numbers were closed jam home. Joseph little while Lou. In your or rule. Where I yeah. You need an owner Joseph I think you know we want you to have a favorite child. Yeah no doubt at their most favorite salsa okay when are you more credit you may order more pride and actually teach cooking on. And I Sharon but not only. OK welcome privately so. He is tech there's email I can't he's texted and emailed eleven pictures of the middle daughter isn't. And got a total of zero pictures of the other two so it's kind of Arab public. And shyness inches about him discriminating. I leash. Yes. Please tell me that I need to stage an intervention and help this. And he you don't know do you stay out of that I was using on the I didn't same thing and it's not got anything to do it I very much out or the other is my Amber's polar heart defects so obviously I'm. Committed big man Ahmad Al America. It all in the sport that cross country is actually got up so I'll upgrade late Bob crime and intimate pictures are. And I took my time to negotiate though it often I mean different things that that could be. So what it is clearly has not gonna do it favorite. Sees us. Hi. All these moms that are pollen and the verse on why won't other daughters is more photogenic gas. David has everybody's favorite season prettier well Goddard does does allow him to seize your favorite because she's like that cooler and Agnes. Champions the smartest people in Atlanta live in stone mountain which is where Amber's calling from to back me up. Amber please explain to them why I should say something. Out on. My. App market on eight but. I'm Abby. I don't like air aren't kicked their card accountability and their running Iraq. Well the other taller than what it was Industrie for audio has a daughter is very active in track and staff. And she gets a ton of pictures of her around and around and no pictures of her son. I think it could be. Him. There aren't there. I think he gets on time. Kelly I'm telling you a letter saying that not only should you tell on that they think you should send a spreadsheet. Yeah. I Meredith keep beating me up. No I agree with you dad I think you'd get tell him why is. Wait primary yet. I married it's real pure truth. Craig is much I say you need. Another eleven NN. I you're always 112. And one hit big. And the one you picked it all about getting your picture taken everything he does but it all I'd put it on in program. And I know a lot of pictures now that the coming from a person does a lot pitcher than a barrel on it by my. And he is artistic. And he'd hate getting hit picture take it absolutely right that and I think you need to be lucky. My and while you're always like you know pictures alone are coming night stride at just flat out tell me in May be built bat. Where I put it all count the pictures of him on there even a debate it's not directly back. These. Hal you're brand New York I honestly like that bots are not involved in BI. And noted that you don't have a lot of pictures of the month social media why is that they not their picture taken a competent. You're totally admire him up approach and make them fill that in. Well I got an air here are married and maybe relies on the other line and they want this spreadsheet so they can just plug and how about your past tied Amy you can be the last phone call because. You survived. This you are not the favorite kid and you're still haunted by this won't change. Gas and now. I'm currently living and I'm the youngest of three and and my dad clearly. Love mom little sister a whole lot more than me and Eric. Can try to there's always. Social media issue led to grandma trotted up to him and that he. Does that really. In light that they're the problem. What is your which are middle sisters naming me. And I'll get no rain and Alicia. Win here aren't sounds weird that just firing. I'm. I hope every period. Listening to them current and Amy's voice and goes back through and counts out your pictures to Alex's amount it is aware imminent indeed to have on I felt today makes I know that I didn't see it. We're going into the lose to their adult lives I mean I know it still happening now out and held area. I'm led 28. And how there's really should have. Here's the heart. Every time I say a lesion that. So weird. I mean you sorry have to deal of that thank you for the car didn't. Larry King impact on you today and I thank side are Smart people lawsuit in Alpharetta G and you agree with me right. I'd. Go to your friend per regard him narrative friend just moments of media. Couldn't live radio contest the exact length and service of another few visitors. I. I texted me now's 'cause France tiger. You definitely they should tell him right. I think. They see no reason to take any more votes were again. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on these plus.