The Fake-Proposal 'Joke'

Monday, December 18th

Pretending to propose on Christmas is a bad idea, right? Apparently one of Jeff's friends doesn't think so!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Jennings and so show family we need some help from you here if he saw you were getting getting engaged. Over the holidays and then it didn't happen we wanna hear your story 4042630941. Is our number. That I think we need it we have an acquaintance who is listening to this show right now and so. We need to women who have been on that emotional roller coaster. To explain to him exactly what his girlfriend is going to experience. So I once again if if you have thought you were about to be proposed to images never had. We're gonna try to convince him not CU. Gift wrapped an earring box and put it in his girlfriend stocking. An earring nuts but he is is going to be you know really hilarious joke between the two he thinks it's so funny. Because she's gonna bank and week here's his line we've only been dating two years. I'm like food. That's the girls remain at Italy and we know. I'll ever AM two years. So she's gonna go she's gonna be you know you're stockings writing these inappropriate he's got a job plan has been down in the tile. The toe of the stocking it in going to land buying it is going to be gift wrapped. And he wants to get on one knee while she opens well yes but make it look like he's got an alike in front of her and when he bluntly he's gonna scurry apps of she thinks it's gonna happen in high. Late she's like oh my god he's someone he. And what is seeking is gonna happen she sees it it's not a ring that it's eat greens he's gonna open it up and she's gonna go on my dad these very hearings he's gonna like no what did you there where. It and I'll have a good laugh. And then he'll never get to do it again ever in his adult life he earnings that they're gonna have a good laugh Nicole and findings take us through the emotional journey. Yeah. No I'm last year we are right I played on a trip but I thought Arab League proposed you are an end in the airport like yup they started talking to me a towel. What kind of ring you. And all the so I got started crying and Derrek Lee and not telling him I was crying out he you know what I should actually ended up doing it anyway it for you it's kinda early I support and you got ballot aren't. So once you realize it once he started talking you about it. Emotionally you're destroyed. I am totally destroyed I mean I was hit their call. As you knew all right if he was asking questions about what kind of ring you wanted and he clearly couldn't have already bought he has no not. Right so a month I went oh my gosh I thought purity and you and I want it and steal. Actually dead Egypt let's try it I'll let. Our our path our acquaintance is just like your boyfriend except Paris queens is terrible because he's not trying to throw her around. Now he says and hammer wrangling hostage show you that have. With earrings I. Ameren Laura oh I'd let bill what's up. I as he did not hear it now. Aren't they. Brilliant very well on every IR. Weeks. On the hard part crying emotion and and that it's a joke like. So this and CU. You are so Zardari and Barrett set the scene where Bernie you know. We're out and out he had taken a pair of black they're restaurant happen I'm. An all my friend got hot and we're paired it like. That about my banner Ike and battle in that play trying to make like Paris like saying that it sound like me out of it like we're a global. And then you get turned around and he dire economic advice. A hacker are you guys who are you still together. Now I guess is he's still alive. I'm I don't Princeton and audio statement printed in polite. That's the Lee and Hagler that we enact it. Hey okay now last year on their anniversary. We are led by the bank and he's like hey I met again tomorrow I need an appointment. When the jeweler. Okay aren't really thinking I met and then. Larry Larry but I diamond jeweler and you're like let me tell the green light and that's. And an aggregate dining and I'm like OK because it not quite there yet effort that here. And I'm so excited and how to evaluate them and mantown at last year. I'm still waiting. Waves so so he took you to the jewelry story and you guys shop for the ring together. Then he had they had a baby had the money for a year ago and you have not heard one thing about it cents. Yeah and we are dead now living together. Late next week. So I'm hoping my bank currently. In the Belmont seven years. All what if it doesn't happen this question Chris does a good move out. Content. Like it'll it'll lead and I felt like. Greg Lamotte like your my Mac ligament not in the don't happen in my tenure. Immediately apparent that now. Alley and I'm man as a question about I'm told you that. I can't wait Barry. We've got to get lured sixteen. And cash. And I'm not gonna give her unsolicited advice that she's out of our mind ten years is way too long we've got to put a ring and a premier. You're not gonna. I don't know if she's a cashew he would've known in the first couple years especially as the money need to go to the jewelry store and pick up the ring and is exactly which wants the size and everything and as many Iranians are given to our. I'm not gonna say one or two about how that's huge red flag NG Shamu Bobby if you still. I. Taught at an automatic and I kind of frustrated and he pretty much dirt bike. You know I can't think they'll probably paid bill I wanna be on my own beat and I feel like we cared either forest every community here. A dime poker night and they creek plant because we'll be running and retain art or else. I'm tired I. I don't. Think. I'm that I. And I'm at and I imagine it and tell you that big a guy we'll never I'd buy it cows he can make love to have referring. And we don't amendments that that is not the way it goes to Hosea by the milk cow for free whatever. Alan Ryan in Roswell accidentally. Proposed student over. Now Ira I'm what did you do. So we're married now so worked out men but a year and a half and the dating I bought her and I matching key chains are our car keys to your during the long distance thanks. And well you know little ring series and wrap it up or multifamily. Just ball crying and your decision started triggers your did you really feel like you're talking about a girl while. You can just like I just wanted to major major auto which water. Oblivious Michigan opened about what is. Expletive here this. And got a doctorate. Oh yeah yeah in 1980 I doubt heard it out. About six or modulators or Newark new jewelry store. And I figured out she's she'll be alert settings you like Arabic I hate that. So while she was working there are managed abide this setting the stone and everything the whole store conspired against your eye watering she wanted to she had no idea to hold our. Our coverage usually given a tour in a box that a key chain of command and up Barack OK call are you friend he solicited that you guys who bless his heart. I and I'm regret that we in galleys on number Alley call genie back and give us your astronomers redevelop the after Christmas if that happens over the holiday gas was the phrase again don't know the cow if he's not. Don't can't eat ten. Downey and has a you know a little low and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.