FACT: Girls Can't Gobble

Monday, November 28th


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If your drive and knows drown out traffic and national all did your boss. Join us for themselves in a row every why you are today one story now before one. I say the science is basically is that women can't gobble like turkeys I asked and the lash we did before Thanksgiving. Everybody in the room. To gobble leg. And I've started reads and her out. Listen to how. This all. Oh. Okay. That. Let's just go right or other and Kelly geez gobble elected Turkey. It gobble like Turkey what does. I Geneen. Gobble like eternity. I've heard. Here's the record. Last week. Janine we are in studio. With a baby. And I try to take a picture that baby and the baby wasn't looking at the camera. So somebody said did you mean did the David a look at the camera engineers responses hey baby. Yeah. But it didn't pan out but. I'd heard again in. JP got malignant. Public thirty. There is a article that I read over the weekend that says. That 50% of women. Cannot gobble like a Turkey at 1800%. And yeah a 50% of women for whatever reason. Cannot gobble against it. As it. She means that a critters fish though. Next nice Thanksgiving she's gonna like hey I got as. Humid out and work here anymore and we'll be Thanksgiving morning. Tell you go ahead try the only presume isn't trying to. You. Know how to travel to Turkey a. I. And it. Happens only it's going to be Garay. I made. It a case. That came out you know how I felt a couple weeks ago we did your stupid me out karaoke game. You know I cheese. Fat pig on night. You didn't like and I. Know related to an artillery tank at an. Older. My dad. Literally hiding her hold on the no really they just. You've got you know to turkeys sound like now I've never. Jiang teller an eternity sounds like. Didn't dollar. And not only is totally afraid immediately. You. I good Turkey. Have all. Gone half way of LA yeah. It's not a. I found only can be nice if he thinks that. The vote Redmond is is. Billing and mountain time. You make it worth it yeah. Okay I'm. Invigorate a thing ever happened. To. I I don't carry with you and I said. I loved I know I did I'd only known you for six months and I know this is by far not the most humiliating that you now. Well. And you haven't jobs. No it didn't matter where Robert. I'd. I've and I am. I got him. I and I think it's the rapid rate all the women of the Jeffrey says should obelisk that activity through a through line and. The jet engine shop.