Facebook Firestorm: Breastfeeding

Thursday, April 5th

Are you a lazy mom if you don't breastfeed?

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She started battle over breast feeding them by saying if you don't breastfeeding bureau lazy mom. Why wouldn't you this is what nature says we should do so where do you stand on this talk right to a math must've breast feed or. Mind your own boobs now a prejudice. Unions and the perfect judgment zone if you even drink milk. Idol sort. She anyway and candidate. The milk of of another animal I would if you were necessary formula drinking the milk of human diet. I don't believe in drinking the milk carton of another animal. See you. Yet. I'm at LA and I know we're in an L I don't have it I don't agree wit that daughter Maggie that aren't. Because it. Hit that we cannot install I. I cannot predict the elk or not you're eighty cannot hide. It. And you have the option and I create a better get back in value at that. Or that it's ridiculous even talk about that should be great corporate either hurt that we have like you that it and maybe it helped me. Doing well that at all that mattered. Thank you say luck Jennifer insecure hello welcome to the shallow. I'm like you know a little lock up your mother. That is beating her album a little in public and played our thanks very. It's classic and I'm sure she would lead ball and it. Yes. Yeah. They know I would you rat Ed that's a good question I have a let's say it's not a stranger. Let's say it's our friend if you learns and you go over to visit our newborn and and you. See her walk into the kitchen and and mix within a formula right that's need to form arguments right yes and she mixes formula would you say to learn. Would you call her out restate our what are you doing. And dad had a conversation before. What is your eyes and what did you Ericsson and say. No. Personal friends I mean I can have a conversation with people. You know my friend of mine who led a conversation good and that's that's all we have. At the other day they're gonna do what they want I'm just voicing my opinion that I I I don't think it's best for the child to be drinking a formula. Hewitt is the formula. It's such an odd thing to be so passionate about this whole conversation about the race started. When and I've posted a a picture. That of a friend of ours who's visiting us in studio. And she had her I posed with her to send a picture take Alley to my wife Cali she happen to be feeding the baby out of a bottle at the time. Completely candid casual picture right like. I can and her six eagle yeah I would look at a for an hour and never noticed this but the first comment was I hope that's breast milk in the bottle. I just not understand the judgment of this topic I don't understand why somebody. Would would even think that might everything goes there I was the I looked my hair was really good in that picture. Again. She wanted to ten. My shaming is the real saying it but for some reason especially over breast feeding. Especially this topic I don't give him like I don't Gail Nikes and mind your own boobs my. It's incumbent Haley in Smallville. Hey I think what unnatural that. Other mom really need oaks day here at the not a bad month they aren't ready grant email me formula are levied at even a C section there's the national merit. Is none of your darned minute. How might they be came into the world. And as somebody who convention they're child because they relax it really hit sort spot. Every one of lucky not to be able city back. I it's so challenging I mean breastfeeding is probably the hardest thing I've ever done. I gave work and have to continue this conversation on our FaceBook page. Also okay incorporates. So. Would you like to give just some close remarks anybody who might role over to FaceBook and comments. I mean just the overall benefits of breast feeding these picture themselves. You know it it helped another lose weight of that southern calorie this State's liquid gold it's you your family should have 4000 dollars a year. It helps slight infection and he just had a baby in her mother. I think the benefits are there. Just try it I mean there's so many women were just too lazy to do it goes so. That's my argument you know it. I I guess I'll leave it there Ali that seek out. Burns is losing calories a day. Warm. To be have you had a record or something. I do little tiny call on the matter something we. All I like to share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.