Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 8

Monday, March 14th


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They think he's so what's your immediate that are it's crazy. Love inside you isn't music. CN. Sing. Okay. There's. It is. I did go. We'll. It's. It is. Thank you. All right. Gonna do. And you singles live. And quiet room. So yeah. Food. Term. Soon he's. Yeah. It. And. Sounds. These. Are. And nervous. And. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. News night. Human. Joan. Okay. Yeah. Doom and gloom. It's. It's. He's a yeah. The. Yeah. This these. Yeah. No. It. Danny. My machine. And. Q yeah. And you know and then. Yeah. Do you yeah. He's. The. Yeah. Yeah. So. And. Sturm. You see. Game. And. Good bless you never know. Thank you so much guys. You at all. Doubt that this could. I'm Syria. Doesn't enjoy that odd. Right. Out of that much power. That you guys. And appreciate you know being hairdo that. The first I don't know with a look at. What they do. It's the public that bird. What he does that tell the story. For the malls in Africa. You know loves. You feel. If we're. Back in upstate we be eaten fried had a break into Iraq. I was on garbage plates you make him homes that are actually you know at this is we're just gonna talk amongst and I'm talking to Hilton might stuff you know the F ahead. I will what are you guys tell the story of of this amazing coincidence the guy he signs. Wind. Imagine dragons were took a sick day in her job on the radio. So yeah I mean so we and you know before we assign we are just plain shows around in trying to you know build us up and we managed to get one of our songs on the radio down in Norfolk Virginia. I'm actually still don't know exactly how that happened that it is an amazing act two incidents and and says you know magic dragon their plan a show down there and but Dan I think he had some issue with his police are used seekers some somehow. He needed to get driven to the local hospital and so he's talking to the driver on the way. And asking you know what sort of music he listens to in the driver actually played them. Acoustic. Sort like this actually this kind of arrangement version of one of our old songs called on console bull. Which actually wasn't the song on the radio at the time but the so they really like that. And they basically. You know. They I guess they were into it enough to it to take the time to bring it to the tents and their producer Alex to kid who you know like to two and Lewis outset LA for two weeks if you will raise session and we we all arrived in action Dan from Matt dragons there during that session as well. And a year is all sort of came together and lo and behold you know we signed with Kitna corner and. You never mind that cap driver. No I don't think he'll know me and did not give it give me I don't think I ever met him did you work he's he was the camp where he worked for the radio station. Room there are certain years that runner. Federer in his last days Harris to. Sorry so. He says review oh. Your career to radio is when I'm here yeah. Wealth but I hated it. So measurements are jet and I elections before today. And as a matter what you want is for the rest who lives in perspective for me you know I love the story. I'm VHS in her brother Theo and going through old namely the HS's I think is something you can relate here even your parents out there and on through old. Photos and old VHS home videos and answer thing. You've incorporated on this album I think it's really cool. It's you know we we grew up listening to allotment you nineties hip hop and you know. A lot of the best at you know records that time have these you know these interludes and had you basically like a story it's at a time the whole thing together at these you know it. You know usually little ski it's you know. Monologues and whatnot in between and we sort of you know. No no one's really done that rock at least for a long time not since like concept albums when asked you know and so we we wanted to. You know the the album itself is basically the story of you know we grew up in how we camp and didn't you know. You know all the things we went through. And so we've we've we've. We decided you know we wanted to see added tell that story with. With in your lose you know and you know the best way to do that we went back we. Watched price hours and hours. You know home video footage which actually it's. Fine you never done that on back and look to yourself as a kid on your home videos its key so cringe inducing yeah. Have a that's kind of part of decline in. It. But you ads that we will be lifted a bunch audio clips from those. VHS tapes. We said he you know and threw him on the best moments. And splice those throughout the album just tie it together I think it works really well but that's sort of where the name of the album came from is from you know. Where where all those audio clips came from and it's also sort of you know it's marker of the times you know which had children of the ninety's in the VHS tape that you watched movies back in that. Gives us you know gives us sort of a reference point. You talk about the nineties hip hop. How. Site three guys were Jaycee. Said he would be apart. And I was one of the coolest things ever it was. It was great that could we have no idea that it was even gonna happen until our producer called ups and says. And I guess he tried elect plea you. According with Jay-Z over the phone you know if he wanted to look at video footage of me crying. Well hearing the news that she's remakes of Hewlett face time means but he added other phone up to the camera. I can set standards that sort of face time so it was like yes well and what. We got Jay's the other inmates for jungle and freaking out in the middle of the street I'm on my we'd do it studio sessions on un freaking out and like yelling and screaming and stuff. I'm not crying like what your brother went into this game and revenue rose to. That's actually that's an Angel on the outline Ellis forget about that that's actually one of attractive. Is there anybody else that it made you guys like your teenager three galaxy and me we just recently got to record what is Tom Morello for rates which. That. Was the coolest thing he's a monster doesn't monster. And India we are in studio with him for two decades of work on some of these. Here is the kind of guy he never asked to do a second take it yeah so that was like a pitch mean. And you know I mean we've gotten in the we've been very much in god mile or heroes leash he's meant to show in New York she's like and it was crazy she was like I was watching her the entire showed chasing down all words. It looked vehicle. Average and there's so waves via last time needed crime. Some of the current. Home and equate this kid is out and make it through our right. Lunchtime we're not ready that's it I just realize it's a terrible question runs to I mean depends on if you use you know which gets emotional moment and actually. I think the question is up and right. You go out Hugo. Hugo. Give any questions for Adam is what's on our drummer we do it after every time. Galen got a question. OK so I decided guys on apparently in a million dollar you earn back that night not just got back but what is that experience like for you guys that it was amazing. It was. Interestingly you hit it players especially that last night the boat was a really rocking pretty hard that I that's. It's an interest these weird I definitely. Felt like I've had way more to drink and I actually have had in history. The best part about it was Uga and yes it is shows very crew guys are awesome. If. Pay it with your name. And declare it's a question. I know a lot of artists like now are trying to make on albums and and I yours I think this is like that like is it a lot harder. Right now. I'm honestly this one. Literally came together completely organically I don't think we quit and he. Well we would put a little bit with very little conscious thought into writing a concept album it just. I think it's because it's sort of the culmination of a lot of stuff that we've been writing. Up until the release of it it just sort of naturally. Said the trend it that way and that and then being you know we didn't spend painstaking hours picking up audio clips from. You know the VHS tapes and you know picking which songs they would go between and you know it's a bit. Displacing all that together and that actually that was pretty labor intensive and its offices so much fun. We also wrote a lot of songs they record so early primary utilities and our. Parcel through the mall and can pick which ones it with the themes. Will what happens to the songs that don't make it. And yet they usually dire or sad death Asia never seen again. We still have a bunch left over from. From the last record budget. They can either be released is like you know besides horror you know still pitch for you know film and TV stuff. Possibly reworked for the next records. We have a ton of songs that stay. I remember. That I might be the question. Ivins Jeff I have a question Pratt. These symptoms you get frustrated and in the shadow of the two Brothers who got an interview microphone all the time. That it had to keep the Dover Downs. It write it early get a question are. Is it intimidating playing drums knowing that imagine right in the when he grabbed you guys in their structure percussion and see. Performance. Percussion performance every man. You know I think that's a big reason that they liked it's because. And to answer some. And that is that the we we had that five. Via their enemies and especially its. Yeah it was. So. Where else and Ratliff and and yeah. Got arrested. They were questions. Just screaming out. I X. Maybe. Don't think ordered. You can hit better. A line. IE you know I always try to right from the vulnerable place and from a place that kind of makes the feel uncomfortable. Because that's where you find the best stuff and the moment you feel that. Discomfort. You know that year year year touching on something that's important and that is something universal because most likely there are other people who feel. Uncomfortable talking about it C they need someone. Need to hear someone else say it first or sing about it first you know. But you know like I also draw from from from people around me to you know there are lots of really and people in my life and who I I love and care about. You know why you draw from their experience as soon and talk and talk to people. And try to be. And pathetic. And sometimes to a fault you know so. But I'm glad you liked that song love our too when Jamie incumbents who collaborated with us on the is that it's an incredible writer or as Wheldon and good guy we saw on streets in London came enough performed well that's that's it sorry. It. Don't give it up for the ex ambassador. Sold out at tabernacle that she'd had beaten him first.