Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 6

Thursday, March 10th


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Jeffrey. Sorry you or one Jan F I a blue it's I had a little negative gossip to sheriff here in our present here during the show. Okay he's up extra ten listeners are gonna get this bonus piece of comments content contents. And then tomorrow I can tell the story and the air okay way to remember a couple days ago when you give me nervous music gossip on my problem. Is that gossip is just I'm reporting and the news. I was. Driving down Roswell road from Sandy Springs toward a Buckhead break camp and on the right hand side of their road. Is I was a cigar shop or a cigar bar. I believe it's called cigar seeing the news. I think but it records of Roswell road between Sunnis franks and bucket break. So. There's a hope there's commotion going on there's something happening. And as I drive by IC a woman posing for a picture with somebody before she got into a car a man. And news. I'm assuming alas there was at the lights out so by commotion what do you mean there's a ton cars or they'll make some little. They got to be a light trucks are all SF friend oh cool well I just as much so I noticed that that I tried to look to see your legacy somebody asks us somebody. Pose for a picture and then gotten a car and that was it may have take anything more about it. When I ran my Aronson Buckhead driving back to see any strings and I see the yellow signs. And it says it was Oprah's production. Remember you should really if you had HDL assigns a GL on it and I and then all the senate dawned on me that that I think I saw Oprah. I think I saw Oprah with my eyeball with your own eyes how has did you feel the globe have thought of her light so I did you feel touched. By someone special I would of assumed there when I sorrow and pursing her feet wouldn't be touching the ground chooses these low honoring he had played an Angel or something. Five if that was her. Then I saw Oprah a few days to bond of being crazy dog people. She's crazy dollar my gosh yes she's a crazy dog person she's all about her dogs they are probably more spoiled than we can ever imagine being spoiled and jurist as I'm retired about movies coming years Jennifer Brett. Just posted something on the AGC website abc.com. The Jon Hamm Kevin Spacey Jamie Foxx are all in town filming a movie called the BB driver Colin I would love to hang out with Kevin Spacey. You know I've met him before shut up did Tommy school. He is very cool okay this was a million years ago when he was shooting and Savannah Georgia braves four on the garden of good naval gas is not with the name and I'm movie yet. Didn't even here's your I think so yes that's at midnight in the garden of good and evil depth I hate it when I try to do movie trivia because those in Iran if they wish I was in Savannah gazette girlfriend of mine who lives there she was getting her graduate degree Ed's dad gaffe and I was going there to visit her and then the next day we were going honorary chair so I knew I was in town that she was a server at the time play Boston College. So I went to her cool little hip restaurant. And I was sitting at the bar by myself just waiting for her to get off the first shift in the we're gonna go decent and again there. So sitting there have like a little meal and might a little glass of wine yeah enemy or something. And sure enough I turned to my right and Kevin Spacey was sitting right next to me. And he had been in town should not movie it's time to see if he became is like favorite restaurant. He was there and this is a time when you could still smoke inside and he was smoking a cigar he came to the bar to have a cigar. And Asia I don't yeah I just like chit chatted with them and everybody in the restaurant was like come on coming no Verne like. Wanting to see him up close or gas you know this is like I think like frank when everybody started getting cell phone users and not everybody had a cell phone camera not everybody was filming right but I am I just remember just chit chatting with him about. He like asking about my glass line of films good and when I chatted with him now what he was drinking or what his cigar he had a whatever and I told him how much. I love the smell cigars because. My dad smokes cigars and we were young after he mowed the lawn so it's this like. You know sensory yet and everything like Jonas mouse and I was feeling good happy memories. And so we were talking about cigars and disgusted chatted up with a new super cool and super nice and awesome so glad to hear that PS have you unending Kevin Spacey to be really cool well IE. Drove by a van Oprah Winfrey was in cell so bear its. Think Jeffrey Jones golf star in 941.