Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 5

Wednesday, March 9th


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The Japanese yen show sorry 941. The extra ten know with Jeff in Jenin we are going to test our DJ skills that walk in at some records and our big mean boss Tony even here. What does walking up from record means is when they get as old school weren't there yet so they did NW KRP in Cincinnati and a half. This has come. Well yeah but for the average person listening Emmy it's one of those things walking up a record yeah sounds like I'm going to think my shoes on an event when there are no better than snow very jail and. A little intro an ever sung is different but radio DJ is get to talk over that little intro about 94 seconds might be eight might be thirteen seventeen. What's the longest one. Our I have heard I woman who. I works in Milwaukee Wisconsin for several years and I she worked at another station in town. And there is a song called that the wildest dreams by Moody Blues a guy old classic rock song I'm it has a minute and ten. Talk up the cheers and I'll use the entire thing she's the whole Harrison but look what you're always wish you did an interview I she should have a one of the neighbors she she read about half. Three. Bits on contests I think she talked about something gardens she had at least. Another roots radio freeze of yours you wanna talk about one thing one song when stop ferber a break she had at least three or four. We know this for radio professionals. Tony so marine narrowly we thought the marine air. Yeah I love is offended that urban stations in town because they got about fifteen putts for a break yeah. What do I not go out not out to this remote area and there weren't an S goods and unite here and get a guy and a club night here in. I don't think I'm Mike. There are under just don't have the same philosophy is our program director that's funny. I am what was the philosophy of the country station Europe how many thought as she got up with what allowed. It was a little less severe would be better. That was the note I got always. Col two buddies and would you think about that Tony that was pretty sad less. Of the DJ's well I am a big. Proponent of less ease some more but not less of use less. Less different thoughts more okay focus is also now focus focus is important word economy word economies you know I have always. Allowed dizzy jays here is turning for one to talk Alston. So yeah short clips but often yeah I was only allowed to do four breaks in our history of those rumors on interest and one was a break for her. That's not far off. What we do here. But it's it but you know when you guys are doing a show it's a little bit different you know that's there you know what in the order it's a little bit different in the morning that it is in the afternoon. That is with have earned that and isn't nine on the week and it's it's all little different and there's a whole philosophy to it but we what I'm all for you that right now I mean I. I'm Amanda answer that one makes flurries and about less is more. Let's talk about that as it pertains to a Dell and I am testimony and a half half half. The way of outs daylight when you can Adele. Is not the biggest artists in the world. I mean you know Justin Bieber is I think they are all in the world. We will play less of them you're not gonna we will have a Jeff just let Riley Daryl you know when it LR I act I went out and don't worry you know what do you want us to talk about. We're sure we have Tony give us the kind tent and you just tells the entry let's look at the Dell first no seriously or not do and I think I'm not yet given the content in an Indian what are you want us to promote I want you to promote the switch party your choice of Charlie truth tickets border and ambassadors tickets and got his thoughts. All right I. I thought until hot but that's the one thought one thought or choice of attire I I didn't have as I got on first you need Charlie to talk up and I think it's like nineteen seconds he has a little strange is this one call way. One polling and we mean you think it's nineteen seconds any duty precisely sixteenths and critic could see Tony's arms are crossed. He's ready got really judge load I've gone yeah Simon Cowell I area Jefferson. Star 94 why you are listening to their Jeff in Jamestown. This man right here Charlie Putin wants to entertain you you can win your way into the Charlie who switched party or the ex ambassador switch parties. Just be listening this afternoon. Part of this morning I mean we've had their breath and Jack and I Levy and attorneys including a I. All out explosive sound at you heard there was a definite just slapping his microphone I couldn't watch I couldn't all right I'm out. Kind of a thought big event Tony are you gonna Graham as you go I had then I think will grade them at the at camp. I certainly did an excuse government order of worst six hey they're doing and thanks. You can go next that's totally fun and success but. Fifteen seconds has had a decent low. Want to want to mommy I thank you and I think so how very intimate Allen 52 sorry it was fair for the someone and it's gonna say what you talk about. The same thing same thing everybody I'd say that's our daughter our Arab our control there you ready. More likes than you've ever gotten on any FaceBook picture it's. In your time line doesn't have a when he went your way into our switched parties with either X ambassadors and urged early boost his. It's coming up next. At eleven with Heather Francis let's start before one. To reload the suits yeah. She took down at the lakes. It was interesting how you gonna benefit of the station in the beginning of the breaking news kind of soothing him. Is that OK well they're used to be a philosophy that you had to start and end with the station name every single time you open the microphone that philosophy has evolved over time so. I will allow that to pass protect. And Jeff is still I think Derek Daley erroneous taken as rates you seriously. How hot. I guess you brought me an address serious explanation is I don't job and I think that is is what I do not hey David the rookie and he he's gonna smoke ever leaving our regular can be done an air shaft ever in your life I have not okay. But after this so this technically maybe it could happen this you can look at this mean asking for more hours. More hours more money and full. I don't like to have a trial. I had a partner and I haven't we got Katy Perry dark horse to be fourteen seconds and quarantines that he's okay you ready. And it's the same thing as worries. You give. Star 94 point one and land this is David Gilman who detentions and show we have coming up are pretty ansari. I'm happy. That's well as raw and what's the name of the radio station star 941 right OK let's start this again was sort of talking on a path for others box to record they now and and and is there is there a point in there. There you know the point that I'm going to make it should not be started before the end of you gotta do is you got it made me nervous and carried out this focus you have got to see. Fake. Yes. Star 94 when Atlanta this is David Gillman the difference in joke if you ever wanted to meet. Personally serenaded by Charlie who we have that chance for you. Or you can go to CEX ambassadors are switched parties start any formula and a range. Yeah I'm Karl. Yeah I did I know about weekend song with seventeen seconds ago as the job doing. The first two thirds America. Wheels girl game and many. Can't the Vinny get inside your own head I got an inside my head now I'm going to be part parts I Marino SOS has done Japanese have absolute proud and I just wanna hear how it. I honestly don't because literally anything Tony should do one I can do that. Follow. Our ideas how to bring it out West Africa you connect well we got a joy you usually Sumi just before you. It you can pick whatever you wind could just tell me which you're giving me OK we'll do fourteen seconds and I can Smith okay cool kids kind. You're. Start before one with the jet potential morning's in ten songs in a row every hourly work. And you're exclusive opportunity your choice. Charlie food or X ambassadors or whatever switch parties. Stick around your next opportunity tickets is at 11 o'clock. Obama's support us just a couple of times we you know in the beginning users aren't you four point one. I did not yeah. I guess I just hasn't been a tendency to open minded. I am really did did they and in. I don't know all of us how it's no I won't and I'll try not to give it a good shot concludes with a switch parties switch parties and Mario here I don't have left in a month. Moon really Allen left and holding illegal in my mind it's eleven seconds that you get to a shark come on if anybody can do what you can't you guys. Let's get a shot. Starting before it lion is so Marino just in the morning in Sydney to switch parties exe ambassadors are truly come together. Reds catcher tickets demented eleven starts and 41 really building right now. And yeah. As I don't know Zoolander he's plus plus plus plus there's gonna become a battle because I think. Tony wants another shot no and I'm glad I have read usually minority I don't know I think you. Is very it was very good and I think to listeners should actually decide because there's people that are listening to. The extra ten here in May be a CEO you wanna put a little Twitter poll or something or something below that people can vote. I I know who the best. Yeah it'll take me out of this tournament I know Karl. I have a you've got to have a fair shot that I mean I was very impressed by three of you. It's David you've never done this before last Zell right so this being one of your first times I was very impressive do you have enough to do and on and the point. I'm no genuine things January great marina you were great and that's all I have to say about. Okay. Yeah. Rule number one. Of this gesture is you know you don't slap the microphone. How well. Girl I'm sorry sorry beautiful studio that was actually my first on an outcome might have been a little too hard can that yeah. Your your tummy engineer that I just broke the my matters. Not Air Canada is like somebody's got some homework banks. Thanks Tony appreciate it any time thanks. Actually saw Tony about a seven when he now that break if I think it's a seven point after. Jesse Jenny shelves starting 941.