Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 4

Tuesday, March 8th


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Yeah fringe and show us. Sorry 941. Great guys having a good time so far from. The guys Jessie. Why is that addition they have for our first show. You guys are incredible for being a part of it we appreciate it so much thank you guys very much yourself. Questions for Jan. What do we do and I guess comes out hug. Each other. Where do I go back you've been here before I know I'd never you're the one they did Regis I'm old she. CIE readers say hello tigers say hello we sat in chitchat OK and pretended drink coffee it's never coffee it's water. Really. Cool I I just heard Karen about Theodore. Remember old Kim who always had line. It's kissing him. Well let's hear it ahead. Ladies and gentlemen our first guest on the jet's engines show winds aren't ready or when you know her from real housewives of Atlanta and don't be charting. Our Atlanta friend of many years. Kim is also here. Is not my best I can't. Tension but nothing. US stretch since it's like doing this and I brightly as easy mind you can't word. My goodness I do the right side so I guess the sport that's girls talk about by the way backstage. By. Jamie got dressed and looked at scallions like easy victory that's it. Right. I think angles. I'm so lucky not to have that problem. You can see anything down there on me. Hi Karen. Thank you. Thanks for having me thanks to do is mess. I let you guys I really am so excited and what's so funny is that we met news so long go crazy when he first started real house doesn't let us. Can you believe everybody's been on this journey and where we are now. All like I can tell you to one thing that I to get really big risk might not only walked off the senate housewives of Atlanta. No I didn't have any guarantees you know don't be tardy and hearing my fifth season so. You guys aren't. Charts Jeff funny very very well Jackie guys I've known for many many years he supported him birthday parties and I mean everything's great guy. On my daddy guys if you end up buying TV I guess I did one shot of tequila. We've you can add to her birthday party my thirtieth it was eight years domes. So you really do a great. VI Botox with that I sound terrible. So and I did one shot that it and made it and the real real hockey that made it. And I got recognized for that for like two years I think people probably all I know you and I'm like radio straight ahead right. Now you're drunk. When man you party with cam. So play tell us about making that jump right to and from that ensemble cast in junior and saying. And tells about how that felt afterwards. Think I'm still processing now afterwards that come housewives was amazing that gave me my start it was my dream. It's always the famous. It has social media when I'm in my mind that so. Com. And I did the show in I was pregnant with cash is now three. But I started to show how about I guess five months pregnant perfect pregnancy everything's great. A start filming and it's like high blood pressure trauma drama needs is a mess my doctors like him like this is too much like everything's been great eastern taping. Well the day that I walked off the sand. Which you don't see is a lot just violence just you know angered photo we saw that now. And I just say you know money doesn't motivate me believe they're not my decision on time. I walked out of the cards Exxon I was trying my husband's like forget it like your Don. I don't have a contract LeBron to do mile and so at that point I've done the wedding but that was just like this series. On and then a couple of months later they called me. And says it was for about six weeks later you can he possibly be your own show. Well I am realizing my own show was five days a week me is doing housewives it's. Mean for a day came for a day TV for three days they get three days you know zone read com. Now I see all the time five deaths and dozens RD number one show I'm brought up. A big. Sierra often get text message from your bosses do you know and in essence kind of puts you want housewives is there any done. Played on but it's Steven Weinstock June. He and mourn text he was like broke all records on this season so of course I try to someone snapped a movie you guys because without all of you. I would not be sitting here today so. I'm very grateful and sent us off. How important social media is for you because you mentioned I do you know your reactions on snapped chat your an IMAP like crazy. And you use a lot of Internet haters and you deal with them so well and I'm head not. Sometimes tell us how that feels to open up your life like this and then get back out response. I just in Miami take care if you know like I haven't really I would support I have an amazing husband face. Backstage somewhere. And my children are here tonight and so I haven't made I have what's really really Barnes and you can spy. On you can really fine so for me like I just post like. Maybe my lips look too big but they're overdrawn in my hair's got a good but I really don't care because I know I've substance I have what's really important so. That comment some pounds that I get really frustrated me not so much because it bothers me but because my girls treated and like mommy they're still. I mean FO RM fourteen years old so she's at a stage where it's really different all. On riyals a little bit stronger she's nineteen. Bomb but I'm worried aren't on. You know because she is at this stage she's going to be going in high school and only sins of the computer and write something negative. I and I just I say to people all the time and I really mean is at it you can not live a positive life. And write something negative like if you just took all an energy into something positive and everything that you feel. This world would be such a better place in my career. So how do you do. How do you share that wisdom is Arianna when your daughters and eventually your sons but how do you pass and things and how many kids give up seventeen. Okay sorry if it's okay and I've been texting this week about the plan this will be effective story. But I saw that just the other day she adopted a puppy. And I say congratulations on your property NGOs and also okay. I thought it was a joke. And the next day I answer Graham is a picture of real okay and they've purchased fresh free agent. Don't. Like a mom of six needs a puppy and a paid. I I bonds your humane society on Saturday. And on such as soccer IC this little yeah you guys really need to do it don't want any hand on Al brown means so wrote amazingly clean and it's just so beautiful. But my whole family volunteered and I see little I called him on the team because on the mound around rescue his little pop behind dislike us a sense. So she's now part of the plan on top of that my daughter turned ninety last week and was given a pig for her birthday. Who does that prove that Gaza. Who does that we share very well like who does this year boyfriend in the four H now she didn't. This one's got great lineage I just. It's crazy he's so I actually seriously answer the question who pays gives a big. A dear friend every else can't afford them. Move they've been friends for probably twelve years I gotta gotta be Q well twelve year take that out of twelfth anniversary. Court with a pig like this like a new born baby it's worse than doll like it was at the house last night his real friends BBC because three L has no idea what responsibility is. So yeah hurt my girlfriend is watching the dub game. And it's planking in making noise I have some models you like a baby nobody knows like me. And no I didn't participate and help. I just I think I will name. She named Chester boring pain I don't. Telling them you know you sure they hit Hamilton. Yeah you want to limit bids after being convinced. Hairball that's pretty I don't know. You know six kids three dogs the pig since a lot cease functioning chaos is just one of those I don't know I like about it bring in bring chaos. Not far behind with two little ones executing Sonny I know you know. We're there we're getting there and I am certain guys you guys that I bumpy because I know. What is right. And it always comes up I give you a new puppy when you have a baby just for payback why would you do that any share great. Is there a lot but Norman sexy. Again when you look back here real housewives day is like the insanity you look back at that finally or can you not believe that was yet. Could hear it completely. You mean. You made a whining you're free easy and now you're married and breathing in farming and running and shelters for dogs. You look back at that time his leg irons. Finally Hillary you like I have no idea who that woman was. I'm still the same person and I just have grown I still drink wine and I quit smoking years ago is that really why can't. She says. Good size of that unknown not dole Dick Tracy. Just keep it close all cubs not yet exactly right yeah musical soap fan I've been here for a minute. I'm still the same person I've just grown. I don't necessarily think that the person that was the trade was really me I think yes everybody got to see that like my kids are my passion my motivation in my life but. Like the chaos and drama and the fighting and negativity of life. You know this is not meet so. That's what I'm retiring is when it is I feel like you can really see him or not always perfect when a perfect thing coming back were positive we have fun but. I sometimes wants a foot is like home. Do you get it you go back and watch it now and I don't want it currently. Now you. You watch your first US still be tired every week. Yes OK and you. I did before everybody you have a say in how it's how you portrayed or you just that confident. That they can film everything in it and you're that confident in yourself and your family. I have really an incredible life and so on back mainly it is what it is I guess so we're not perfect. OK we have three dogs sixty is my husband's a free agent it's stressful right now but. On gets a terrible time to get a big east. Well I don't wanna get a break here folk rock contracts that I'm. I'm not trying to move big seats is and three dogs but pigs OK before page. The price you have such a sweet romance. How do you carve out that. Time for just each other with all the everything else it. 2 o'clock in the morning. Oh. And we can really. It's all if he's not working then he's in me in Obama working with him and that's really like and pakistanis traveling during football season we policies on the phone again like it's our marriage is number one in our kids. It's definitely on number one. Awesome yeah. Great name. I don't think that's my heroes because Troy is such a rarity I feel like although I know you and I know that Kelly is going to be super happy with the to find somebody like blinking my girls have really high standards I'm out there something about an hour in hindsight. Do you. Are either of them dating rate them. Then Arianna. Is it Arianna is both loved the boys since she came out of the blue. I really Helm is kind of just you know like oh OK real slow boys after she apparently isn't she just another boyfriend and few months ago. Chooses for a couple of years spin around on me. Let's do away. Gisenyi carry out an. What's it like for them fourteen in nineteen. To have a boy come over to the house. When an NFL player is answering the door. Yeah. It's not okay. But I think Israel's kind of prep them all now at this point is like if you don't see how my dad and her that so you must no matter what goes outcry and a half. So only you know this did you hate to Ziad intimidation tactics of course not very nice from him. I don't LA now he's not it's like domestic behind thanks to meet cute that's it. No conversations face value of backyard creating a guy you. Her I think Russia 88 we reduce error and you see it behind us. But he knows that life can only be easy embryo like she's trying she's nineteen she's been is that I'm trying but it's not easy. So it's priced regularly to keep you definitely know what's what's happening doing now. Listen to. And you guys on that team that you know throw away with free agency they get a new change is coming on learning but beyond. So as of now you know it's kind of up in the air we'll see how long it's to criticize this so. We'll see. CS could move. We wanted to do and always keep our house keys are sold our house so here regardless I mean this in the NFL's fourth street. So I'll have to meet tomorrow just my close emergencies and he says that's too much and on packed up and go wherever it for him live his dream until whenever you know being in silicon via our instances that. I just gonna see guys rolling into another city but the kids are they got a leash through God's. But all of your stuff like strapped to a backup pick up trying to. Think that's normal that's the part that I think is so crazy is like to me that's normal. They chaos and drama the kids McCarthy's the dogs think I mean the whole thing is normal. How do you keep it all straight so I want to mom's advice because it just gone back to work. Our little as five month old son just adjusting to coming back from maternity leave and as Jeff can tell you that tentative MS po is top. A bit and I. It just give me some momma I think how do you juggle all keep everything in check and make sure everybody's got the right to be kept us in the right now that everything. Everybody you know has their special little some. Thing about them and no real leads me you know aren't our needs for me I know the twins need to meet changing Castro more into Kuwait this point that. On schedule. You know were very tight schedule we have to be. It's so heartbreaking I get to film every day with my family scissors no bond money in the world. I mean that can really make up for that guy that's assuming my favorite song with my kids all day I didn't have to vacating cast is going to Dancing With The Stars. And it was a horse like. Pour you know I don't have the staff everybody thinks of missing eighty for four years I have one so it's for an eighty twins every night doing on us up. It's a lot a lot you work all day trying to get home me. We do that Tracey bloom the Steffi is amazing. Really helped out. That's she's here tonight he always supported me a letter. But I think as strict schedule yeah and almost can sleep in time for your husband because I think what happens in the hazard so Leon. Is that it's like OK they got their back and you're so tired as a mother you know. You have to things when that time you have to say OK when I get home and eat dinner there and get their faster to go to bed his last album all along with your husband's attention to I think it's just me more balancing act. Heidi looks at that. You know my. I want to just cut all my era and no where you got married days I saw my feelings is Italian that we're talking about Tinsley dot com is. Amazing thanks so I've. Just for the record right now I feel like I've been seeded book club. There's no need for me. About events up where you just got to drink the wine you know that's not talking about a guy do you look at what are your secrets what do you see here's the mommy hurt and I'm no right. I can't even weigh in on Chrysler bunker there. Happiness wears very well. Well I think for sure your legs are just amazing we want to walk out here by the way Kelly and I went. Oh god here very sweet but seriously you look amazing you're always fit together we always on camera. You have to you have to always I'm not always put together so there's a lot of days I'm doing without he needs is our life but on. You just got to try to do your best known for my husband must mean without that we might make it I mean honestly. Base thinks he's been. He loves me regardless but I trying to make myself a priority you know intensive thinking you can have an hour get yourself together it's your hour. I don't you don't you accurately it's getting ugly day I think that's really important but. I even let that go with the things I realized that the twins like it was chaos I was breastfeeding and it was like one out yet it was just chaos and I was feeling on top it. Analysis frazzled and finally after about a year I was like something's off. And I realized I have to pay attention to like him to seek an hour away from everything. Otherwise they'll breeze great advice very bright girl okay. You go girl do you cat. Still wakes. What's coming up in the next few weeks until we turn it. I'm going to Montana for the first time. I guess since that's crazy to me I don't like crew will tell me accountability throughout wind and kind of just. I grew up in Connecticut which is far. And then Montana so I'm going to Montana. I have an oil line coming out asking -- for women make any stretch marks pregnant with my twins and the 400 one's Arianna let. Because I made my own oil well online and I want him to still feel beautiful site worked on for years it's finally coming out Scott Kazmir. It's finally coming out. So is that just for pregnant ladies attorney I don't know expert Tony do you mean after the council. You'll be there. It's not just bring me these things down yeah yeah ounces from the honeymoon horror and. I know you usually I changed we're gonna try caddie and Reagan and president AI remained perfect yeah. For your wedding day we've undergone yes she would no winner why your first triathlon jerk. Now Jim Gardner need skin cream. There's freedom married Mary so I think you all I know I'm excited. If you if you get the invite he. To see guys now. We got you by reopening grand love expressed its there's no casino here in Georgia and the guys. So we don't need my and he was like to scratch off for the day it was the cutest invite. I have ever received. So nothing got. Like it was. The beauty is you had to scratch and like I mean it. It was accuses Iran that I suggest not check my mama scratch off ticket your mom and I should go to beat you get to spend time yeah. You guys can have a scratch off off at the wedding guest yeah. Her death actually in my console them thank you. He's eight he's so anyway. At a zoo pretty. And. Okay. Yeah. Kim Goss says there are men. The first guys. I'm Justin Jan you know Einstein. NHL all star in 941.