Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 3

Monday, March 7th


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The Japanese yen shell selling ninety or one either literally have these make seven finish this all yesterday. Yeah okay let's go we've got to make this incredibly well we felt. Well I'm we're talking about Atlanta first of all because. This is the founder of the music scene in Atlanta right in front of us I mean. You'd have this whole things and it. I certainly helps to write I'll take credit for helping a lot take all the credit because there's such amazing talent here you know and what I really did was Cayman with my team and brought an infrastructure. And and gave the artist is sort of a gateway to world you know and and it worked out really well. And and you know it's funny star 94 used to be like two floors up from us so no relief no way in the face us in the face and Nstar Nstar win in the same building from many many years so let's go we're all gone now. If you need an office here to give extra space yeah we have a Mario you know. On the way here that man. I think I can actually run the label from here. It's and then is incredible and others here how I feel back to Atlanta it's not often enough it may be I'm gonna say three times in the last. Fourteen months okay so then sued so. You've been here enough to see you crazy growth leg. Every single time you can maggots among the drivers and pain what's the section and bouquet called below this option we avenue and the -- trans ZLX shops right it is the streets about candidates about Joseph okay Atlanta Buckhead Atlanta as the proper name of and that's the name of yeah okay because her streets of bucket yes in this book in Atlanta OK number that's what on the disaster that I am and moaning now there might go see erecting get bitten by the bug and make me wanna come back or something where your must go places in Atlanta is still around. Used to be cafe intimate and so holly and he's sure that was Smart and I was like before Starbucks and stuff right and so I it was like that ebbed and nice Italian coffee shop I used to love that that's gone. Gone they've moved it into the brand new lose hotel down in midtown that's different depths. That's brand new and and. What else that was that's the place that always comes to mind otherwise I was kind of a home body yeah. Yeah annual war again however so I can win you many cases cited Marines are illustrates records and bring Intel and a what was it about this place that was especially picked Giuliani could pick anywhere. I don't really know why we picked Atlanta to this day I don't know if he's thinking like division was. Let's go and create the Motown of the south. Right now to go to amana and and too would very good in Motown did in Detroit. And it kind of worked it tell her you are trying to work I do I'm. I think I only say kind of because you know I'm from mired. You know by Michael Jackson who's like two worlds greatest entertainer and through there was like the biggest selling album of all time right so you know I'm a big good group. You didn't really yeah yeah I mean yeah Colin short and many already ahead. Yeah wire we don't bother to talk to him a job and I don't know I got Hamlin and those competitive guys you know like you basketball fan and off. Like I I I like. Thank Michael Jordan from both sides agree it is Brightcove why came along and he really threaten that seat right now is disguised their curry who's like threatening the co C and I like that so I'm gonna go after something I want to seek help wanted the old he's a great which actually got either closest to that Michael Jackson's round matches. Necessarily financially but. Cree nobody my parents who knew that I indoors and not necessarily right yeah. But I did that. Hi as far as I talent wise and in depth of catalog in creative ability to date the closest depth of catalog would be Kanye West's OK I didn't. And same would be Justin Bieber how well policy I was Connie Dunn is he coming off the browsers he are we just get to see more of a glimpse of what the real kind is like. Now houses we lose his well tell you. Just totally seeds they don't stay on the rise because to be manipulated by wanted to master manipulator marketers of the world. He's making you talk about him every day Kia by design and everything's fine. See you in common offered alone 53 million bucks when he sent a tweet about being a broker whatever I don't buy it. Come by in the I really don't pretty Smart Frey ever written makes just talked about in the women's tennis opposes new array of content I love that you know what I don't know what to think I just know them being manipulated ahead. He's been making the Atlanta yes. Jimmie talk about Jews entries and I Justin Bieber level of fame yet he was so he's one of the most famous artist yes. Usher. Was you know is one of the one of the has deep count all right you know I love you so. And right off the bat you get right into the usher story and finding him and I'll I love it it's just it's so great tell everybody. Susan a special space man of 3350 peachtree where in the face lived with star 94 there yeah yeah and and and we came in as a kid. Fourteen year old kid. From Chattanooga Tennessee his mother brought a man my brother actually introduced him brought him to our offices if he comes and and gives me a cassette. That's how long ago was right if you could search with the music tracks that he's going to sing along to liquidity and press play its assault caught end of the road. Now the irony is that in the road was written and produced by myself and my partner baby faced cash something in us or you're clever. He gets downsized sing the song to stop stop. That's good to stop I got to go some girls. You can't just seeing this from me right in my mind ousting was just too good I didn't tell him that Kansas it stopped right I'd feel the office of with the girls. And he kicks into it again right on this time he drops down on one knee. And he starts to charm the most beautiful girl in the room. Head tasty fourteenth and he was so good that it is almost like we're back personal. I don't know she's the most beautiful oil why you seducing her why you charming her finish is his mom in around his mom and were okay. And he's a pro he's looking better. And he seems to he puts his hand aren't they amendment two does he did too good at this like. What's happening around Brad Wright anti anyway he does he does this great audition. And I we signed him at fourteen years old in that moment and that gang that today. You want to mom was with him so we have parental consent you can't sign a minor threat Larry you have to have parental consent has to go to court. You know but we got our we got a sure performed on that day. That is true beauty of that is that Justin Bieber. Russia brings Justin Bieber to me and he's fourteen. Train right and same charm same Sean anger around different different color regardless I actually have. A story as you are telling that usher story I remember the first time I met Justin Bieber was win usher. Right and I was standing off to the side without should do we we know him pretty lucky these live from Atlanta Indiana or around bunch so I would stand and offer to the side with him and Justin was down the hall or something and all of a sudden we hear in this is Justin had no songs outright. Why I had no idea that we hear a girl singing his songs. Down the hall we go around the corner and there's just in in a group of girls in their policy in his son together and they've come to see him. January was her singing along and usher his alma media's. Told you. Yeah oh I know those girls are noticing him on huge Syverson yeah right they are new and his incredible. So is it in that first moment you know if the Starr has that quality if they've got that's. Are what I know is the first moments are if I like it. Can now are they going to be a big star trust me not everybody has scientists are from a big star I very wrong many many times by the and that's not to minimize the truth which is under write many many times right but so I only know what I like in those moments that. When someone walks then I snow how I feel about it right again you know to me music can artistry is like. It's kind of like romantic a little bit so I have to has some level fall in love. Right passes strikes that chord in the end it is an eleven when that happens when is the last time a music major crimes. Cry cry cry cry correct your question was it music. I'm trying to think I'm not a crier put I can rumors. He was one of those deals that didn't go so well one of the artist you sign it was a great night and where does that then we see another song is there's a wait until the last time I. I think grammys this past grammys when Mike would make a trainer won best new artist and she got onstage. And and she's crying. As she sold susteren she's so happy and it made me cry daddy yeah. And Jamie hurt you or dare I assume I was there big cut and TV they cut to her dad in the I had Brian. And I was tightened that that got me yes and I am glad that was the last time but it was sizzling and the tears of joy just so happy for her yeah you gotta tell her I'd next week to call us is. I think her song comes out or Nissan is coming out today our show stars. For the dough month cemeteries summed that. Do you wanna be on board for the slot. Oh we I am so I'm knocking I want I'm not gonna hybrids not what I do I'm not a great salesman or anything but let me tell you this news great. I tanked. Gary Jules well and I know who'd you. Said no to you visited sorry no no no no I didn't say no to anybody where do you get that at a book and I say no I sit yes. And then that's enough. I hang and that was Lady Gaga. Yeah well you have anything happens. So he said yes and then know how to on how you get the ball you righted the three point line and shoot and you miss I miss. Gave what was the F first interaction with her after. You pass honor and and she blew you remember that OK so I gotta get the story straight guy signs her right can I let her grow OK and different than passing guy I signs are that's just this weird timing and just get the credit for signing her yes yes. I need my help me out a little earnings guidance OK then our jobs there and right huge mistake yeah. One of the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life you know I probably won't make that same mistake again cash the first summer sorrow is that won an award shows I can't remember exactly maybe you billboard awards. Those a couple of years later. And she gave me your biggest as he held me held me tight thank a couple of minutes right now minutes where four new nice moment gas and and knew everything was OK okay. Jim whisper in year like that line from pretty woman where issues like big mistake. It is day you know walk away choose colada I keep telling everybody I made the mistake largely because I don't want her to sell them is to say OK I know right. Does he give you liken uncomfortably long and half. Or was it like a good hug like OK I know everything's going to be gang. It was everything is going to be good then SR this year the grammys. And I don't think she moves me. I'm actually looked at me in the right through me she gave me aside had that you mean nothing notepad that time or like OK that's uncomfortable. You know we talked retirement Justin Bieber and ended girls who knew him through YouTube. What's YouTube doing and and services like that what's that do into that music industry. What served us well yeah right it's served us well in the platforms agrees okay. Saves us a lot of time and money from being honest right OK because artists can put to music revenue could find that a they have something or not stray. And so it's kind of good I still go my gut that I don't care about any of it until you tell you the truth like I care about when you come into my office and how I feel about you wanted to press play how it sounds to me okay all right and I don't really care about anything else. But it's nice to have the tools it's nice to know that the tools exist and we need them to concern to them bright enough I live I live by my gut. Have you ever hope I keep my job fled many years and everybody in my gut because technologies is running so quickly that this probably some. Algorithm beckon like science to Parse. The secret is like some of my computer understanding desert but I guess I we'll adjust my guess yeah I think having a go at that if your instincts got a new through everything you've done I'm just. I just does this hope to robot that doesn't take our jobs right Soledad yeah I. Yes I'm curious if you've ever assign an artist and had to sit down with them and have a heart to heart and be like. You're messing up and you like yank them by the collar and set him straight again. I don't really get into their personal lives I don't know I'm I am I will be very honest with you. I am capitalists. Of the worst kind of what I like car hit records and stars right so mark Thomas is all about. Hidden records and how to become a star and whatever you do all your off time it came my business I don't get into it I can't. I am I'm a father I have to get into that my own children and I don't have time to do for someone else's children honestly if they asked my advice I give them my advice right. I try to sign of well meaning I try to signed. You know it's also character based. Pray that commercial like someone's a bad seeds and then just won't do it. Even if I like to music you know so but but I'm not a good I'm not a good surrogate dad died. You know I've just now and I'm sure I'm assigned over the sell some records that sell some records right. Show up dude jabbed his yeah go on stage to be incredible. You know go to radio station and charmed everybody's socks off that's that's my advice right regularly come here and do you know I gave that's my advice. Her got encrypt and a half we did then into may and actually vote yeah like okay. You do that way that I didn't you sayings there's sure you send to puffy camp. Oh that was sent thousands of flavored count for causes clearer every. He has so much flavor like you so flyer I am in his ego is so much fashion sense of party man and dancing and and just being charismatic. And then. Cultural meaning people follow him Rite Aid to trend setter so I met him early on in and before he was Diddy OK very very and you still puffy was in the room puffed daddy eighties puffy. And the ascent crusher. What he liked him a lot he came to my office and I've played in the video that we had a ushers spears first video and said I want you know what this guy. And he took us into New York. Let me just say it like that I was listening to New York is fourteen. I have had a seriously my body language as a model as mom and she she consented and we since into New York. And W as they just want to know why why you should Wear my childhood. I'm very western new York and good. Morning red and got a lot out of all of the above is still for instance that. Tennis cynical I get an imagine have been puffy is a mentor. Do you could have reminded him of the seduction of the lady in your office and said look son your child and was gone long before an off. Yeah I'm not thinking you have to bring it doesn't Guerrero was gone long before okay here in New York City that's the truth is so they let us like the new Hollywood right there filming a. As TV and movies here and everything else. And there's a group called Georgia music partners putting together some of the same tax in tennis for the music industry that they already have in place for TVM down. CDs think if all flag got under way that Atlanta would become the hotbed for music again hit the stillness in the heyday never stopped. We don't feel like okay. Oh and have first trust me when I tell you it never stops. Now it's always been it's always been urban first. In Atlanta Greg you know company and popular music you like the one assist popular like pop music. Right there were there was an indigo girls there were others here but. It became famous for the urban music scene right and it's still all I hear yeah. This nonsense in never stopped. It's pretty remarkable. They never stopped. I mean. Justin Bieber comes from Toronto but he got his music and his star everything haven't been imagining India example right he's one example of it are we have an artist named future I'm you know we know we yeah you know he's off for a year he'll ramble on albums in seven months six months. Amy and he's from here you know and so many of the records are still made here and some creative producers and studios. This is a crazy scene and now you add in film and television. Oh my god maybe a comeback movie yeah. Out here I don't whirlwind tour with sang to me Quinn yeah I am I dug it get to that in your head yes or no safe time to go look at some real stay lawyer here. But I was not I'm cool on the house saying you know I just you know I don't I need to. You need to sell this book. I really do I just need very bright understand like this is the greatest book probably since the de Vinci code here. And Heston has some great stories and there's and but it's really inspirational I think what you know when I hear people talk about it. They just talk about like not mean necessarily enough my story with the artist but more of the either underlying message. Of you can make it if you try. For the overarching message Tommy One of the gang of boys really one of those. I came from Cincinnati Ohio and from humble beginnings and I had a vision and dream and I made my dream come true and so can you. And that's what this book is really all about. What I love about this book in the beginning is you said to your sister or something when you were very young yeah you visualize. All of this and do it and I think everybody. Can learn from that and applied to their own lives German word right now going into the office today are going ended a you know a job maybe like we don't like. He can really visualize your own success and in the market says you told your sister. When you're when I was very young maybe eight or nine years and I now know what I'm gonna do it's one. Not called she's that's so cute yeah. Section in my mind is are you really don't understand like I really mean that. But it just came out of my mouth and I didn't know why. I really didn't know why and it really did and then and I haven't accomplished the goal the way I lied to a conference ago you know. Rich these days like it's a whole other thing is that I mean. I don't know what you don't know. I don't know look instead we did. They're told there was no FaceBook well and if so chat well great fish Microsoft welfare and apple well they you know well read there was zero leg he was the only corner store you know. Oh so you know I have to. Have to redefine what it means in my life but. Are you doing all right coming your OK okay yeah yeah who called dragon and there. White guys. What story in the in the book. Require need to make the most uncomfortable phone call before I went to print. I didn't call anybody I does that surprise not tried to sanitize the book once I wrote it occurred to sanitize it and and before they want to print OK so anything that felt uncomfortable with the just kind of left don't editing floor because he wasn't designed to be disparaging brain drain out I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings I don't want anyone upset. I've hit some speed bumps is the book come out yet as anybody called you and men like hey I haven't a couple of costly about a couple of Larry tell us simply not enough famous people. I just you know so. But just people that say you know. That's not palace the Muslim world I was conceived through your eyes and listen to remodel right right and correct your book. This is your story this is my story right it says my story yeah defense. You have bird but. I try to make sure that. And in heard anyone's feelings. When they wanted to be that kind of went to be like a national inquire. How that's not what your bad yeah do you Ireland yeah. Music I'm really about music and and just motivating people to the you know imagine just imagine yourself being great. OK now right now how to get there okay do justice Garnett ray and that means everything to me I am fascinated by successful people. I'm fascinated by all people. And happy people you know I think happy might be more attractive and successful honestly. Do you feel like every successful person you never Matt is a risk taker. As some level yes but some do get lucky. There is such thing as a good look quite right place at the right time and yet everything just kind of works out for you and boom. Without some people that are really like financially well off there aren't that bright. Yeah yeah they just sell something people want and they sold the tomb of the solid they don't know anything else about anything. You know I but they they're financially successful big guy invented this now here's something to bathrobes turnaround backwards. And I put it on TV sold millions now Jillian asks. The heat and you know the he can help us a global warming you know. You know I mean our oracle social injustice that he figured out how to make some money I'm going right so that's how I see it so there there there. There there is a difference between you know being brilliant. And being. You know this is financially successful. Race I like brilliant better sheriff I but I want to be rich. Yeah. I think I was she must. Yard Erin Nash hit a but congratulations on the on the book stated it's it's still I mean it's it's it's a story about him negative music industry right but it's. It's filled with really really great stories great inspiration Alley we don't even dreamed I gotta get the volume two hour America's if I have I have like. Three times since photos have some good photos. Why does this say this is the first chapter write him you sir hello little video there that's how I feel about it yes. And I'm committed to that number come back to see you guys and I'm happy to be on your show Karen and I rarely did not having Rihanna show having to be the first person on this birdies yes. So let's finally got its doesn't do something groundbreaking in my life laughter. Show I know lay and how do you feel about sitting there is this a comfortable room do you feel comfortable thirty Charlie killing her comfortable you don't feel interrogated to that was under the interrogators OK because were sitting across from you kind interrogating me yeah. This gold here. But you'll really feel good like what would you change is that you're guilty of your innocent America and you jokes is probably very uncomfortable we'll put it up is it doesn't look it doesn't look a little like law and order a we got to put Ole ball. Yeah one's leg but I like it in my recommend as this lose the fluorescent lights right in the past and get removed going. Seattle has thus my cousins I may begin my little bad here and we could natural light we can. Yes I have natural light and here you know we can we do a brain doesn't plan to implant. Harry comes in here she's gonna show you you know I can't sit on their rationalize because. I don't look as pretty and make of this and look as good so you just have to be cognizant of yeah idiosyncrasies of the superstar. So that's right now eight week we have an idea because you're our first guest affects and we wanted to do some because we will have both been a different radio stations and within we have. Lamented. That we did not have one consistent thing that every guest we ever encountered. Interviewed or was a part of our show do so we're gonna start that we have an idea okay. I hope it's okay because it's really the only thing we prepared. OK okay from the bizarre journey and partying with you because here's a thought if he did chances are if you come in this room and you're sitting at sharing your talking on a radio show your creative person. So rather than just take a picture or I'd have you know people side by tens or whatever what we did is we box. A book of sketch paper. And an arts and crafts cat and we would like to give every guest. The sketch paper in the arts and crafts kits to do whatever they want wins take as long can be something you to sign an autograph. They can write a favorite song lyric can do it all off picture they can do whatever they want. But we thought that would be different and refreshing and exciting. How do you think this superstars you deal with the. Feel about that. I think you're right. And the people who. I work with our creatives most of them are like sketches and painters perfect. Now that I think so why is the first one the sketch folksonomy ass over tea Booker brilliant awesome c'mon I love I'm not. I'm just the would you call on the curator awesome that word is old now is in this contest curator what's in new words and record mantra throughout yeah yeah. A year on the very first K okay yeah I hey. Just goes up yeah let's do you like the euphoria sir let's for a rap from Hillary and I'm eleven Gooden had had so. Maybe he might do you know land on the cooking network and you can't see what are you wanna talk us through it now you know you're looking at an ingredient. In my ingredients and time again secret. I've purchased. Crayons. Faults wild mushrooms mixed with. Cats are still shows English parents of young assassin. General could give a fiercely attitude she'd do is let alone and I like to tech and Florida permanent Elena since 99. You can group. The crew references to being from Florida I live in Atlanta. Greeley are you thinking I have to and three front I'm originally from stadium from Syracuse you can cook now. I doubt if I am surprised I am here and just makes it the best chocolate chip could you do ever. You did have one chocolate chip Goodyear as it is phenomenal what do it I do it's got peanut butter and it. It's fantastic. Some room to scare us and move and the purchaser or reverse horrible you're committed to little yeah you start ever know the page as to stay in there because that's how we get it to DMZ if it's terrible. He's getting. You can't have it I'm kidding face. I was doing some teams he pays good for stuff like that. The civilly sketch O'Leary thank you so much for coming in to be in our first guest here thank you saw in our lives I see that's an honor to hang out with the youth. Talk about sing to me go get it this is his book and it's just. Fantastic. Do you wanna say well the first three the first three chapters are 'cause that's where I am so far Oklahoma come on your reading in due course I do I do this is the first book it's nine mommy book. That I have read a long SF thank you my wife writes mommy books this seed yeah. This isn't because of driving style I. Marriage she writes mommy book she's only got me into this writing. Also we'll tell you why cinnamon finish year's first and then I'll pick back up time is Zak writing child looks is gonna finish mine blue grass yeah. Okay thank you guys so much thank you so much you really appropriately that is straight. Is OK okay so far why can't suited him a year actually couldn't like I just can't have people it's true or something and appreciate that thank first guy to set the tunnel roof you know. And I genuinely close out officially for the first time and say it I'm. Think Jesse Jones Shia the star in 941.