Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn - Episode 25

Wednesday, April 27th

For the 25th episode of the Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn, they talk with Rich McKay, the President and CEO of the Atlanta Falcons. He talks about the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new fan experience, and the upcoming season for Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons.


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The Japanese game show sorry 941 he's president and CEO of the Atlanta Falcons at Rich McKay joins the Jeff and Jan show and star 9401 K rich. Good morning or do we are doing great how are you went. Here we are clearly one border thank you thank you paint there. So that Kentucky today big Atlanta Falcons fan Jeff is a thousand stand as well we are part of the rise of nations pressure. We loved we love people that are polarized nation Sam Jackson is our leader sometimes that's scary that's great pass. The rise okay. I have to be totally honest as we viewed Jay and nick is a hard core falcons fan. Hi I am one of those rare breed of man who is not a huge sports fan but I have to tell you. That aside. Going to an Atlanta Falcons game is won and being there especially. In the beginning of the game is one of the greatest. Live experiences. That I've attended you guys do a great job of that. They're expected to cool harbor you know that that the NFL. You know because you know we sell lottery game romantic star who's on the team that two games or sold out so you've got 70000 people. In order bar and all term borrowing in the same direction they're leaders for 5000 people from the other cheaper arc but. It's a cool environment and it's up there try to create as much energy we canceled we try to do that. Sam Jackson and the Ryder Cup campaign to help the studios are starting gate perhaps sir. And we're duckling gonna talk about falcons' schedule also a new stadium coming up but first the biggest thing going on right now. In the falcons cheerleader tryouts the final auditions aren't today right as he talked about our entertainment. And so you know it it is so interesting to me how. It is. So only people works so hard to try to your debate that squad. And it's so. I stopped long ago gone to a trial because it was. This trial really look. Uplifting and how many people put so much work and how much reward. But the perhaps even though it didn't make its and took a little bit like a football team and that you don't want Willie let players know it is just heart itself. It's saying that are in process but then. You know the other women that Beckett my lower division they do a lot more so we're we're very appreciative to have such shirt. And so coming up found in schedule what are the highlights for this coming season we can look forward to him. Well I think the it's you know every year generous schedule about their but it is also harder on Soviet bureau Rick whatever it is. There's this one you know count speaks here in the sense of got a lot of travel across you know work. We're going through West Coast games. And that's not including Denver which bill include you know. Seems to me like a long flight. The beauty of being in Atlanta is you know where we're located worked so hard courts prefer to ignore the people sank because the world located George at last it. We typically don't outlaw flights this year you know so that that would be diplomatic escort home schedule. He declared the city which is good football and the deathly travels stance. Andy Green bag who is probably as you know with Pittsburgh that you came to travel them also. We'll have some energy in the building that will include some upstairs from the other genes and then. I think you don't trust right now the division is really gotten good over two years ago people were complaining about work it is of course our division. Has skin the Winston campus quarterback Drew Brees and the ones at quarterback can't do. In Carolina as a quarterback to outline and so and so the division's pretty darn good. And our biggest rivalry is typically been the saints but I feel like there's this shift going on that now with the Carolina Panthers and now Cam Newton and as you know. Ruining their record to you know their perfect potentially perfect record last season I was so exciting so I feel like our new rival is that the others. Well you know I think. Did the divisions are all of the division games in and the lady at the slope it is goat and goodies that year. They're always gonna feel like they're they're People's Court yesterday they count which almost one perhaps in its. You need them to lose and and you need to beat well because you need them and walked around the actual so those games are always gonna steal. More chance I don't know that provident Turkey's standpoint it's gonna change and restraint. Because we have fans that have been. You know. Rooting against the saints for forty years and in treating it like the U rivalry but I do think in Carolina last year he felt intensity certain well into the upper. It took utility Carolina that we came back into the dome had what was really positive and at a banquet. He racist Marino thanks for coming Alice in one askew got the new rule changes that came down for the NFL during the offseason year. And with a big ones making chop blocks illegal now you think these rules will sex the falcons play this coming season. Yeah I think this the rule changes we have every year right so. You know we we try to make it didn't work or not like there's always tries. For the longest time the picture that we're always look it up wanna help secure our players are willing to change schools to do that and number certain excitement the same so. Well actually change your extra point rule. People work spotty due to after the traditional extra point you know what extent. Buried niche you know exciting player now and they're probably added a little bit to a this year with a straight keep things recruited chop blocks in the game changes. Became a loss. I still very tough physical game and and tiger's video that we you know greatly impact our defense she's actually illumination of the chop block was needed. You would do to block that to the defense supplier just didn't feel safe. Yeah and so glad we did it. But I'll expand our panel figured out that you accept receive the swagger you're you know actually seemed like grown to recall chop block they're going to. This this week is the eight year anniversary for Matt Ryan with the falcons house he been doing in the off season. Great that's we're we're blessed to have I think we're blessed as much as they community to have them as our quarterback and as there were no option. De facto leader if you will of the team armed. Matt is such a energetic cheap leader and does it all the right why this year. Iran's own accord brought a botched player out of Miami style they have you know tape form. How and got ready and worked amount when you know at a time when they're not a lot of work at our facility. That's just who that is so that's a good place. The end he he sees himself as a chance when you don't have to worry about quarterback position. In this upcoming draft we've got a couple days on the you know it just makes everything easier when you're worried about quarterback position and worried about Schilling hit it it really consumes. Everything else you do from a personal standpoint. And tell us about the draft luck and we expect the falcons begin an eight candles at time about it. It's your feeling. Are you look a look at what game according soldier now two months ago sees it and that pretty much you know he said. We've got to focus on getting faster. On defense we've got to focus on untried impact the quarterback. So that series we'd like to do we want and that's the why have you been to not be touched now. The trap some problem poll you're not able to do what about its financial pretty. But I think that you look for trying to steal a person do to try to find a list impact the quarterback. In an untried at top mr. will continue to try to top that some beat the society at two years ago we were third shot in the league in defense that's not good. Because there's only thirty GGO. Last year were sixty and so we. You know we made great progress I think we feel like we can continue to make great part of some outside of the ball. Op that's where we were inconsistent who hasn't really good golf course Oakland second here as in we're really gonna make it jump up the draft is. We're ready port were excited about it and it's you know it can tackle Condo flushed. It's an exciting time for the falcons for Cher and one more thing I have to ask about is the new Mercedes-Benz stadium and the progress going on. If I I heard some exciting news for our friend in mind that all of the old domes spaces is going to be tailgating space. That's because he's an agreement a lot of the bringing meeting grass on the lot no shape that it'll be killed in Italy. We don't want to partner should not tailgating. So it it will be a really cool and and remember adult will be like twenty feet below grade 25 people look great so you're gonna look out into it. And hopefully you're gonna see you a lot of smoke coming out of G the barbecue and have a real strong on children. And how does the development of the stadium going everything going get a we gonna get that retractable roof. Now go to the workforce shoot Barack we you know completion date cheered 27 G were on that target. If you are going overseas Veterans Stadium dot com you'll see who want to go live webcam you'll see yourself but now you look at that you look at that they've got time lapse videos to that are pretty cool start finish but they've also got crucially what's going on now. Everyday we got anywhere from 5932000. People work on our sites. That's a lot of people on one side. And that's a lot of steel has been not output hung in the air so the only that are really good place we picked it game changer prepare experience standpoint. You know we're in the middle of the DSL campaign. Personal seat license campaign that's going very well. And we just like the fact that now we're gonna get ready to you know go why are alive for the public Connecticut. We're just going to look at NEC it's available and been sold yet. And decided to deceive work for meat and potato plant works as a ticket price or all of that we try to make it easy for a this will be a war to a lifetime because what once we Shalit then that it should be locked up for thirty years shall be much harder though he couldn't. So those online ticket sales for the season when does that open what's the date. Well to Oprah receive that immediately realize you probably go live about three weeks that would do that they could still forty go online book report trouble release that are which we have. Probably have a hundred people come through there today. But you wouldn't even make it easier where you know that somewhere or orchestrate a but get traffic on a weekday you to go online to do that yourself sort of try to make it EU's we can't put those not for those people that don't live. As close goes they like to produce. Awesome were so excited I'm excited to talk with the years as superstar. And really really let that. Where's Leo that not. I have the perfect face for radio you hurt or something I'm happy to do any radio gave you guys are all. Once you get iMac magnetic heads of verbal contract NN yeah keep that both. What brought up in Europe are thank you rich Hewlett in the draft this week. But Atlantic. City jazzy Jeff Shelton saw 941.