Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 24

Monday, April 18th


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Keppinger and shell sell in 941. It is extra ten with Jeff and Jens is just as time person hang out and spend more time together after the show because we don't spend enough time talking draft. I. Special they say because it is our assistant producer Kelly cheeses first day it is so we thoroughly disgusted I think it's not really we'll get an extra ten. How light as a kind of nervous we're so excited to have you here I'm excited to be here I think I first of all one is tell the story of how we met because this is one of the US sliding doors situations it and so cool. David Emery know I don't know if you guys even know the story. But I do this is back and when was it I don't know anyway it was a little while ago. And I was shocked Maine for a something for my daughter was shopping for a hat for her. And I happen to bad bounce into this boutique. And I. I was just like frantically looking around because I was the mom who send my kid on the very cold day to school without a hat like Calgary's perhaps as you have last year was just like Shia groom and whatever. So Iran it is boutique and I meet. Kelly's and so we started chatting and she's super helpful on super nice and house in time has had a whenever an answer checking out she's like yeah radio gray. Yeah anybody like her because I have to visit in hobby that. So anyway we started talking about radio in your telling me about your experience and radio. Kelly worked at an alternative station in town and it's an and you reunited annex. Now I didn't like him I mean an act and that I'm dynamics. There may Terri Davis and yet that's. I just kidding. No bomb but I want to contest to get a job actually they were kind of saying in south on air about. Do you think you've got what it takes in all my friends and even strangers constantly comment on my voice. So all night you have a deep voice I do any incident grassy sometimes. I get like all kinds of remarks about it. And like I think I do have what it takes I did a little freestyle rap about. How I live inside the perimeter in Atlanta was my city and I won the contest. As well as much fun you remember any of your do you remember any of your rapids. And yes I do to your communities and it yep yeah I'm irons and a busted out cash tender. And started like this dvd on my TV producer David to be bouts warrior and I know I can go out Capello okay. I got. A Catholic and I can't say it's yellow it's my name is Kelly sees and I got what it takes Iran these series. Call man. I've got the video I saw the video I guess it can happen in the next line it was something about living in midtown and my getting down on some them. Summoned some silly with an impressive enough they got the job there was there about fifty other videos are kind of creepy people were like hey you it's the very like 1900. You know. And I thought I watching the public is Abbott and I can you DJ he. Exactly and so you got the job and what did you do there. So I was on air I'd there was a may date girls from twelve to four so I was taking a lunch break with the kind of thing and hasn't a lot of fun music festivals. That a lot of really great interviews and was this completely exposed to the world radio that I never knew anything about as a management. They just kind of stumbled into it anyway and we sort of stumbled into meaning each of our pains and then fast forward. And you know it's really interesting is our radio contest. Is both David and Kelly got into. Radio is being being involved that I contests. OK guys were also willing contact us and my team get us but you or your caller 99 some murmuring. I was the jerks and teachers in the club that's all right I'm not happy. That is so funny that at all Ira back in our day marina and can we actually had to work to get jobs and training. I'm. Is slept an intern. How is my first I was in college and I worked at an alternative station night in turning throwing T shirts marina yeah I would have right now. And then I got my first job I think first paycheck was because. I worked in a radio cluster to have an oldies stations shows like fifties and sixties music and I would go in on Sunday and I would have run there like syndicated radio shows on Sunday and push push a couple buttons. Think my first paycheck was like. Twenty dollars and 53 cents or something like that hey I'm the guy so yeah. The ships. My taste it now drink yeah. Thanks very tailback. I sell eyes so anyways and then he got you get that job and and you are the queen of the airwaves over there and they. Then and great radio fashion they command announced Wednesday we're playing country. Yeah exactly and it's just flip the station. Literally went from Mumford and sons to Carrie Underwood and about ten seconds OK as crazy let out at a music festival and they did that south Cali I I kind of via the biggest thing that no more job there any more allies stilled at promotions Carlyle. But I think that's everybody's kind of radio story when that happens channeling their around to see a sound. Some miracle happens and neighboring accusation. But then you are in my sore and that is a little all right there and I'll funny about that day walking into the store as I wanted it to other stores before that. And they didn't have passed you up or the customer service I provide that anti. Alaska that I don't realize that I just think I think stories like that are really cool so anyway we hit it off and it's fast forward and Jeff got to me you went NYNEX and. Then there's the whole reason you're sitting down here is because you said some the assassinated gentle when we were talking about Kelly and ended mutual friends. Named nick Andy is a great guy he bodies arrive at Kansas. Only asset and it's so much that bush is ahead ousted I had I had love redhead my generals everything Janice thanks. I mean I love it I think the only woman I have ever met who has ever said that I mean hallowed events intended. I get that every time I think it. I'm like no more freckle out they are the I'm just like I love you and cheer on the oh yes I love him and the fact that he can play guitar. Amy has an accent. My act and that guy and the redhead and really kind of the top three can't seem close enough to see the freckle decently. The guy who. But the guy is in line or nylon order CSI. On the red haired dude who has had the mirrored sunglasses so David Cruz they Teresa I don't know that is. He's serenity and I'll sock him the guy we got no help. The famous restaurant guy the guy that shaft dude. Burgers. Well MacDonald. Because while it's not my math math. Had a headache clowns that the shore in a freak out like the idea now natural rent at my mom and dad nonconference I think that's why. Yeah and is your boyfriend already had exhibited an off and on again if you can yes. It's your boyfriend now reacting nightly round out my friends are gonna hear this going to be like really your act together but. Yeah. How long is how long is the back together and I'm back together within the government. Here is. It's been like for five years. He's great we're just so similar that. We eleven Haiti's that same time suing yeah you redhead he's that he's not he's Brazilians of these. He's our condolences. But my first crash and my second crash and I are crimes all right let's. All of them. Outlets got to make him fields Arum okay. Isn't the only guy if only woman on the planet they can make her Brazilian unit told dark and handsome guy geno could have gone. A cup and I am and here's what I am hearing it hair and a zero if you are Nadal already had a huge like really see you love us. Which are going after he uses that ready. Now but I also love redheaded women too I think when I see beautiful red headed woman. I like Almonte actually coming up my mom I just love you to united finding her best friend instantly decide for hair yeah. And I have parades her car and every statement of signing yeah. And this is just day one night and it seems payday so excited hey David if you ever don't wanna be in the same room with her this forward as mustard. I got a hugest come whisper mustard I mean we'll get Janet and fifteen an enemy within my eyes red heads on and I think I. Giuliani and he didn't you just report on Iran headed updating apps that was her red heads only are you serious yeah what if you wanna they read my wife's wedding ever hear I don't know I also. Hopefully you've got up and I'm sorry boyfriend Graf against her off again and it to him for that heads driving while I branded dating yet isn't the end ginger. Happy that I'm not Canada and I don't know how. Cloudy and into Google's tour will welcome aboard bottom of the shallow idea thank you. Six Japanese yen shelves selling 941.