Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 22

Monday, April 11th


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The Japanese yen shell sorry 9411. So excited for tonight's big CBS detour debut. Meaning beyond their so excited about it so proud of you. This really cool. And I've stated united allow my cousin. So what's the web what's what's the story behind me getting out a TV show because everybody just assumes. That you just move out to LA any on an addition any unit TV show but just from knowing Jen I know that you're mad have been working on this for. Their whole lives. I mean really Trevor is well. It feels OK okay get some cool down you know the past couple years you know we have work. So hard to get this point and you know not like it's all wrapped up and then down but it just feels great is you know and an art and apple that we you know I parish manly men in the yard and coming out here with a big lead you know where. Like an hour early thirties that we were just married and it felt like a patient asks to. Look rocked the country and potentially we were prepared to start over again. And we had a really lucky. Experience and how we got yearly we heard a work. I'm not immediately revoked booked effort additions such and they were the people who are like. Click on. How they don't worry we've we've been working towards the or perhaps checking your job. I like computer was like oh really nerves. What I didn't just show up and nailed the first audition ever. Exactly. Yeah that would likely happen that it knows in this town but we can't say. Paying 200 years. Yet outlet in other that is why not so. We did. The I find her right here in I think like. It showed go to weird things that's why such. Good job that came across content first came out Jeremy worked structure set and out. I think that's part of it too it's like just finding. And so that they're what you duke respect actually these things I'm not yeah. I know how to do that that I can step like I'm never gonna get that he had out. I just think it's cool that you guys decided to follow your dream and pursue it I think it's a great a great story for anybody who's ever thought it. Oh I couldn't do that any day stay doing what I'm doing Bermudez really were like were packing up everything we're leaving all of our friends were leaving all of our networks and we're just go. Well and their memory when you told the storage and about you are about Mary union brother Matt going out today LA. It was a little world I eat my assumption was he you guys had jobs like the wood line something up in that. You there was an acting gay gory you decided to move over to the production ratings side and you had some lined up engines like. Now though they may think they haven't and I remember you saying that I am I they think they have an apartment wrestling great life. And. And yeah Leah. We definitely didn't have. Anything. Stick around until an outlay but. I was depending you know we had done and that sort of like responsible anger much stay in the money so that we could. Not work for a little while that happens oh you're 100% expecting. To get day jobs and that first thing let what we had gotten healthier iron I had been nanny. Masthead. On the web design and you know lyrical we have in Detroit go out there and you know everything I'll call on and we had saved money says supported in between but. They were earlier that you re never had cash in on those things come. It's there has been particularly. It's been so fun to watch and here's the other cool thing about the detour is that she shot it right here in Atlanta. That's down how long were you here for Colombia in Atlanta for. So that particular yeah. But they kicked our a wow you know what you know that I got a hold it and now we do. It was really really pay me it was like. I ain't got that job. On a Monday and then on Tuesday. I got all my lines played twenty pages. Then I got picked up that tornado warning to go to Atlanta. And I got to Atlanta somewhere around two so then I went about her maybe three hours. And I woke up at street date in mind to make sure that everything I had been cramming into my brain was there. You and I woke up and I that this is the monitors and I let it matter where it up like that. It could be okay. Then I went with that they're shooting particularly in the morning and we shot until. 1130 at night. That's Freddy can have a vote on that now what's today detour about his Jan obviously knows about it but I know zeroes so. What's me. All he. Is it saddened talks about a family that's going on an occasion Larry and LeBron and and then bounces ever and really on the crisis in America. I let everybody find out and watch the TV show but. Who really funny actually it really got a problem can I can't believe they're doing that until it is sort of the comedy it's not an event that way and like album and I haven't seen it like that the curtain that you're not. Which I didn't really like what so happy when I and laughed at it didn't match and I thought well I don't like okay. Any bill got some great news about it sue before it even debuts. You aren't getting a second season. Our congratulations does that ever all where they green my the second season before the first and even starts they do if Mary guerrillas involved. Yeah yeah yeah I'm. Yeah I mean like. Good battle I am exactly yeah I mean I it it certainly a batter in the capital city chiller that. The network wanted to pick it up it's sort aired because it just. Is attack and attack. How much they believe in themselves. So. I know that. TBS the throwing out a bunch of different comedies I'm very they have been and one of them and you TriBeCa that in the same thing with that shall they they renewed it. People are paired. Well. And I think it hasn't been a really and I really and acting and what they have. Decided to get behind it and let them and I think that just really cool. They're show with Samantha bee is gone well and she's behind this show right. Yes it's one of the credit greater damage is merited Jason job that the star. On the show. And that's really important to me her Pontiac. I asked him to go I don't. Congratulations. And dad's root written Barry Coleman's record be a part of your story through Jan over the past obvious. Really Barack yeah I didn't admit to. It calling it kindergarten then and it's really I'm I mean Janet. I feel like it bandits I feel about this stuff because I can only do different thing so we have similarity really and you get a he. It's exciting you know what I you know how how exciting news things are now on the I feel. Totally and it's a fun because so much shooting in Atlanta that they are actually hear a lot more often and from work for work so we need to see each other I'll ever for a 36 hours. Right first hour's notice on Anna Mary was you're shooting a movie and eat dinner and yes she's a busy you have to call my people. Yeah. Well we're excited to see you on the show tonight it's going to be awesome. Cannot. He's really did yeah. Yeah that that very same thank you for being excited to have. I didn't congratulations. Are you about what time is it tonight you see tonight what time 9 PM is the debut my DVR has been generally well. Sounds good and are we gonna test that we don't have to be central times onward we're just gonna plan. Simpson thought OK okay we're out here and saying yeah we're not that big time yet he had. There are excited as I do you think you all things remember really have to chit chat with us happy Qatar but it won't come any time. David thank you Julia Clusty. Go out etiquette guide you to let down. Yeah since Jesse Jones Shia selling ninety for a slice.