Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 20

Monday, April 4th


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Yeah Japanese yen shell sell in 941 suggesting Jan show extra ten for Monday in the fourth. Of April and we're talking about. Tracy Morgan yeah I just sent down for a new interview with Oprah for her show super Seoul Sunday and that means you know it's gonna get deep. If it's on my own network they're gonna go below the surface and I dig deep he has a really fascinating story of survival and he talked at length with Oprah about the car crash that almost killed in two years ago Tracy and our. Our game. He panicked and proud. Actually. Our passion our. I could. Because pending are there any I don't know. No I know Syria is that in seriousness though when he. Was in his medically induced coma he had an experience. Where he said he saw his father says she asked him all about that. His father who is passed away right. You have the greatest story to tell because you one of I think one of the blast went anybody who's been able to. Live and go to the other side and come back. You have the greatest story that when you look cold treats its invasion basically knocking on the door yeah you're not incur mambo. How north foes in the Como or in and out of a coma just came and armament I was sort of more dead. He had screen. This green thing morning. It's yards from them cinema ready for you signed. Really must our clients so hard for most current car probably ought to Democrat and his funeral because Gypsy Derrick could use my best friend Marty. All man while his heavy stuff but he is I have already Rihanna not ready free that I mean. I just can't even imagine how would this kind of an experience. What is the book the member of the book that came out about the Keating who had that experience. Because I'm just skeptical stuff like this and Tracy Morgan is a grown man obviously and he is. Old enough to have heard stories of going into the light dreaming about relatives and all that stuff frank that's. So he's even if it's subconscious. Thing he's still influenced by that employ it. There's a Qaeda was like five years old who had a very matter but France Germany event. Well I'm assigned and it cannot in my incorrect in saying that the that new movie was Jennifer Garner miracles from heaven is based on that. Might be but they did a movie about the book right. Why can't I love her for the life of me remember the name of that book right now that's okay. No not even close. The miracles from heaven movie. Is about a girl with a rare incurable disorder that leaves are unable to digest food I do know that we'll let you know here in Atlanta is -- gas is not that far off the data that's being unable to digest food and being dead are very similar why am I so branded on that book right now I remember that book to adjust your eyes there was a fight you the name of it previous five years old Cody or something. Here's five years old right any died and he had this experience in what was remarkable about it is. He didn't have a lifetime full of influence. Even to create that story and his subconscious right. He'd talked to the dad's father he talked his grandfather who he would never met an life. Fascinating and had an admiral vivid stories about that how was it great. This would be even better for you remember the name of that and book right now anyway. With Tracy Morgan and talking to his daddy you know we have you ever heard from older people or I've talked to a nurse who was a hospice nurse with older folks. Two in the room before they go they start talking to their relatives collect come into the room to welcome them home. While the. The yeah stories like that I remember when my grandmother. Was passing away I might might. Father's side and I was living in Arizona at the time but he's saying it. I remember him telling me that everybody thought it was close to time because she was referenced saying. People in her past who she thought were raped there who say makes sense now like so almost like people are coming to. Read her war. Escort her to the other side. I take a lot of comfort and that that's what I hope happens you know I hope those stories are Chara. Tracy Morgan also talked with Oprah about how that whole experience completely change his outlook on life. So this once you've been to the whole other side. Can you. Ever be. Quote normal though I know multi. Car Tomo worked at DOT sums. Sums effort to ram the people's arms just different. Proforma salsa and I'm loving and true George Thomas is day two strains is our kids. Already know you love you I love you. That's how we supposed to be as human beings who are supposed to take care each other and who. Was will we see some term value and are favorable for that up and have been wrong and will afford. Do you think that's where you work heaven when your fight you spoke your father yet. That's. Fascinating. I would love to talk to him now because how you approach comedy the same way how do you approach your career the same way. Mean and he's still Telecom he's coming through Atlanta and pretty soon how do you gee I know you know at least one person who had kind of a near death experience. Or at least thought they were gonna die. Different Paula put the money and it's heads. Yeah he's I think cat he's had like nine lives if he's probably I imagine him is premature babies accidentally electrocuted himself a couple times. It's probably fallen off a roof while he was hit by a car until he's my guy he is completely hit by car going really fast and he survived that. Like he was hit. On his right side his right leg and was flipped over the car so much of that is other I was injured like oh my god guilty like. Seeing an that I can't here near out of that ear he was in the hospital for a really long time after that. When he was in college he did that and then he almost drowned that out off the coast of South Carolina because he thought he could walk over a pair. Like a very shallow place but the tide came in and it was a rip tide pulled amount to see he's been the night treading water and almost didn't survive that. But my favorite part about that is he is working NA and in concert venue and he was in charge of taking the deposit home yup and then driving into the bank Monday morning apparently is the most trustworthy of all of us. Concert folks there that night. So not only did he tread water the whole night but he put the money under his hat in didn't lose a dollar on it. While that's my caddie did say yeah. I think we have to expand this I think we have to bring this up on the air tomorrow or the next day and talk to the people. Who have had near death experiences and find out if they have the same attitude. Is Tracy Morgan as. That once you have that experience you live your life differently every single day yep. The acting that I think that would be really adjusting to figure out. And heaven is for real is the name of that book coming out are you able to sleep tonight top I was gonna drive me crazy evidence or real is such a beautiful story. And little boy aid talks about. Meaning cheeses and he just pictures of how many shown pictures. All throughout histories like no that's on him not them not him not him in the needs to find one that is Jimenez. That drawing from a little girl who also had a near death experience and they were the only two who had their images match up. Well it's it's fantastic. Engine to engineer was in the movie right. And agency you know from Jesus looks just like we Neeson that's why the intake and I won't find news. I will bring us up on the show tomorrow so it's an extra ten it's expanding into a on Arabic as we need to talk about the near death experiences. Change Tracy Morgan might suggest indenture extra sense since Jesse Jenny shelf stuff or not before one.