Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 19

Friday, April 1st


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The Japanese yen shell sell 941. Of the big billboard got a new products you guys might be incidents. Especially as media she is launching a medical marijuana product targeted and menstrual crane can I say and I connect terrorists could it. A tale yes. I mean that in my life regardless of the army. Shoot high on the view most Tanya I've always done that will be was high. Like she does not and I always an anti brown so how do you really know if I'm just as solid as soon as she's always anyway. It should not have eyebrows now she doesn't. She is an expressive eyebrow or space. That's fans and casual bluntness to. To launch this company with. Cana businesswoman. Yeah adds yeah they can't businesswoman. Mya how Elisabeth that I'm because line products. To give us some relief from our menstrual cramps it's going to be animals. Team cherished the I don't know how many under you it out and ability is he under but. Yeah so perfect and I'm not sure so I guess that's for it yeah yeah and then eight THC infused to pass soak. And they describe it as profoundly. Relax things that we wanna be given is getting high in the bathtub yeah I think I wanna so we. Yeah that's what I want and I believe that we don't have in gist of the black men in it. And an active field I don't feel bad about purchasing you know. So moving metal and smoking when I can't stand smoking. But yeah I would be open yeah he says you put the rub on your lower stomach and your lower back why get. Why you're at work whatever you're doing. Traffic I guess wherever and then you can NASA can the tab or make ET out of it this was really help out. And back out Torre. We're really I and how does this month I have a good Canon business what about seasonal biscuits. And I mean we he. I'd seasonal way. And when he's on the ground all together and on. Did the other story they say you guys was a holy is you think you need and you and I am confused by it DO operated okay. So from the beginning. It is days dating an LA Laker right and what is his teammates records this LA Laker. Saying that he's messed around ran he has. The locker room jock right arrows like they were a whole tale room and he just records and just. Talking and chatting this and thorough and he's talking about Damian anger girl es like you pretty much like hey give me the Q you know because I think. So he set a much to do it. It looks or just a talking in the and he had a video in India needs is like hey you just put this on my video user made it to cheat on your. You're girlfriend on the video and it was just twenty year old kid that the they'll you know which nobody should be around twenty murals with cameras to. Has not been in. Look at how to handle all social media you know banquet. To see the dude took Sophie with that hijacker I did us now to use. Some love Lauren love Laura can part of that he would he hijacked a plane in Egypt. As recently as well as we want to play with a fake I've been in the woods with bacon you know and you can't compare and I think that this. Does that bug they were clearly a faith exclusive Altoona and in this 26 year old dude before they released him sick I guess take a picture with the U. And have flight attendant take a picture him. Smiling saying X and hijacker in the yes. What the heck. I back to a marine Meehan said. No social media Africans. On the is the question that should be at his vision based on and yes. No I'll understand also know relationships for anybody in their narrowly Tony's all of the only people thirty and should be. I'm an and it is an I shock Menem millionaire twenty year old. Cheated on his girlfriend has that as an earlier start and. That as a cougar when it she did is he thirty in the girly she did with supposedly according to the deal is nineteen. As a twenty year old. Basketball player was like hey just admit you messed with nineteen eurocard. A smoker. He hears that and then he posted on the Internet and in his famous girlfriend found out about it he's famous conference here is in India and she said thank you firm posting replies like it hey thanks and let me now the fascinating parts of that story were warned that the young and the rookie who who took the video posted it. This sportswriters knew something was because the next night. Today after a breakfast. Nobody would certainly have picked iced the dude out like nobody and I mean we saw later that everybody thinks I'm out there another arm I don't get paid don't sit with. A. Yet to see our I think that I mean that is and make I mean as amazed that I would think people Buick. I'll go for you relate. Outing that that do you think man Cota are coated or something with your guys in the locker ran a racers and island your girlfriends. Nino go rat him out on I now sanction. I got a lot Iman wants that videos on a really knows. I don't know Howell please be given the plays of the yeah I. Was I don't know anything about this on elements they would newsreader. The I was in his. I do we do before we forget we just do and I'll also. Mentioned the reason why we have Grammy and Jared in your kids there at Eddie's attic nineties and right here at the April the fifth used in some Kamal Al does is still lose you're going to be in this coma real barn burned Tom Mueller and pop and turner I gotta get the place where you go watch music and Alec you have to be quiet and silent and focus on an airman music OK so what are what comedy show in Arizona is that that. Yeah. Yeah. That's unknowingly amounted to much which it. -- to get rowdy rowdy is did out of Ronnie Brown within reason. The canned goods we don't want anybody distillate. I carry on conversations and talking as best we got to. Favorite punchline and I'll be like you're wrong I don't want to have him be it but we won't be able to laugh and is there Ben this is a comedy that question box that was as he's like we've seen the beginning like Jared is responsible for that. For that Obama might seem to follow all not only the daughters my grandfather of Atlantic I just. Art and I just heard a couple of shows and then I kind of like you know with some other stuff but it wasn't just naming his he has other people on the scene at variance from analysts that it is not here anymore so it's all about yes that's very let me today about the Atlantic county so. Yeah. And it could take all the credit they can't take it would give it and see. Get a nose is a lot of new owners has like creating comedy. Melissa yeah as it was very hard not. The piano nightmares they can be Jared Harris sitting in a manner of Joseph physical done. You never gotten any Greta for the Boston scene in the eighties with a really. Though yeah you Barnicle is an. Me is there it is his the policy or whatever it is is. It's heckling differently if you like that when years ago 220 years ago like. Oh yeah this week now man I've had people like literally I gotta go get a gun to come kill me where it doesn't congress on the glass. You know why are doing Conyers let's hear that diners ordered. Joked that prompted that has. I don't know it was that he try to tackle me and then I said something to the effect slugs slams you don't have your waiter Waffle House and then. He got really mad about that apparently so and it really personal that you left. I. And so literally like I don't know maybe a minute after he leaves right the lady that owns the weather's awful play as well as those doing great. She will she comes up on stage she pulls no sage and is Apple's new like and suit during your show and yes usefulness is. I pray I'm like I hours bummer I'm run and I'm rundown and out build back Alley in nine YouTube my car and Craig my Carla Gama beard and I had a friend there gathright but I'm not you know our government families though I'm I know what it was Summers has done. I'll ask questions I just go bright day and I asked him to friend understand their golf. As soon as good won't it. Yeah. So he's. I'm just like my guy what is he doing right and emotional. Weight on this area and of course elated on bug. Yes so he can IDs on him at the karma I'm fascinated by that. By that story from the audience when via. So yeah heckling the guy echoes here you see center and he gets up and leaves. You do you another ninety seconds of material Allison like the old school big hook comes out. It just yank you off stage and then nobody hears from you again and we'll you guys are lining Maher yes I Italian o.s generally does what all goes well he was on that was as. I don't. You don't have the matter explained you don't ask questions when people wouldn't somebody what they have well you have you walked on stage to fight me a couple times that's happened maybe three times in the media you're nodding your head have you had Tommy trying to buy you. And Ayman Al. Mayor may not have been all the way around. John Cochran did it now is hope I had to fight me off one time. Yeah you notice that 1000. Atkins and it still the really did. Ban said 04 show there was actually steers in front of the stage and they haven't hosted in it was that some bar and I started. Singing in the middle of a I don't even a lack Astaro and I got our feet in and did this lady in the bank she was drunk and she just aren't going. And bullet and houses and for every night. You know on scary movies when you like he's either the peculiar that they wouldn't have snapped off. It doesn't have a meals they don't like this blue and I'm like the most you are amid office. I walked off the have a lot of I've written about strategy might. Oh okay. I don't know what. Delicate I rent it would help lately you know Waldman and I like I had my good and I looked. I've not read all the stage is good about where is like you doing more and I'll look like she's sick and blew up. She had buddhism by Willie you're singing it I'm like. Ahmed and I don't know me. Back to sit next to the lady just to be like I could do this to. But I won't come back and everybody's like asked owner's girlfriend Alfaro should leave. I am going to leave but now I haven't not at no but I I have an idea hit me at a show and now. When they. How do and at the joke about six thing and and they got like scream into an intact so it I'm like our service. And then afterwards he's like. Lou I'm Richard Anderson your peaks no no not the. Could I got over time and yeah I'm okay. And like you know he is that they'll like text them like. To force and a whole who. Absolutely not did you everywhere it was you famous rich person who outer dude in the middle of Maryland somewhere and I'm like I don't know what we due to illegal like. The bunch of cramp restaurants like battleground resting comfortable and can in theory not a quick. Particularly adjust the cramped and it came. Yeah. But a. Closing until the same now. That was back during my days when I was reckless. Now we're all grown out alum now on all your fine I have now have insurance. Can go ahead and an American car and should. And let's listen. I then he came out of thank you for coming anyway you got on agent Brad if shares Tuesday night yeah tonight defense ranked Florida broke this. For the fret the pistons defense they have that what I said the idea. I hope it Comodo come home that can be lovely. All the information is Arianna insanity for oil and an account thank you guys thank you very. Six Japanese yen shelves selling 941.