Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 18

Thursday, March 31st


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Yeah the Japanese yen shell stalking you or laws I think may well I think we actually blew an opportunity. So. Yeah because he shares started. The conversation we've care aide telling Jan about how the squirrel came in and. I know what we have to introduce everybody hates Sarah mania. Hey thank you essar millionaire thing here and Brandon town I know I'm. So Jared and media are both. Comic friends of mine and yeah I've been doing stand up for 22 years now about two years to. And a half years and I did not realize this until. And maybe six months ago but these are too much first comic France and they are like. They're the that pillars of Atlanta the Atlanta standup comedy scene. Everybody you talk to scenes stand up comedy police he got the credit yeah. Credits Giguere with starting like all the might strike America they are bad we all are like all the my legs immersed people I'm new in town and mainly in giving people and then media say she's been. Doing comedy and in came up when Jared which you wouldn't know because he looks so much older than she does. Can tell. After this race and no pace lose sees it coming maybe good things but the snow. I yeah. I about about a year ago you quit I'm coming miles like some I think that's why don't have liked revered. There's you know I'm a little NN hero of the since Andre. I just got in just knows it and I live in a token I don't I don't really clear how they. No we me. We met an Athens or are hundreds I give and jeered. The cod is jeered one line as though lately with the cash prize so dearly liked by everybody drinks afterwards in the it. He's like hey what do you want to go out toothless Ellison ran off ice. He called me a few minutes later in the year is. A glass of Smirnoff vodka we ice data now I'm not all of the needs of the girl lived. Yeah. What is the by straight. And little girly and let's look at. And TI remember that now they're loaf that's gosh Athens I can't believe. At least it is little tiny room panties. Deeds he's down via via via. There's so much more coming now island of the candidates and things we're doing we literally had one opportunity a week. Yes well who maybe two maybe punch line of Mike. And Boone night at uptown media yeah the realism is really the leeway of the Indy. That the rumor. Ahmad and had a couple of things there but isn't just. I would address the rumors going yeah I know yeah I rushed him every time since he has got the scene going you can be critics here housed Jeff do. Can you be on yeah. Gradually I mean I think. I yeah. So I think how do you any idea health that you I mean you've view. Entertain people all the time anyway so that he likes for me when I started Omar got so bad news. I even know the roads either didn't you gotta go to really did not lose a leg a little my idea of stand up like joining her awful low little notepad and likes and metals like OK these amounts to learn that I like you know. So invited his meat in the middle somewhere you reflect and needle wanna look like may never wrote any jokes. You know they make it look Lindsay yeah done a lot of work to do that they have why us. So this too I I think I'm ascension vanished as I go to the open mics and whatever and you see people get up there in May never even given a toast and a wedding. They are nave and how to get the Mike out of the stand there's thirty people on the crowd and their three down their eyes are this big. I at least have the that comfort and the experience of being up on stage like chairs and also. Entertaining people I think evidence viewers out. They ask you a huge head start personality big has aged praises yet because yard yard likable and you know they're likable so. And being a public figure and you know my girlfriend life she was. Same situation when she started. Generally having jokes first say but. Her stage presence and she Nina could articulate herself were really well and so she she did the presentation was there you know whereas me I was just so much got to go through so many different phases of and I get bored really easily to us. Woods. They're they're they're. Do you guys have on tape summer the first time he has ever got out why do you deal I have to be here for is it is on a VHS tape and they did painful low fat cat on you know I don't camp forced out for about a hundred yards document standard in Ireland and up on the shoulder it was when you hear a worrying out of. An error at that of the TV talent behind me how what they need to return to golf and. I just remembered just. I don't know what I we're talking about an obvious that an audience but I I don't remember parts of the blade. Some apathy about going to like one of those plays where you can heated you know trying majority gay air online and like I don't know when used to seed. I think like everybody and I'm gonna. Well we're excited having guys in here today this is our extra ten it's something we do every day after the show where bill we'd sit down and talk about them then that we can do on the show so. This is our first chance to deal with yes we day. We have to bring him back is he brought out and I dare run of his girlfriend lays. And we started this conversation talk about the squirrel jabs and this is in my notebook for something to come up on this show that this is it does that. There's not a joke is a true story so. Lace and I and another comic named Dan are underweight and a and she calls me he goes I'm gonna be late I have to take a squirrel home to Jared and I don't actually as a CIA half hour. My parents and Dan and I are some of the common I don't know if he's gonna gain air security a squirrel home I think that's code for something. She was kinda. Shoes on her way to you lovely room wants a better value that Apatow has come out here we could have three. That didn't happen and I wouldn't bother me now nobody here is a few kids that are out. A lot of beavers knocked out of the question and I don't know Steve I'm with you. Soon sign he found a squirrel. And it was in the middle of the road soon she gets up and gets the squirrel this is all true and I say I'm the only guy with three weary Americans to buy car. She is now the cops have blocked the street out because they're arresting some and from what can and Avery do you think that there's. Wildlife and a drug deal. Nagano on dance. Sushi takes this girl home and then the rest of the night. Dan and I are just sitting in the green room. At the comedy show or whatever talk and all of a sudden lays would yell things out like goat's milk I got a call Jerry Thomas only goat's milk. And she's calling him and home instructions on how to care for the squirrel. Including. The one that's in my notebook. Maurice and acute tip with warm water. And stimulate the squirrels penis so it's so this world hoops because us moms squirrel media licks a baby squirrels but. Could he didn't she ask you a lick it to Obama would I listen what are squirrel. There's some real clear instructions yes I'm well yet are there is a squirrel web site. Police found at that night and I mean Emmental though because I'm like that rate there's only some and hot growth and ask again. Like if there was an unattractive girls like gimmicky tip thing concerns grow died and others. Who's just hang out in the garbage disposals on and it and as I understand you're so raising. The squirrel holes she's I watcher is this girl and I kind from afar barrels also just like walk in the room and just put it on me. How and then she's asleep now has an acute you Dennis worlds of approval rating and has literally any animal gets on me the settlement or peace summit. It's always the case this is that a warm air it's like putting a baby into the bathtub beat them in the warm I'm happy you're like warm water if your. Very warm and implicate them into I had no Q school that was the so this seemed like a natural transition an into our first. I'm not saying that having a squirrel in your home. Is is a little redneck or anything but this is and it seems like a natural natural transition. A guy in Georgia and fortunately. That unfortunately George apart as the unfortunate part. Decided to pack a riding lawnmower with a explosives. Right in and shoot it we they've gone and the lawnmower exploded. Because it's packed with explosives and it's. A piece of shrapnel shall sever his own life. Kia and I made the joke. What's the last thing become a joke was the last thing. Rednecks as before he dies and as they watch this. That's legitimate oh yeah. Yes and that's legitimately what happened he was filming and become an Internet superstar. Only as is now the unfortunately. Today all of the year all my leg. Is that eight years about Georgia natives are idea is that embarrassing and a. He's we know on east would not solve article after first autumn like. Please please don't beat Georgia and with hope and. How this is Georgia but this act and always course this would. Happen in Georgia that's just hopeful and that you explosives as a hobby likely bite that. Stereotype anyway. And as I can do and as any favors no confess that. Yeah rednecks love biscuits and explosives to visit to things that you can together yes together. He just made a new company. Miss this this is all this moment I have to okay. Hello mr. Obama as. And this give hmmm yeah it is a lot of it I'm gonna wanna start all over a day a biscuit and comedy isn't your thing for ya really wanted this company's name out late night in Atlanta always have secure as Lou. New arms as some of the amused that might happen a lot of yeah I don't have a Derek and I. Sorry Mel how we're Oreo biscuits yeah yeah yeah anyone near busy afternoon noon and then. Hello humor and with the anatomy seventeen dollar hey he's human parents credit card yes would clean from the get to. And Iran's a Sinatra tournament you it's amazing. 'cause it this is your season they're gonna ideas the pollen is yours is your season for your trio in the business mail in my exterior wash business and I wants their house pressure washed. Car or no we don't do callers bush. I'm an actress Barack's brain don't. Listen to this it truly is a true story from me I think I knew you when I did this Jan. I was pressure washing my own back. And the guy I know everybody that at Houghton. And without him and I can I just front of larger cross my foot. And to kill to be and you know a stream of water can actually cuts in. There. Yep like both first layer you're so Mike went to the hospital all the glue it. No rule. All he had an Iran that is like that didn't invent and that her bond bets that Coca let's audited is skinned them yes and back and hey watch this moment. Well I'm here the crowd in South Carolina when it happened for the record it was an eye toward Japan. Steele to cool. Since Jesse Jenny shelves selling 941.