Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 17

Wednesday, March 30th


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Yeah engine shops selling 941. Hey hey hey no good how are you I'm doing great I can't complain it's a pretty good day. I was there was the early for you right are you still an ally. No I'm actually end. I am in national right now. So taken a little break from the voice nominee and why back in Chile do some recording with your coach with Blake shelf. Oh no no I am IV watcher I'm James street tracking for my next album tomorrow but I I actually busy whenever I get a break I have. I can't learn some national men's central front most weekends. Good for you costs you crazy schedule. So obviously played with the with the lake being here and coach and the voice and you wanting to. Morgan country you country albums. Are you able to hit him up and offer advice outside of the voice at this point they need as big as tight like that yet. Like the baby and they're pretty good about and peaking at. Like they have removed from contacting command though the wait is over. But after my old. You know it's funny and it turned a lot of people don't you realize what I don't know these other and then my knock out around the magic just Paxson. And try to me sure I have no in my boots that I had put any conflict and reaching all time that I perform on the shelf. Manila negating what that's the only like against earmarks are phoned our cameras break what every time and we mile deep I wish. Can I needed I if I wanted to come Sunday. Until and my dude I had to know that Shaq I'm think they're coming in thirty days and then my name and my solemn direction my email. And I played Amanda every platform at at the end of the knock out he'll be neat beyond the need to get out of my group BP need get a comedian MITRE. Care that the trio and it was like this but let me know there was a hole and I got to my at this. And it looks really mile. All pink Kyoto and a little funny she's out yet Tony though. We I managed to get them I might contact your belly and an. Pretty pretty happy that I that I managed to do you have a while up the shelves. That's good sink into my desk when the old school like fourth grade or. Note passing techniques that last. Yeah yeah a lot of right arms getting it found no matter what flat. I've just got to take a look at criminalize nearly out Moneyline and it's a lot. You could get worse. And thousands showed Izzy you grew up in Mary not. On yeah yeah I'm me at around eleven that I I don't know it when it. And we're GN high school. When I called oak high school very dead British music career began with that and when year old younger or older. I start now we're all warm I low. How can write music ever in the camera red cap a kiddie eliminate all and let people come Bynum we got. But I'd like your power I guess when I was freshman in high school. And then I did you don't look back and mom I decided I really wanted to do pursue it. And I started pouring out and find very Matt Hines. On and being eyed guy who really want these men here but I wanted to live my credits over the biology trilogy you're not going to allow. Playing music anymore. I can opt in Conakry behind. I'm the vehicle population and I think that and snow a lot of thought I was about thirty and a half years ago and I didn't fold I need to show our plan. So that's rescission cannot go very easily to approach your family and say. Momma then I am Smart enough to get into Georgia. Yeah I haven't completed two years at Georgia Tech but I wanna go pursue music that's my passion. Yeah yeah I know they took them a very long time ago on board but I am so what's great about my family is pliable and very much. You know Caylee like I need to do very well like I'm a good day act filled. So that's probably my very young age I don't know what happened Judy hang on to Hanley. She did as a credit to do that I held on by their family sidebar and audition because. Silently at valuable farmland if I'm gone up you know I'm. Yeah my family. If they may not agree with the decisions I've made and I thought I mean there always be behind me if you don't think it's just another didn't get them. And I'll take it is being able to cool to have the globe logo there behind me in my lap joint trial prop them up on stage. While at the moment Sanwa. Felt I couldn't try to work. I mean I think it's incredibly brave of viewed to make bad decisions and and you know. Quite confident in knowing yourself how well that you wouldn't be satisfied in life if you didn't pursue. This art. Sure yeah I you know I had an awful and good mentality of life that I am happy to see something at stake. Early you know I doing that and more about things I definitely should have no business when you. I just come out there myself balances in this. I went out on a creation of a break I'm thinking like man they have no idea that I I'm nowhere near qualified to do this. And I was gonna do it I went out again I had after we are thought about a hundred. And I play every single thought I should say the week for hours today. And why everyday I would get up and my what you do or how it. I'll go to work analogy imagine they've been identified as we actually won't come and then tell me I'm I'm not really sure I mean it's true it's six months of fixing the leak. Playing in the Caribbean and and then when I on the on the flight home. I panicked implementation that they literally do and I think I guess I played guitar and sing for kind of creep up. I do like oh your professional musician and as much as she lap I let up he can look. All along added to forecast exactly what I have and I returned and then alternating him a accretion of contract to a three month tour opened on the East Coast and never looked back. Amazing. That I read this story then the very first time you went out to. I'll perform on a cruise should be actually got on the wrong vote. A gust alien there thank you would you like cruise lines I never been on a cruise ship to play less I think even have luggage that didn't really character of somebody across. I get my medical die and I was very busy and I did an analog I never thought it would be more than once. I am me and yeah. And I have a big giant double glad that I think does compliance okay and change my. I'm on the lot of all option and I feel like abortion they're don't think I mean you. I can only get at a I Riley gets you. That first one and it's no didn't create life that I try to get lunch and they'll all learn. Can we expect even acknowledge it but I know there's go to the next one and like. Well emotional the planet like calling it and trying to decry the adult female and I locking down and then finally. This guy named much baggage. I was the cruise director on O'Connell street the first ship I was on which. She didn't get any idea and that let's I don't know I he gets an element of female fellows for coming on the ship any time you're the guitar they can give me. And I remember like almost wanted to kinda wanted to wish you could mean a mantra right but you'll. And you know I got on the ship it and I'm really don't know I electorate contract. I'm going under the contract actually below the program was one of those boxes I've got it on an armed with a lucky to work for the great. And one one final clash magazine I got to deal bunches of and of these interviews and abide being a musician and obviously having an emotional connection to all of your songs you know the ones you right in the when you perform. What memories are going to be associated with take your time. Gosh you know music can meet its a lot like a familiar not a complaint strongly if it takes you back and and that's song take your primary remember let me do it and the personality than that creepy about it and the more I heard it I was like. Kind since the word from the side cracked. And I think it was it was one of those summer that would potentially one of the best Summers of my life I was. I was on tour ballot polling places imagine a little crazy but every time I trusted people they surprised me. I'm young people opened their home can we should people don't show it for me any job supporters say that I call friends now. I'm the local pharmacist about being able to trust people even land. You know the world gonna get here we did not give. She and got a song but I'm always gonna have a good memory anybody now but the place like that's just so compounded this so it's. It just against the have a memory like that and and I'm so grateful for it. That's awesome. Well we can't wait to follow you we'll be tracking your career and you know certainly being hometown girl we we got your back were excited Oreo and we see all the best. And I got to. I got a big announcement coming April 12. And my first single guy Joplin may twelfth and outlook Joplin Jim thanks so. While San Jose sway you don't what are. If you send us this reboot no woman should we promoted on the web site. Right and got melody that ING. ING bank here and there are. It's jazzy Jeff and shelves selling 941.