Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 16

Tuesday, March 29th


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The Japanese game show us dollar and 941. Bush had shirt and children's hands that you mentioned Schilling should pay. Big sexy says no Lipton seven Jen today on the show just wrote a letter to himself inspired by JP whose producer for our after you show jacks to Cassie entangled. And JP had written this letter to himself hung an honest fridge and read it day after day. For a year right and then his girlfriend actually turned into a canvas for his birthday and he posted about it on FaceBook so. Women and come on the Jetsons and show and share that letter of inspiration that he ran it was really moving really touching. Kind of cool to hear someone in her voice even though he never intended to make it public. So while we can challenge ourselves when and do this for ourselves write a letter to ourselves and then hang it somewhere where we read it for a year. And just for our terms first and he read a letter to himself today on the shelf. The hardest far from me about the letter was getting the tents is right because it's really hard to refer to yourself as you. Because you're talking TO breaks. Or you wanna say I have the right switch back and forth as Jimmy you and I yes yes well you did a great job with your letter say banks sparked all kinds of different Psycho analysis questions only a few of which we can give into you on the air space I didn't make the extra tense today. A continuation of this psychoanalysis and Marino's here. And David is here and they're gonna join the conversation as we psychoanalyze her letter to they know it's easily lose four hours in line is just a dude you're saying you extra incidents oh yes. That's what we need extra years Sprint Nextel were only you take ten okay yeah. In town and it's not our strength so I think the first part that I wanted to ask you more about how I'm was the big MG airliner yes as you talk about the last eighteen months of your life. Now present the last eighteen months it's being in the mill and fundamentalist. Eighteen months Samantha okay so recap part. It starts where about I'm in the middle monounsaturated your. In the middle of the coolest eighteen months chunk of your life it started last July when you asked a woman that is way at a merely the Marriott and she actually said yes. I think you continued your adventures and stand up comedy and you took a once in a lifetime career opportunity. To do your own radio show with one of your best friends next month he had to be some comedy at the tabernacle John Mikhail. And less than seven months that out of your league girl is actually gonna marry you. And hopefully he'll have some radio ratings to prove that you did indeed. Make the proper career decision. So when you were reading them on the air I thought that's a lot of change and a short amount of time yes so when he sixteens turned out to be quite a hectic here is you. So I think you are coaching yourself because that's of this letter is for Greg how do you coach yourself through change like Zack that's a lot. I think you know why here's the deal in you know this Jan and nick nick if it says some people if you pay attention to. The the old radio show I talked about this from time to time but does have some anti allowed a lot but my mama when I was twelve years old got very sick she had a brain in your ism. And during the recovery of that had a stroke that left her a completely different person than she was. Before she had a stroke in the Tampa lately change your brain right in this happened when I was twelve years old. And my dad and it is that type of person who. Just. I mean I guess maybe that's right to keep moving foreign thing kind of from him like he'd show us. Process is banned that poured out any moves on. And there's nothing too big or too smaller too whenever he just handle stuff in moves on so I've always. Just done that to the point of not even being aware of how significant. Some things happen like IE have this. This is. Sometimes it's a blessing and sometimes it's a purse to not think things that are big deals. Are really big deals because they can whether they're bad or good whether they're bad or good at it and I think the most significant thing that ever happened to me happen to me when I was twelve years old. And we had to deal and it. And it better I mean for her recovery. Who was years is long to get her to the point where she is now sleeps in my entire teenage years supported that. And it it took up until about four or five years ago when I was in therapy in my therapist actually said. You know that's a big deal right. Like you know what happened to your mom and the recovery. Taking place during your teenage years is a really big deal on a site. I'm guessing kind of is for you never know I don't know about what he never process it is significant so that being said. I think when all of this really cool stuff or conversely when really bad stuff happens I think. I just do it and I don't really. Process has significance on it. And so is it's a positive that one foot in front of the other early and you just charge through any marched through but I think it is important to reflect on if something. Is a big deal emotionally high or low right you give yourself secreted listening really good is happening ML I yourself to enjoy that when coming really good is happening. Analyze and to feel and if it's had killed it's weird because like Akron I did that trance line after I did the trial under McCormick argues draft line as I Yangon and Thomas and great and there are rigid or drag the line I'm Mike and who's going. Nice to sell it and yeah recognizes moments in the happening right. So that into Russian. Yeah I think so yeah I think so and another question I had was the tone of your letter to yourself seems like you feel like you don't deserve. A lot of the things that are happening TO we rank China coach Sherri your inner voices coaching you know yes believe that you do deserve those saying so. My question is where does that come from now I think we all have that moved from the easily you know I think everybody somehow feels that way but. I just I'm wondering where some of those insecurities come from. Comment that I don't. Now but it upright corrective therapy and in it figured out but I'm never banned a person who's been a 100% confidence gain. The position. That I mean. So I think part of it is that and then another part of it is. In the old jobs they you know when Clarence part of the Denver channel and every radio show band a part of before that. Because you are to mother Jones mode showing and who's around Detroit and again and Chiu from Philadelphia and again involves as our as the Boston and so all these people I was in a secondary role either as a coaster and executive producer with the exception of about. I think was the camera how much time or has been a chunk of time in tuscon might get to do my own child. OK after Mo Jo laughed but other than Matt. I've always been kind of a in a secondary. Role yeah. An important one but a secondary ones so I think I probably. It yet you if you do that man Soledad ever done in my career so. To now have my name on the show it just doesn't feel right yet feel well. Yeah they tell you right there yeah you're right yet it's a big group is a big grown up job now yeah I musical and am on thrown out. Ha ha. I think it was interesting to bill last part I was gonna ask you about was the I'm wedding photos and your future family because this is where I came into. You're letter about getting you know getting healthy and I think everybody can relate to that but I thought it was interesting that you've got this wedding day. Really set as a gold day. Yeah I think you know I mean I'm using the wedding of photos because everytime I see. I had a fat dude with a hot chick in the wedding pictures like a big deal and taxied out the first thought that. I have is I know live do had a how'd he land that check the enemy and I think that's a guy thing right directly enhance every guy thinks that. So a matter of women think that an idea on sensitive and whatnot so trying to but I think every guy. Thinks and so. I don't know well I think anybody will we can recognize like if a couple seems off. Right you know like physical wise like if he's really short and she's really tall right that's a noticing tanks and no physical differences. I think they're interesting and also likes. Women notice them like. Financial differences do play I'm really may act that the women some of the woman makes a lot more than a guy. Got it so knock nontraditional and that way I well if I can't lose the weight I'm just gonna stuffed cash in all my pocket. I'm I'm my wedding pictures and over on rain yeah. So it's just seems like a natural ball like I kind of feel like a wedding day. October 22 is. The end of the exciting played eighteen months on my dash are so many changes Simmons exciting and the starts of the new chapter by then the show will be up and running. I'll feel more comfortable in this C. Will hopefully have some some solid ratings says. You know. To knock on lenders to feel good about do everything you're superstitious about O'Neal right now. Massa crossed fingers back on what all that they have so hopefully that will obvious so by the time October 22 comes around. To get married and then that can kind of be the exclamation point and that chunk of time and then October 23. Is it. The start of something new Mountain View of that married life and and Coke. Comfortable in the job and a new routine we're gonna look for a close up but that's stuff that. And I would love to be in better shape to start that so start this. Family planning an all right good stuff yeah. Yep critical brings so what I thought it was a there was a great lot of players too hard on yourself things at the end when you were making jokes and everything. Those are I think that is guy jokes thank you I know and winning and I think it's just youth you've right across there's like that. Kind of violence are cast taken so if you can't. You know that's use of course you're going to be that way to yourself and now the pressure's going to be down for me and find stuff in your letter Jan to tear you apart over how. High or analyze our. Another year and I don't I just wanted to tiny in more explanation from all of that got it well you sort of stymied here anyone questions and I think some of the best winning advice that we ever got right and it was my second wedding as well yeah the was I don't see your wedding day as the finish line. The wedding day is the starting line. Yeah and I'm can look that was cool like a different way to look at it while I'm kind of looking at it is both as I guess the exclamation point not a finish line but like the while those great. That chunk of time is great says the exclamation point on one chunk of time minutes the capital letter the big bold capital letter at the start a new paragraph. I'm the next line on the same day. Yeah I think this mean more for women that we need that reminder that the wedding day isn't finished our dads can play because he knows they Kelly's gonna have the post wedding blues francs issue and have anything to him she won't have the planning to do any more whole other different. Plus there are different actions that hates this that means organ a third company. I don't know how they do not. I didn't know part of our legged family members stereo. Since Jessie. 941.