Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 15

Friday, March 25th


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Jesse James shell sell 941. Hey Jerry is flurry of her get a different their marriage should congratulations on the movie thank you very much appreciated. Wasn't so much fun to get the whole group back together again however many years later. Yes it was pretty crazy it was it was just suggesting or soreness get everybody together. It is that later returned to her. It's bring you didn't have a patio particularly go ahead if you got a little bit because they don't have as fast you know you're good. Well and you guys are Hollywood peoples everybody looks exactly the same no one ages. You know we go oh yeah there's a lot of great players. I should've followed by a beard a little bit to be a little bit less greater. So I visited was traded to see everybody wanted to do as far as family would really a lot of fun. My big spread Greek wedding this is iconic movie everybody so connected to all the greens jokes and has everything are there. I is there a whole new level of greet humor and this second. I don't think so you can lose this really really good new pull my neck if you don't vote if you get it over and you know once you're automatic facelift so they pull each of the decorated Dexter polluters can tell us. There are other places. So it's pretty funny some. Pretty cool good publicly once you know and then there is a little little index in the film to leave marriage ministers wedding. And I don't much care division cynical annual little more in depth tinge of a little bit more of the family. A little more of back story about him and and when he's about where he has he is right now you know during their lives which of course take. Pretty much fourteen years later just like. As there are no longer exists and no shooting your zip. The times best historical. Very calling Camry to check this out I am until we I have something in common with you we both have two daughters. So just always jokes in Maine I'm constantly asking for parenting advice I'm embed. One of your daughters is about to be fifteen and kind of going through that teenage girls days. Has she just turned fifteen when David and Derek how all that muscle elude swings I'm guessing. I cry I weep. The field position and took my phone so I basically you know it I tip. It's crazy because they cannot complain. The six year old daughter Morgan about the by fifteen year old. Is the strange student she I don't know what else you got that from. It is she does archery. She will be a forensics. Issue. Easy way to shoot at us should just archery like you like tennis ever read and I. How against. Actually she she saw that in the movie but the part of what is she went to a camp. And they put Boehner had achieved so all of that basically so she's on the entertainment school and she's she's a freshman so she's doing. Exceptionally well if that's even better for some of the kids that have been doing it for two or three years now. Or go to if you look at towards. It's it's great because she's a girl that's of course fifteen you know as they get older hormones are going so everything is overly dramatic which. Tend to be headaches Sylvia. But archery event we did for dating to read voice messages are seeing that we're not sure yeah so great that you don't immunize him he reached a point yet where you open an apple on your head then. Stand there and trust turn. Lol not in no way in hell to do that. Species she actually the Playboy and issued issued an apple she grade that you could look. On one of the other world republic. Alleged support. If she hit the side of the very first shot which is pretty crazy. So we're proud of her in overwhelming I'm a travel topics. Do you think you're proud announced but not hey don't put an arrow in the money maker proud yet they certainly don't ask don't do it. So you may big announcement for all in sync errors on Twitter last month can you share with all of our listeners do. I did what was I wanted to do. It's your recording a song is Chris Kirk. Yeah people like you were Koreans say it's a no win it and they go home you wouldn't think so. Believe that it's forty meet title of his seven mathematical first. I fight. It's a song with me. Chris. Nick AJ Howie. There's civilians from Motown. On the track sort of domain titles for. For the dead seven to contract. Yeah how long does high end different. You know they got a bunch more than an older one song. And one movie when they tore come I've received the first. Awesome thank you so much for day and time to join us in. They say Greek wedding in theaters right now. Yes but it does it out talented thanks Jared. They've got to. Thanks very. That Japanese yen Shia all star in 941.