Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 14

Wednesday, March 23rd


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Jeff engender shell sorry 941. Infectious and it with the jets and Janet we have very special guest in studio with us today in this Sydney who is the fifth grader from what elementary school gym elementary school Cheatham hill elementary school Jeff are you ready. Yes she has said she now I'm not to Jia said she doesn't take our jobs. Yeah what you wanna do in Europe and she's I I do your job. She really do wanna go into broadcast yes and why. Well I'm there I'm there for social personality talking so that'd be fun to talk to Wear them and get paid to do it yet he half. I tell us some more let's get you started on this and I'm embarking on his journey there weren't any grilled by air I bring any chance tough questions and hard hitting questions from Sydney there's a long list of questions soon now I'm nervous. Tyree got number one place I do to start the jet's engine champ. What inspired a society Jeff and shouldn't show. I cannot take yeah yeah we've been friends Janet I've been friends for along time we worked on another radio station for. Quite a while together was it a total of ten years in twelve years ten years together he tenure there for earth fifteen. Far too long upper third and fifteen they're fifteen and their pretend so we worked together closely and have been friends ever it's been so. When miss an opportunity presented itself from me today. Come over here and be a part of my own show I had to take into and just Jane had just had her second child. And decided that she was gonna stay home and doom mommy things. And is C news she was taking work related phone calls my boss here called her out and said. I've got an idea. And it was just a great idea so instead let's do it so we are here we our and our third week on the so thank you for being here at the very beginning. So harsh. Let's get to do to prepare for a Brad Kassell or does it take. An interesting question it takes many days. And it's funny how as we put together what we're gonna talk about on the show and we went brainstorm different creative ideas. It starts to build upon itself to yank. So it becomes easier and easy air. And as. We work on it so. If we were gonna started zero and quite a show together it would probably take. Two hours for every hour of radio that we're gonna do but stand as. There week in the months and then show progresses. It takes less and less time because you have more con tend to fall back on does that make sense yes so. I'm selling generating ideas like let's say we throw a hundred ideas at the wall maybe only twenty of those actually stick and we ran with them but. As you create more in just the momentum starts moving so it takes less time to create each show as he got a. They car rolling downhill. Farther downhill because it goes faster and faster and faster. Occasionally we veer off the road and slamming new directory and not have to start over but for the most part we're consulate and a multi. Could this sometimes the car breaks down on the side there NFC I think bush get somebody jumped and then again. How hard is it deadly daily life with my collecting an AM talk champ. We'll just as a puppy so he should answer it at the yeah I'm just getting into yeah. At the Genesis for UC yeah it was your hero figure it out I. So figuring it out me I have first of all is married the right person and be as I have a fantastic partner. Who is a hundred certain 50% a parent I'm a 150% apparently we are both in it to win it all the time so. And he had to pick the right person who started the only west. And who also supports your career goals so I would say that's the answer ten minute it every day's a different puzzle piece and different scheduling and algebra equation and say hey now how do you make it all worked together but I think that would be. The best advice if you I have a feeling and a career whether your guy or girl picked the right person who is willing to participate with you on a percent. I I am excited for her figured I'll I'll because every single time we have somebody in studio. Who is a working parent whether there are a mom or dad or whether they're single or in a relationship chance like I've got ninety question. And now I'm just sitting over in the corner by myself. And I think the other answer is it's gonna require discipline to go to sleep early. Because I obviously bright after my kids get to sleep because my alarm goes off really early early. Let's get did you have to take to get into the business. Quick stepped to you to take to get into the business well I started in college. I was studying communications and trying to figure out what I wanted to do. And so I did internships all over the place which means you work for free and you get college credit for working for free. So I works at a television station and and I worked at a company that owns about five different radio stations. And I found that I really was drawn to radio and that way so I was glad I did. Participated and did all those links is to help me. Determines which way I wanted to go. And then I just did everything possible that I could do in radio weather was seen and drive and then bring musician band are set up for promotion and door. You know what coming into studio we have a board that runs the stations and I ran the board for an oldies station on a Sunday afternoon. So it was any job that was available and I can do I did it. And that's I tell everybody who works in radio I actually went to college for politics are in a work in politics. And so I ended up dropping out to work in radio and once I realized radio it was what I wanted to do I weighed. Get a job doing anything in a radio station in and I just wouldn't leave. And so I would just always be there are so my job might amend a full that he shares to take to the appearances. And I would follow them and then I would go sit in the corner of the city jail or I would. Go sit up from the receptionist to because once. You become a familiar face somebody will call in sick and if you're the person who knows what that person how to do what that person is not feeling well. There's not feeling well enough to do then you're gonna get the call from the boss going taken and then do that and when you. Show yourself to be a team player who's got the skills needed to go. Who has the most influential person and making it the decision to take a crib patsy did. Most influential person whom have an immediate answer for that and a couple. I don't know if I'll I do a girl named Tina because I was working. I was transferring back to college. To Syracuse University which is where I grew up in Syracuse so I was I went to school in Pennsylvania for one year and I didn't like and I transferred to Syracuse. And because. I was going to more expensive school my parents say you and so Adobe you got to live at home some women and home. And I went to the little thing that all the colleges have with a all the activities because I don't know houses gonna make friends and them this girl. Who is working at the college radio station was the cutest so I Tom ended up talking to her. After I or I have because tree association and we ended up dating for I think a year to carry member. And we broke up. But I just never left radio sound through that. Person so thank you Tina for being cues from. I think it's just changed its carrier in order to go on a day Woody Allen actually up I think two people were most influential one. Is a woman named Leslie Fram who I met when I was in college and had been interning in radio and she ran a radio station here in Atlanta com 99 acts. Which was really groundbreaking Nina. And she was such an inspiration to mean because. There weren't a lot of women in this business doing what she was doing to choose a part of the morning Joseph and behind the scenes she ran the radio stations has she shows on the music. She held to brand the direction of that and she was just cooler than cool so I had a chance meeting with her. And just Astra million questions until this is what I wanted to do and then I do work for her for my first years in radio. But I would always bring her coffee to her office to see like Starbucks so I figured out her coffee order was an I would say Haig never use our backs. And I would consider her offense and ask her questions and I did that on two or three times over several years I first moved to Atlanta. And then she untimely images eventually hired main. But I would say an inspiration before that even just want to get into and media in general was Katie Couric and you need an NBC news. You never heard of Kenny Perry caviar is crazy I. But I am I woke up every day before high school and watch that today show before I am going in. Before going to school and I just identified with her and why do something like she did so that was sort of what let me see communications and then lastly Fram led me to radio. Q is electricity or less intimidated by interviewing who is the coolest. Most since name by who was the coolest guy we've met so many cool people through the years some eagle famous people. The coolest for me. I think it is. Or was it Tom Cruise trustees' Tom Cruise who won an Emmy needs. One of the biggest stars of our generation so that was Tom Cruise was probably the coolest I think. It's hard to say I would say I've got three. One is Jennifer Lopez because I was really nervous to meet her was sure wish you'd be like we should be Devo ICB. Friendly and she is as friendly as friendly can be and just says stunningly beautiful on some talented and she's just a mega. No superstar it's as more than a superstar of the islands like talented businesswoman. So one was Jennifer Lopez who was really called the secular was John travel so yeah you get all he's been famous and every decade of did time that I don't know why and he was really really need to even know who John Travolta is. Yeah. Every time there's there's so I found exciting. And then the Calais allowances as I just a mere. You know just Ramirez yeah that was my favorite and timid and I am now. The glass I would say is Regis. Do you Regis Philbin this is non. I. I don't know. He used the might go before you go I go before there is Michael. Yeah we Regis and LA used to be called Regis and Kathie Lee right was reducing Kelly now as Kelly and Michael. But I get to meet him and do some TV show with him so he was really really nice. I can't think of who I've been intimidated by. By. Will Smith was cool too he was a corner me you know Will Smith I can give us OK can I Will Smith it was a grim news a really find that in our view. We're gonna have to I think about changing our answers for younger yeah. We have to identify celebrities you've heard of putt putt putt. And so funny. You I feel really old ask Roy your shoes born now. What is a big it biggest challenges faced elect. Cast to feast or work. Mine is the decision to come over here and do my own show. Because. You know I was on the verge show firm fifteen years and it's started it it was you know per night. Moved to Atlanta at the same time in 2001. Nit and I mean don't they show from from the ground up in. Tickets and national syndication minutes fear I have some fantastic friends who work over there and news. Two it was comfortable it was great money who is. I. Cool job but if he can even call a job whose it was awesome there's nothing. Really. Negative. About there's that experience on paper but I didn't feel personally fulfilled like and I wanted to do something else and when the opportunity came came up to come over and start any four. And that was it tough decision to make you know take to get away from something you've been so comfortable with for fifteen years and no it's gonna. Change channeling my life but a lot of people's lives. That was that that that was my biggest challenge I don't regret one minute of it but the actual decision making process who is was challenging. I don't think it was the same for me when I left I was so you walk across the hall yes I want to cross that are different. Went to middays on the country. And was starting I'm just have my family so it was an easier decision for me to say it was about pat concerning family having kids and stuff for me but. I wasn't it tough is his decision happened to am when I first started in radio I had a boss who asked me do something that I thought was unethical. So. I had a big decision to make was I gonna stand up for what I believed or was I gonna do my boss and asked me do. And I stood up for what I believed in and I got fired. But I don't regret it. So I would make the same decision all over again because then it got me to where was but I was let go because. I said no to a boss asked me to use immunity in mind and time and he was right. Clearest difference tenure on the radio. I'm sure yeah you know I'm journalists to minors at the college serious issue and consider accuses the first time I spoke and I'm sure it was. It's super. Nerve wracking he had it becomes more and more comfortable the more you do it so you may first on under your belt in cash and now you know bro. Yeah I use are you nervous right now are you feeling and that we did Greg say. Did you have any special training is so let Jay thinks. I don't change minds on and on the job that this conference is. Couple conferences around the country that people the radio people go to a so I would go to those a lot when I was younger and then I've just been really lucky to work with some. Really talented people who all. Tom have different skill sets and managed differently and performed differently so. Every single person I've worked with whether it's fanned a great experience are not great experience I've been able to take something weighing though I'm gonna do. Things like that or I'm definitely not gonna do things like that war. I need to change how I do things are all lined up like that so I was. I'm all every day of every job that had just been training for me. I think a as there is more on the job training in this line of work because you have to just do it and an experience it not a duet. I would say to there's keeping up with technology and being able to. You know record and edit audio and be able to record and edit video and it's be really good at all that additional media. Would be a great skill sets have if you want to do this. What tipped the working conditions heavy experience playing in on the work hours. Working conditions well obviously were ruffinen and here here asked. I have is beautiful and a.'s studios. This is the nice is working conditions we have had a I'm end of the work our worries we'll for just I this is that opportunity of a lifetime to have our name on a show and a radio station and I like stunning for awhile and it has such an incredible heritage and history. And in a city that we love so much like Atlanta so for us it's 24 savvy and it doesn't ever end. Diligence and rain as a bus and our butts but in like a year will be I can't order her. I hope I'm NN and now I think we're both we're both getting in between 4:30 and 5 every morning so. That the work day starts the minute. We get up like it when I get up I take my phone off tonight's sin and I searchers looking at the news to see if there's anything important for that day that we have to be talking about. So we're in the building from 430 Intel. How early afternoon every day did that depends but well and then but in the afternoon we talked to each other probably. Three more times throughout today and in the green said earlier. It'll get easier any hours a bit and we'll be able to have time where we don't have to talk every single day war. You know we have we have to run out here rated 10 o'clock as soon as the show ends will be able to do that without being stressed for the next C show biz break now and it's. It's pretty tree forest of Grassley then we're thinking about the show. Yeah I think so and I think we want to be and that's said. That's the most exciting part about this job for me is that I'm excited to go to work for the first time on time. So that Nomar key. Well Indiana and wrapping up the eye and say your name and on the year with Jeff and Jan I'm sorry for one. And Sydney and I would Jansen Jansen and any clue why they got a nice job yeah. Great job. Than Jesse Jones golf star in 941.