Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 10

Wednesday, March 16th


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The Japanese yen shell sorry 941 it is worth noting. Marino David that the reason we couldn't start the extra and that's exactly and time is because generous governor base and hell yeah that's yanking him. And we're about to talk about her physical fitness. I know all our viewers say about the teacher praises the month skins right attorneys and Duncan donuts he added that while men are right though as I continued on listening totally addictive. It's a peachtree road race lottery sign ups started today and. Yes started yesterday through the 22. You gotta AJC dot com and you and or the wind to the lottery and you can get a number Ryan with 50000 their closest friends in the peachtree road race. And I never die on the PG before Greg wanted to but typically July 4 is a vacation week rank so most of the time I haven't been in Atlanta on July 4 OK and traveling but. As we look forward to this summer and playing with my parents and you know reason tragedies in his camp or with my brother and my sister in law who live around California. That stars are knocking aligned this year for us to do a July 4 strips are actually thinking we're gonna be in Atlanta race so we had been talking about peachtree road race than this morning I have like one cup of coffee in an all weekend fired openly tell me about the peachtree road race numbers normally wouldn't. And then now three hours later I'm like. And I really gonna do it I don't know if I have time for training and I'm not runner it's not what I like to do for exercise I actually don't care for Randy. Have to train for is it means something he should train floor or as a work I've never done. I think you should really train for it it's the world's largest ten K it's a ten K which is but it seem mild it's six point two miles six. What is so long when it's also elect a party ten K lake. If you walk part of it nobody cares if you stop along that the route and have a beer nobody cares like there's people the you'll see the on though along the way. I can I and I did this a couple of years ago and I know you were talking about maybe coming up to Italy for fourth of July right if even if you do that I actually drove home. The night before right. And woke up the next morning rain in the race and that was back up to the lake by. Lunch c.s and do both in Hamlet a little red trip to come back for the race or just stay for the race and then yeah then dutrow about that I mean there's very few of us think it is is again and renting. It have a plan they won't in days so it's easy to deal and it's to me. I was actually bombed. That I hadn't done it sooner. In Atlantic because it was that much fun. It's a tradition for a lot of families to do it together every single year and they collected that getting the T shirts a big deal prelude there's like. Some credit man status and added a teacher to accuse Dina get down a big have to get out of metal to right. No doubt now as always for like the person who gets first or some racism and I said he loved everybody gets a medal. I think I just got the teacher. CO one a metal in a participant even though participation ribbons yeah. So David you haven't been an even though you run ever only when I'm running away from something now parlor or when there's a guy behind me right. I play tennis and I run at like the idea of running some like it was just you in the road he can listen to your music and you have your thoughts. But in the Japan's earlier rank as the can be year in the road and an alligator ancestors and are well yeah I am running and it's like I can it's my positive for my time or reflection and thinking and and the only thing I'm thinking is. I'm so tired I'm accustomed to cough up line. And it's gonna feel OK I guess yeah I don't like my rerun. Alia all the time and zero right now yeah why said he has munchkin. Now Heredia eighties again I ran Alex is these. I ran to Dunkin' Donuts say they're tough tough between the end of the show and actually test and don't you know American runs on then yeah. So it Jan if you had to go run rate now move how far QG goatee I Polly could only go like half a mile without giving a major cramp OK so this show. Variously there are apps there's a really great app and Ken called couch to five K in couched it ten K I've heard of this I when I first started running forever ago. I used couch to five K in it's you it's every other day. Right chin he's. Off topic I look hey I thank you guys every other. But once in the end there's a great running trail that's not far from here at once they cleared the alligator it's going to be great OK okay and all you do in there's a perfect five kilometer loop right. There's a it's a perfect Luke. And it'll take you. It's 45 minutes on the longer on the first day you do it which is where you run for like two minutes and then walk for five and run for two minutes. That walk for five. The longest you will ever take you as 45 minutes you could do it in and enjoy. Apple like cheers you along along the way does is say I'm eager player go fat ass page yeah. He can play here yours you know music over and stuff but it does tell you it's as walk now run now and when she do the five K one thing you can just. Do the ten K one and you probably won't have to start at the beginning of the ten K one you can start at five weeks. I'm just worried about the time. Because we've got so much stuff do you hear that that the show. To get everything up and going I feel like every minute of my data I'm here at work to be spent doing Matt. And then I'm home and I am with my kids and I can't. I Cameron with a baby yet but she's not big enough is she still she's almost old enough to put in the jogging stroller but. Don't but I I'm just saying don't worry about him might side is every from me at least every single day. The hectic ness of this show gets a little bit better you know if you committed to starting like an April 1. Right our second third fourth or find time to get to July the last concern this year in great shape you do yoga and stuff. I don't know about great shape I really I wouldn't say immigration I don't do away via. I have the usual commute in this era and now but you can't ever give you want it to you you could aid. You would have plenty of time. Marino would like to I would I don't but I would like do you exercise at all what's your exercise. Really an arrow is running Duncan down out exactly. I write you write about you know execute show off lately it's been busy here but I think by the time April rolls around just right it's getting easier day by days where might have doing some have time to do so just. Brings them closer work change here go do it and then go ha yes so might Harry is right I. Vote to view I'll register for the lottery I don't know up. I'd I think I'm gonna have family out of town so I don't know if it's an option for me but I'll still I wanna give back in a running so I'll get good training for it. So I'm just saying we should all enter the lottery for the number I am right well David just had to step out of the city of all register him for the lottery okay all register well and are the lottery in soldiers trained for an even if you don't get the lottery let the truth is you can buy anything off Craigslist for forty bucks. A candles and get into the race on jobs anyway he won't find an amber yeah if we okay so we are committed to entering the lottery Gary Marino yes. Jan and David. I heard a car and we're individual artist. Think Japanese yen shelves selling 941.