Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 1

Thursday, March 3rd


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Jeffrey. Extra ten which is can sometimes be three minutes long and sometimes between Islam the average will be ten minutes. Averaged ten minute podcast I'm so there's going to be one little bonus. Bunch of contents that we will post online within the hour I was getting off the air so today firfer show. Rodney Howell. Radio reporter radio and TV reporter for the UGC for how many years now. Fourteen years fifteen years so so for as long as we've both been here guys that I have to get this job because because you guys are in the market yeah. At Augusta obvious correlation he say that with a little tremble your voice so what does that mean not really I really enjoyed you guys early on it was funny to me and I'm analysts. Definitely a difference from that other show on star a long time ago hump yet but. You know welcomed see star and I guess you're making this like a knee interviewing you type yeah what every guy so we nearer coming in and so whatever it whatever you and ask us. Ask why why how did you prep for day one I know you did some drive runs whatever that means is that just doing shows is this is a real show or did you not have. Timer. It wasn't really show like a real show we came in the studio and they're working with the equipment because they built all of this out for us brand new turned the table around. You know just fix it all up so that Maria is a studio that we can see I'm Davidson as CEO with joined that we can see so we just wanted to make sure that. We take some calls we get. To whatever but as far as content goes. And we just made up off the top party every moment that we were doing that but if you have friends call you assistant to see whether the funds were yeah yeah I just fiancee Kelly called a few. Make sure that a large shoes the first official ten callers of the practice rounds of the show yeah so but that was just to make sure because the call good screens right and one room. And then it gets put on a computer in this room in the Marino in that room passes that we use and according I'll adds to say well choreographed ballet but. We did a few times and I was nervous about the technical stuff Conan is today that we just we joked yesterday that today would be our first. Real dry run. But technically I think it was. For the most are flawless. And I yeah down and I didn't hear anything that was slate GAAP I didn't hear anything that sounded really problematic so yeah. I mean I'm I think I'm. Preparation. Since Tuesday night's live show the event was a ton of preparation right for that. So we sat down and went through different ideas of what we're gonna talk about lower and share Enrique in focus. Think everybody listen to us on the air for a long time but we wanted to make it clear that they're really good friends we've been friends this whole time. And so quickly and on air for years are together you can't be asked so we want every get that feels I think the preparation. Was more in putting together a really great event on Tuesday night and it was actually like in here practicing shows that is we've been pretentious CNN's Brian. Was like riding a bike this morning for you guys to tell really get it was like it I think. If I was to go back and listen to it. I bet I would hear more glitches in the first hour right just things from a we should and that's whether we should talk to them more. Did in the last hour like I felt like it was a it was. Clunky and then I got smoother and smoother and I would guess by Monday once we figure out the other hand signals and pray it's against Jim third base coach and a baseball game like through the whole thing on a wave and it David Edwards. Signal and Marino I'm remembering to hit. They talk back button to talk to Marino and have just trying to talk to him through soundproof glass right in health. Feel really push a button in us just different little things like that yeah but I feel it once and once this you know. Now the train this is Roland on the tracks Achille got to get smoother instrument as we. Have any regular features you're definitely gonna India's Army agreed on that getters and even surprised the world now we've got says some ideas that we've we've talked about. Mom. We're just I'm putting anything in is a regular feature. McCain I can do Hollywood minute type of thing that we're we don't have lake had designated. Entertainment news segment. Just because every other show us what every show Hansen yeah but there but. Which doesn't mean you have to do it as soon descendants but not the problem philosophically. Then I'm an ocean. You didn't agree or disagree jam but I think philosophically what we agree in this we talked about it talked about that is the entertainment news is big enough. Then it just becomes news. A tiny US isn't just limited. To TMZ like that will get a mansion. And can grab there everywhere you know if it dead ends up on CNN if he does something crazy when he announces he's what fifty. 8953 million dollars in debt something an advantage have is a CNN story you know what I mean so. We can cover that way and patent number. In talking about entertainment news that is just have a dedicated report every day just seems. I give Marty you've already read the story this letter to the super and I notice you RD heavy alerts on your front gas Tribune bury CO push notification. It's not a giant Kim's policy experience and like you are and you know. He you know that. He asked if you've got the alerts and so Wayne she adopts a paid. You know about it you don't need us to tell you about it the next morning an area I simply used one quote from our I sky high kids. Well I have substance. She says sincerely. Yes. Has critics yes indeed but but she did that philosophy right absolutely going to be talking about what's going on but it doesn't have to being. What's the bar in terms of who you gonna bring in as guests summing have you decided on that front like what. I'm sure people pitch you know want to be on the show and you have to decide isn't the right fit for whatever you're doing and only billionaires yeah so I don't see trump. Half half half a where are yeah I think my scale I'd I have a couple of different scales. Wine I think anybody who is. Genuinely. In arresting. To any member of the show can make for compelling interview so. Jan is a big time and cooking so there might be somebody on the ground is coming to fox theater for instance would probably. Love to have him in here come on only lives Marianne fashion is an Atlantic guy we can talk about Atlanta things on our show and is that about where he goes if he's going out you know I would love to talk to him. Think I I think that would make it that great there wouldn't make that a compelling. Interview to listen to a conversation listen you mentioning guy so even though. And I'll I'll Alton browns come out and on brown isn't like huge MI radar yet I mean that he's not as I can mega star on my radar yeah so obviously the A list celebrities there would be you know the Gwen Stefani is in the and yet that Tom cruises and Chris Martin's and all those yep we'll be them. And then people who I think to really have Tom cruise lines up right yeah yeah and didn't solidarity does that once in my radio career on never. And that he never did I get again by the and then we just everyday people there's somebody that Jeff and I both follow on social media that we found out there we've. Both followed I think you founder first and she just Tracy's really inspirations after this journey she's also eighty pounds in the past year. And she's the best writer those so when you see her post sunny and Graham. And she hosts a lot you know one of those who live there's like a big novel underneath their picture but she just inspires you to do something everyday and she's. She's an amazing spirit and I love reading herself as we don't have her on the Shia. Like we want Ed have people that are you know famous or not famous but just people that are upbeat and living their best life I think you know. And as the show rolls out over the next few a few weeks month or two. There will be more robust any Internet you know using it that station as an excuse or brand new web page. Effective today right and you look there's a brand new meaningless either web page so we're not really. Diving into the app but eventually will put contents right you are so even if we have an enemy was somebody. And it only goes for eight minutes on the air you can run the thirty minute interview or going to be. It could be somebody that. You know what will talk I think the point is we'll talk to anybody because there's always someone that can live here on main street and and then if it becomes really good. Well almost use the radio shows a vehicle that did. I drive the kind you and drive people to the website to find content and social media and all places. Our parity songs is that you we were talking up prank causes that anything you would be willing to do or what I'm not. I'm not gonna commit or not commission anything like this and outer rings out and so you say that an ice cream your I guy. But I think in the right context I think entertainment is entertainment experience and sell you stuff on you to all the time and put even if you talk to you now. LN. At the start of her shines an OK here's what I think we're going to be doing in a few years when your most popular bids is going to be celebrities in a dunk tank or are. Listeners are young audience members dropping through trap doors if they get trivia questions Ron should've MI and some random and but do you rent shows evolved yet as a positive things and it's so. I tell me you're gonna give everybody underwear. I guess everybody it's Alan let her breasts so it's kind of like. The sound of error when you say it and when I think an uncannily it's gross but. I'm kinda open to anything this entertaining right now Mike. If it's it's funny and it's gonna it's gonna put people in a better mood when they. And it works then game on let's do it. How important social media for you guys in this Danish obviously I wasn't much social media in 2001. When you're starting out I was billboards and as word of mouth. There's really nothing more important gaps FaceBook there's a statistic. That's something like 85%. Of of the women. Between I think eighteen and 34. Right look at FaceBook as Danny's team before their feet touch the ground in the morning. My wife is outside a demo but she were qualified yet. Everybody does I do it yeah Gregg you look at the order reviews and the harness off he hits news. In the case what you do two things you first you look a year urgent contact. Or whatever happened yet what I know it's here attacks he looked receiving utterly nonsensical allegations. And then you go to FaceBook and you see what happened the night before who died yet into Zoe died and I California right. So social media is going to be huge to us you know. When it already has ran in Colombia has helped awareness credits without a doubt and will have in sir Graham and. If there's a go pat c'mon man we're the largest single tiny house and I bet that you say nice things about your sights high. I cannot. An off day and it does yup did F word out apparently we are never out. Yeah energy everywhere I don't know if I learn a podcast I'll look at the and they can fix things turns. I don't do it thanks and thanks for us hundreds of the first. It's done with this country use things and a bonus it. And ray's error that is that is a carpool mom we're going forward that's that's our deal and let's face and he singles. Wolf they're asking us wrap up who vs army okay. Sounds good tell you talking just harmony 15 of fifth and now they are targeted 20% of fifth harmony there you guys were talking is spicy fifth special test. I don't know. So I guess what's best three times and I think remains Lauren okay so Lauren we're talking also worries you'll wrap up question here yeah some of what's. Hiding income of the last question that. What what are you looking forward to know surge is working on the show the next couple years and in what what is going to be. The thing that you guys are hoping to achieve. Number who want to half tech half cup I've not this way flying obviously what we wanna make a ratings impacted who going to be successful. That's. A definite. I want to make that people who. Had confidence in us proud you know specifically. Mike Fowler who's my old general manager over a Q and Andre who is that. It's hard and Antonio Seattle put all this together like I want him to be able to it to say a year for an hour two years from now I did that. Comes as opposed got to do that stuff yeah dad and dad that's on its fans and the tone of voice Tony had some very good point just not a I want him to probably say I did that and I really do the sound so cheesy. But I really do like the idea of. Major king and doing what I came to put good ripples out in the world make people laugh. He gives. People inspiration and encourage them just. Be kind like all that cheesy. I do you think you're less cynical and used to be having used to come as a little bit of theater irascible elements of the of the previous shift I'm still cynical. I I I think I might lose that edge might be off a little bit but I'm Chris tallied and softening you up an Italian. Is it a happier place in his life and accident helps and I think. I think it's just that you didn't get to showcase the how thoughtful you are one big party you have on the other suggest your role was to gather as they're right so it's maybe that's always that's really. Nice things involve holdings is a great friend he's an incredible sign in the easy great brother. Agree boyfriend and I feel like we get to talk about all of losing her fiance and he'll say you're sorry Kelly boyfriend any higher Cali Lewis fighters and text you're more men IRA fiance. More layers of just stuff yeah a thousand. And I rare gem I wanna create an Atlantic community. I feel like Atlanta is a big enough city where Dana sound have our own show I wanna be Atlanta's. Favorite morning show and and you're you're an Atlanta expert reading people's go to you and knowing that you know this town incited them current and that certainly helps them tonight and we've that you were both then here long enough to. Who knows what everybody's talking about this. Yeah. But good luck guys and thank you owe him. Have fun with the extra ten in the future and we did go where we are stymied and has a shorter it's Smart average access time we have a final question for you okay go who is gonna win American Idol this year. It's does anybody care for me. Did you not did you notice how good they are committed the name candidates are gonna get out there I had heard I know you have been no real. That's unrealized. A nerve. Sometimes. I cared I know I know what my final question for you is yes what's the poll question going to be too. Oh yeah I don't what the poll today whose prettier looking Jeff or Jan. It would have to be. I'm not happy with better hair lose in Torino path Akaka are we got. I'm trying to think Jesse. 941.