Expensive Pet Peeves

Monday, May 2nd


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And switches on this dog now. It's. So. So I my job at that house. When I'm home where Lily is and Lilly is our new company. Is basically. To keep and I manner. She's you rescued her from the islands you can't take the wild out of a wild on its price yet she's really in a while she was a Turks and caicos beach dog. And we've brought her home a couple of months ago in she's really really good but we're working on you know potty training and Kelly is done my fancy counties and hold on to reading on. Puppies and taking your puppies and they'd wake. To be confined they'd like to be in it in their crate or. We have a friend of ours gave us their old it's almost like a pack and play but for now to me goes incites a fenced in area. And she is a machine of a couple toys in there and a traitor to she's totally cool and she hangs out in there and I'll put that I could then yeah feel comfortable all day so all my job is is to nature she's in there. If she's if I don't have Eisner. Mainly casino wanted to make communal parties in the post. And so there is a situation that on Friday OK and there's a situation on Friday where she did not. Go in there I'm gonna I'm gonna say that she escaped. I think it probably forgot to put her in there and then I got distracted in the backyard. And then forgot that she was not in there and soon. She went upstairs and just got so bad. Did you happen to see if when did you discover that she hands on upstairs. TCU pictures now. And when you come sit planned this video and described of happening was this on your answer them and Silva had him. Oh did hanging. Bush. A low and she looks like her ears are actually ocean in trouble there is. Shredded cotton everywhere she pulled the comforter fan of off to bed. This is bad. And she rips the bottom of the come for open in she polled every bit of stuffing out of the compare this looks like a fan sea legs down comforter tail there wasn't down it was it's it's it's not lake. Super. Crazy luxurious. Fancy hotel comfort but in the admit it may or may not have been. One and cal he's like three favorite things. Would she moved out when she moved yeah. When she Sadie Sadie it's perfect when she moved from her apartment and we moved in together last. Summer she did donated a lot of stuff. That she had because there are duplicates you need an eighteen sets of pots and pans or two toasters. But there are like four or five things that she kept that she really liked a couple things that hang on the wall a Dresser. 22 dressers I think that he had an N com. One of whom was this comforter. That she put on the gas bag. In the room. Totally destroyed home again and I mean shredded. Again it was from west elm says excellent and then they say damn that's. Yet and she did it like twenty minutes before county at home so there's no getting out it was did you. Leave it everywhere and let her discover it urges you teller now I walked in the door and cover your ears back just like just like lilies where I actually innocent and social media and said I love you all I'm dead Smith. Totally dead we have arms injured Allah to two is actually your first thing I 'cause ago and so far it's Alexa Alexa oops yeah. Yeah. Well ours every internship you'll tell that story forever by the way. Yes so about that Wendy. And I'm so terrible. And so you have a story of a destructive pop. Well it's actually cat. Helix 2 PM it and sometimes I'm includes Sunnis and that means the. So how do you think after. That's how do you know he's mad at you like you've done something and they needed to be urges you just. He's on yourself all the time it'll either be Wang and I've been done to line in order. I don't feed him and or he feels the letter by accidentally perfectly clean enough. That's the worst smell on the planet here at home English guide spill that's Massey. Hey be tentative. Which got him there Chris and Ike. Hey Steve McCurry hey what's gonna and they are all Amory. Let's go. I got it's not in college that I wasn't really allowed you have to gang and we came home for the weekend. And while my data and our act in his 800 dollar rebate and oh my you know rule. Yeah at my funeral right. Compressed Blanton aren't anti crack all kinds oh really is right and it was the third week that my dad had. Who spotted the damage first you lie at. Yeah out and how that go it is. Yet I have not gotten that he really he really not without apple. They'll bill me. White and you just it's too bad eating just hide them find him first and hide an ambulance. That I don't know I don't know where they went right out every your dot. Thanks for being a part of it. Job selling people want to.