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Tuesday, November 15th


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Yeah doesn't feel like you're going emigrants are. Your son when you get to work and details consider roll over well. On starring these horrible line. I'm related to this January DN JP's ideas of Alice tan and high as if it's successful though we're a team. Quick reminder thirty minutes Disney cruise be listening out right after 8 o'clock we'll give it Hebert an accident and different check. Kelly tees. Thumbs up at times that you heard from boyfriend yet. Tenth. Nice getting announced on any. She cannot say he's on my boyfriend. I didn't know Canada might does it later and. I here's the idea. And it makes so much sand. Because JP product it's one of our meetings. And somebody merit product what are there taxes like by name. I'll. Person. Out army of me Rachel. With such a busy. And they liked JZ. Is the body's not be where you are just about. 'cause like all so yeah. I'm a college busy bodies she does it make you went and com. And so she aegis. You know ethnic gossip mill wood and all of JP launches. In always things. Rachel. Would act because Rachel and. It. Pomeranian. And. And yeah it's an athlete as far. So that we realize that you're in the room we talked about it you have. If you know her name and through yeah you could do a pretty good impersonation. A couple adjectives to describe the person than you can act out what they were and you can name right. So like Jan give us any X from your okay. Named Jesse. He was a bartender. Very laid back. And super duper nice I like to know. I did today you know got to commend the blind and Geeknews. I handed him my growth engines and Hughes and songs are sisters and and then access the camera and this. Tuesday it has come to. Thank. You've got an X. You'd. Oh you're at me I haven't used to be just young and go to investors. News argue way to make it's. And friends and I. You feel like it is anything as indeed. It is hard. Some comments and I think amber if you would like to throw your access. Is the first name a couple of ads there. We will try to do you in person. It is to rant or any anybody that 404741. 94 and where of course and when. I'm. I had a Tina. To me who is who I dated account and weighs very studious. And all business. And she's very serious all business by Wayne Wayne she did have. On which you did did this I got in drank it was cute shots and gone. Was he oh and she's from enough out so. Relatively good. Would you like again gives them had bogeys in the if you don't know and a hoagie is it's it's say and wits end and we can go to your parents have to bed at 7 o'clock ended up. Heard you were gonna go to the bar and get wasted and. What I was like where southern Billy Knight you know gave all of. Still lead. In light in ninety's not the seventeen. I thought about that husbandry. All right so Tina I think it's going to be lag. Jack. Another shot of tequila right and let me explain to you this is class that has to say. Not mine that you can just do with when he you're gonna need to enhance and here is exactly how you need to do OK so sit across like this and then. Lefty oh no. Let's bring him over here you're not gonna get out wait let me just tell you. Is not gonna happen. You now. And I tell you why. That they give you moved to the united story. And again. But there is time we are injured injured in worm. It. And before anything really and she whispered in my year. And I. But I had no idea which use target. I. I'm what. Once you fumbling. I you know as an option of I wouldn't let me go in his and you what is happening let them. Nicole in tennis now welcome to Asia. Thanks for listening to this is. Now. Gives you access first name and then just a couple of. And I had at age a rude and you can't wait. Very late. In its error it. Eighth and paranoid of a listen. That the. I just wanted to stop by me and just bring you these cookies as I was making cookies this morning. So I just wanted to combine hammering these TU and I don't think I'm weird. That is they argue here YE a is Doug interviews when's the last time and you texted or human Doug friends and snap chat. And you guys ran ads you get the I mean I don't know what she did think that I'm paranoid. IA cannot look years snapped she with OK what's your password. She writes and basic. And. It JP try to help Amanda. Heyman the now JP about it and went. I could actually get hurt then I. You away bury your stolid very meaty very I mean it. You know it always controlling. Thank and we just he is first. That's an act. I guess I'd like at a flash when he looks like. Tennis. People that says people like Erik do you like I hit now. This is it is that our troops from the office. And no and which route. In my head I hadn't lights on in the really big youth is a here ago. Memento a hooker and oil on the record not giants and it welcome my dinners not read welcome you have to go girlfriends. And the reason we're in my house ought to go for all my friends. Parties that bit and duke is all over the place. Avaya. Dot com he did or are again very questionable to say that out. Not like. It's. To make a lot of and its good if it's for a right here are you implying Amanda that may be like a football players more than you like the game. Okay. God and I advisor and there and lacy JP wants a shot at your acts. All the lacy called from Carrollton log into the jet engine show what's your axis first. Right now JP. Yours leasing this and I'm. Today so he's really country. Are on the did dip and a mile of any and every team making it an. All planes flying the Duma are gun I know about. Let's let the cable back into. I thought well cancer and I definitely. On our right. Diet plays how come you always got to act like your vegetarian when there's plenty of Venice and out there and act. And we know makes amends and do it. And then you know right now and let them on the bottom and then over the river rub down don't that is. Can't come home you know her Livermore because in his clubs battle going on them down the only that are in London Gator down. You know you're in it. And another. Thing you eat. All. I'm an intraday low or and Lara. I was at Sandy's friends this morning. It does about you were. Ex wife. I don't Andrea. Lee William Hurt either. Socially awkward. Italy at the end but control. He's even controlling this but yeah parity. At least Ernie. There I got a I can't. A Laura listened I it is and tell you something this afternoon I'm I'm gonna need you to go to the Apple Store. Forming. You're gonna have to pick up the latest it's a knew it and I'd vote do you navigate the nag at fifteen point one tiger. I want this six I want the sixteen point four raptor. Announced you announced that what you did last time and I would I would go in there accent last time I got nervous and I think with a little. And and I think a lot and I'm I'm not allowed anymore in in Cumberland mall so if I. Says the deal is you're gonna unit and do it for instance there's instances so thank you Larry and them why they're Dina talked anyplace. I. And continued revenue which pressure's on you as a business Jane Carroll and KJK today. Oh I describe your acts to adjourn. Okay which is funny because you probably rank beak issues ED in very relieved. Hassle that is that it was a real southern. Like Southern Sudan have a soda actually let Hitler you've got to pick that attack. Change. EP customer wait I mean. And the thing down with them homeless and reading with and I just understand why you should just hit your mark hotly signaled it would just. Now I mean I don't want you to do anything without me I mean all of the year is just his poise on him in world. So now and it. And I know I am posting pictures of rain on and I'm kind of reminds you of the doubles partners its greatness. Because. The point. That you pinning your pain you ready for the souls children not touched and owns. It was more hours with a bubble burst blitzers. I laughed at halftime after. We haven't lived there and you today and it great idea if he. Was. In case you haven't heard it today we looked down. And no one can notice the company's bought and pants and recovery of the jumping ship show and star Nady for a one.