Ex Impersonations

Monday, March 5th

Breaking up with a significant other can be messy buisness... but that doesn't mean they don't make a good joke!


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So are in 941. That we know we've got this random talents. Between. All of us in studio it's say if senator talent Jan it is a gift we have been blessed. With skills. It is C. It is it's skills with a doubles city. What we can do we have learned that each of us have the ability. Tim no simply the first name of a person. And YEU. And that person broke up and we can do it dead on impersonation. So we're asking for you to call us right now our numbers for a 42630941. And Telus axis first name at all we need is the first name GAAP and why you broke up. Let's somebody. On that show will be able to do a spot on impersonation of your guy or girl. Art Kelly give us the name of one of your axis and act and they was actually man and his name as hill like and gentle incline hill of the isn't going to be grill okay and and why did you break up with fell just got bored force wanna all the time you know in a row. Follows the. I didn't eat that. For his name is halo and our residues in Iran and. And Karen. OK so. Oh and no we tell it about. I brunch tomorrow but I was saying in line always is. As an owner Brian would have weaves his way into the pirate can do I don't just say has some. Put my name that flew to Canada we it was teaming and attention film. You know your name. I thought I. As it would have just maybe we gave me some friends over there. It came out hard who just in the cardinal hasn't sanctions can hang out and now I have yet to have. To brunch or whatever it's just so much. It's just. And he just stared merely intensely idea that you are totally nailed it I'm really got to do Ibis slanting guys do I return. I mean did you hear earnest there where you're not really focus that he and it are you looking Hannah remain easily as I mentioned it'd be yesterday. That's after half an candidates and staff came up I made like this in the leg for. What I had already put it in any. And in that I realize til like 9 PM. The job application was like still on the teaching count. And now I'll laws and let's. It's actually hill isn't having guys like rude dude. I forgot I got a job yesterday I was glued to start to land at eight. Hole. Chance had his biggest U latest for us to be there at 10 AM. Due to its 9 PM. I now. Chan learn aimed tan welcome to the channel. You know man. And why did you Madison break. But China chew out. Drugs and I James laughs yeah there yeah. And let's just use his name is Jim. Okay and tam learned I ache I may just not sure if I've got three minute mark. Because I'm just really really busy and I'm gonna have to lied to you today and my niece morrow and then I. I then there was this sense too simple. Jan I don't know where your mom sofa went I don't know how is your idea I don't know where those guys were in the pickup trucks. For a 4263094. Line Amy in stone mountain. Okay that it's aiming. In dodged broke up well because you decided to deal about port thousand dollars from my parents are tried to blame it on me. I need thanks to the right thing about Madison who did he say. Take it out of a bank encountered they would have a ton of cash at their house and assay for you. Know I mean slowly as chaser con artist I JP got this on our right is Josh more masculine news immoral laid back Amy. The definitely Iran had a vote but I'd say more laid back. Aren't. It baby Amy. I don't know the fourth thousand dollars went I think it's re circulating. Maybe it's it's bitcoin or something and another guy transferred into the cut cut cut 401K. Town. They got crossed over so big leagues need to go talk to the financial advisors see what happens it was a mile stole from. Yeah. Well hope you get on that well. I'll bed. Czar not before one. I've been name of the game AA is because we're here X and YU guys recover more than impersonation of him. Easy is that Stephanie. And now. Interior from Andrew and meantime seven in midtown andrews' name of your acts why did you guys break out. So we are graduating from college and eat in on and they about a ballot and I because you wanted it stayed close gitmo. Gain I heard about that. Now I assays he wanted to okay. I and you guys are gonna college together in Alabama where you boat where you from. I'm turnout and he's from out and that and we went kill. The great university or diet I didn't wanna stay in Alabama he applauded the market. I'd roll legal so. What are. And he obviously didn't travel far from his mom to go to school either right parents that gray area that you got this on a tag your honest. Well that. It. Hasten death any it's Andrew hey I have an idea. For our Memorial Day weekend. My mom's community has up call and I and Saturday. Everybody brings a potluck. And I was thinking you could make your chilly but not without onions you know mom hates the onions and they weren't bringing it that we can go and moms say two week it sleep on the pullout downstairs. We had her all three of us. You know and it. Is that something does that sound like fun for Memorial Day weekend but don't forget no drinking and Stephanie because. Obama and god don't love the boos. I you start are. You than okay thank you buy you love you will Levy a mock and. I. Hate and and I allele Lloyd sheik Abdallah. This this this I. I got but also thanks guys JC in Atlanta welcome to the show yeah. Hey my name is Eric and he Brooke I would be because you're mom did not like me. Because I'm from a different ethnic background. Ten OK mom didn't like. Her and I hate. I can take essence and I get this I'm tag. Haiti. Each day at listen it's it's me it's Eric. OK so. You know how everybody is difference. Bomb Mani. Mama say that you and I are different and if we continue to be different. We are going to change our bloodlines thrower amber and ads is not fair because eyes. Things are. You bring laundry things there are buried their bottom by the borrow. I make a white out don't. Okay. RI. I had to go separate the whites. Are tightly and they play I don't. Everybody kind of have a sense. And I went ladies all have to dig billion Gainesville okay. Eighty. He broke out after two years because he'd decided he might still be on the back in the at a tank. Adam okay. So hey Billy I. And so remember how I told you that Steve and I were he'd like always friends and that like we were told people are just like. I you know he's somebody special me in my life of one point and we urges can and stay friends. Yeah and how that went right so like we're still friends like only front like we hang out like a lot like every Tuesday Adrian but just friends and. Love to come back to back it you bring me every day folks because it is I like it. And you know what I clean and dump their experience if you know what I mean. It seems here but we're really all my friends has really just friends. So he's here or worse can it wears you keep hanging out as France K Billy maybe you should bring beat rebate of. Yeah and yeah. It's about. Banning. Mocking your car breaks. And you are highly over aster data Mo. And Jessica and Logan dome doesn't end here actually get a it's broke up a judge universities and I'm. They are aren't getting any sanctions and thought I mean they are are out. And he did Debian text message. And it wasn't his call. For sure not Al Gore's not a terribly eyes I just ask Kelly and. It was and how did you how did he know when that. Are crowded and how did he go the woman he thinks he got pregnant. I I still don't even know I'm not sure I think you worked at Taco Bell I'm yeah I'm not. She got a marine and realize you need it. My heart and I'm sure a lot of looks a short shot I here's what I would do apologists I would. If I'm demarcus I call you up and I'm night. Karen. Since us. You have got a call premiere very good day. Star in 941.