Ex Impersonations

Thursday, June 29th

Give us your ex's name and why you broke up and we'll do a spot-on impersonation of them. 

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And try again a little easier. Yeah sorry not. Right if you tell us your axis first name and the reason that two of you broke out. One of us on the show will be able to do a spot on impersonation. On your show since it gifts that we didn't somehow blast wave and we're happy to share with the it's an incredible talent we believe bringing out she's a lunch table fast. Her fears it. It had happened until we actually really the deaths now in that we don't do it often enough so. We'll take your calls when you lose your ex his first name. The reason you guys broke out or serve tech here and thirty seconds I JP yeah I think Jim invested this or you can go first say had a nickel. Nicole was out. In my game and they did about it. A that's automatic rent it and arousal. And he is a huge liar and a little cheap. Rouse lied and cheated what is some he lied about. Other women to other women. Boom boom. I JP can you channel Rouse are you feeling good yes I am feeling yeah okay all right all right all right all right. Zero on the phone with the calls. Nicole. I can't comb your birthday party tonight and so are dead. On this rural little bit late from work ran out of gas I mean. I have to go to boss' meeting on a vast book so I didn't god take invested because I ran out of gas. And then the meetings at a strip club I don't know why it's there. I didn't even walked into there. I slipped on some grease and need more raids in there I think it frustrates me is. OK these are good guys. It begs let me finish you know it just listen to I'm talking to you are. So it's is broke babe guy Nicole. A so all of a sudden red you know I don't believe this I slipped on some greens and fell under the strip clubs in this woman named diamonds it's just all over me and I just. I just don't even know how it was not it reminds fall. This is not even my thought I'd like senators you're getting mad at me for being your boss me like I'm trying to do. And it did so well. Even my bad boy it. I'm not so little about but it. I know that. And then why on Earth Day. I had no big like good. I cannot take this and I'm padding coming. And Mario. Mario Bennett Patti give us your ex Disney and why you broke out. There are very good thank you it's against rate okay. On terror and next and he did let each aisle seat on you with yeah okay yeah this could impact. Dirt sounds like. Figured out and scout. Yeah a lot of I can't let a little contrary it's well I. That's a lot going on here. I thank you can edit and save some we get they had asked him going on this weekend and have been mad camp when it goes to their media. I mean Dillon where we're gonna that is an agony anyway Eminem got fishing poles. Got there yet call. I was going sellers aren't I don't got a seven sort of brand of Florida to sixty and he just hesitated and then gets on the tag can Sainz at. He's got through narrow rear rollout mass now we're and they are out of a bag and send them Jake and and the rebel by way where I think that there's that there's no cellphone coverage about Brokeback so we. I'm here that we are not going to be able to gain since he would probably there's going to be OK okay now sees no idea how I'm. Her face. I've been held around him trying to cover that he can't do it right on I. The hilarious. And money on that. There was a young Italians and his next edge and I can't Janet you are gonna have to impersonate and got an hour here's a woman freedom Irsay and SATA Sabrina. Sabrina. Pace Sabrina so tell us your ex is the first name and why America. I'm a little more legal. Waiver after years to. I'm not I would be enjoying it. I have been bedridden and apparently. Yeah and I shrieked and I don't count her life and it's added I didn't I didn't I didn't outnumber. Am going to. Hire them. Women are. One minute. Smoke or whatever lies. Not. Got it and yet so carries he had allowed to work great here idea idea OK euros again I can't alarm and anger Haiti. Last. Sabrina he first is seeing it you're just like perfect. And I can be heard and I mean not all adults make her bed every day Sabrina and it's okay I'm like everyone I thank. I'm I don't have a job that I've played a lot of games and do you have any an idea. How badly. You make me feel when you. Email. Has accomplished and you okay we're not how good thing yeah man I tell you. In weeks and that's why I'm playing came out with all these other super lipstick lesbian. Leaks. And Sabrina bruises that. Agreement. And I'm huh. I lets you big gonna do another round for a floor. Six period alone and shoreline and its first name white broke out. Want to. The judges and says the special talents is being able to nail an impersonation of and all he did in their first name and the reason why he broke us. I'm to make sure everybody gets the term let's do Sarah. And that new name and Kelly cheese Europe. Hey Sarah tell miniature annually around. And it says me glad very controlling need to yeah. He would also adds sad and I'm exaggerate about materialistic they include. Cars attractive as far as. So you try to make himself feel try to make him look. Wealthy and important other people by saying that is 30000 out of Paris in 2000 now. Own cameraman at the end and Sarah why did you nick break up. And the ends. For the victory and them on Saturday. He. I. He goes I'll say very likely swing around I want you on an area Mara and road you know. Why did you come out that sort. No mail lists on. Hayes had its neck I. I'm just Collins has liked him an answer my calls plus fifteen amendments. And hang out with another dude they've really paying an even then he doesn't work together and it's probably nothing that you know. Think you're probably picking up with him like on my guy friends too because you it Wear shorts and in summertime and it doesn't he sentenced. But let me get MI Ford great now my super expensive for the kind of looks like Alexis kind of another drive around. I'm gonna follow you everywhere. And to make sure the united now put all my friends in 92 iron and nowhere in my suit her cool saints. New political tank top his legs so in an amount and then really go to raves and only handle bullies girls young and accuse you cheating on me. Because this is my hand you know and like wave breaking up with me. It was it whenever you don't deserve me Sarah makes so much money Sara clay Anderson. So fast and anti U. Installing Hank exactly but I hope you know I hate tallying ceremony due to the same guy because yeah. And I'll tell you Sam they yeah I genuinely trying to ruin. And how abouts. Another Sarah. Who's found out that her boyfriend. Was engaged to another woman. Okay do this in disaster Isaiah that what's your exits first name. Just end and why Jamaica. I'm I found out. About silently stare at that engage still woman's lib. Is. We'll tell CN at the end of accompanied that he cannot work out early July and then I had to stand. I apparently. Lumbered already there in the OJ back. Gray area correct my. Okay one last question is how to find out. And that it backed by an actor oh I'll get it didn't quite continue to act. That it would get engaged. Okay here's Justin and I just one question that crowd how long three with him before you found out. My cat attacked. Yeah. Here's the Xeon. When you're in business eat I'm sure you don't understand what it's like to be a business owner come but when you're a business owner you have to travel a long way. And that nobody can find out about my life because in my heard hurt my business and never so I don't have faced a FaceBook is for people like you who are beneath me. Because I am businessman so I traveling. Around the World Series you have any idea how hard that is a difficult that can be on a man and he used to support me and all of these and after nurse. Because I business owner and who like me would bother with a face yeah it gives me a break Sarah. You're just parent and you know when I travel to other places like India I know about like seven or eight different languages which I'm sure you just wouldn't understand. Because I know it from my business endeavors. Ending his first states can do it where it's going to be he's. Huge. I. Even talking down to me like and act like I'm happy about where it. I'm rich until one more round this summer Barbara and Tokyo. I say. I tell us your exits first name and why you guy days broke out. I area here I am doing and actually. It out and I'll buy me good. I get out let those story I. We don't yet this is guy visiting him vs eighth. At eight. Barbara dating listen this is going to be the weekend I got a line and a game it's happening and it's high stakes the Brian's only. 300 bucks I took get at a savings I know we need need tires but don't worry about a day because I got you all whole new car it's gonna come out your next. We because this is big game this is my own week Isaac got this month's mortgage payment on this Super Bowl. Falcons not gonna wind asks us. I don't win this baby you got to trust me I'd do the math I don't just. DMO like gambling is for suckers. Gambling is for losers I go in there educated but I do my homework I do my research data gathered at this. Well a big plus it. There is. Always good note we are worried Mary yeah. Americans held our breath. And I was curious to borrow. About strength. Give a damn month. Yeah. Austin think you Barbra. At don't play this for your president since the. My impression of them is Casey and let them. He's right we just a little blue blue blue blue to draw. Let's remember the way did admit that he's gonna get me shots yeah. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star or not before one and it.