Evil Laughs

Monday, July 17th

We all tried to do our best evil laugh, and some of us are so much better than others...


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As for making this wedge. One star in 941 and. They jet engines show and sometimes. You need a kick start this better than coffee. What's better than coffee just. Country's voice. Making your brain works Philly cheese and hang shaking your brain be creative making your brain fake. Hank and I think during the day here around me Jeff and Jim shift my goodness. Hey a quick reminder that we have got a thousand dollars for you coming up at 7 o'clock this morning. We get a keyword you're Texan to win. You could be a thousand dollars richer by lunch some cash in you'll parts easy money coming up at 8 o'clock this morning and the jets intentions. I gonna get the brain working early on a Monday morning because I started my day watching the video. A hundred people. Attempting. Evil laughs. He analyzes video to an eight emperors of chemical in the biggest hello Craig he has. Aurilia had a now and evil laugh is. That that if you're gonna ride it out it starts with a late and you walk ha ha ha right. Lot like an image in every single horror film. On the plants in light from the cartoon ones here's Ursula from The Little Mermaid. There wicked witch of the west. Yeah. My intention really asserting how many evil laughs there are in kids' movies yeah. 101 dalmatians. I Chucky number Chucky at all. Child's play junior might be beyond your grammar checking my aim purposely have not seen men are right. Chucky. There. Isn't one like you're watching you like dolls kick on the life and I thank them. Yeah it really had an hour and then your cat jumps up on the back in the counties are crying. Lately gone hungry infant and so I thought I'd because it's a Monday morning. And as a public service to everybody here in this room to get our brain started as they start and everybody hears us and we'd just go around the room and we. Do you are Ebola. Sam on the engines nice here today because her evil laugh is so good and she doesn't like the best creepy laugh and a. I know that she's mr. so Maggie I think you go first knows he can step pray that you are my. Maggie is our intern who has been off for a week if she'd works with kids can't or something nice and Jesus and whatever. That's all finding good bye you're back to work now so we need to hear. Maggie is best. Evil laugh a menace is pressure. OK I hear yeah. He he he he he he yeah. They keep being sent more ha ha yeah. Now I don't really highlight of the dead evil laugh who's that I expect that any retreat even evil. That's like any the last if your pet hamster comes to look if you can't IRA. And almost none of the road program. And I mean. A tennis and yeah. Hear that sound like. I can do this I'm a there's an inspiration than. Yeah I. Do you. No more huh. How come. Yeah I. He'll look. That sound like if I. I'm fine and dads and yeah. You're right you can go right and not smile is a candidate John your turn now. In turn around and and I think you evil I think abroad and the Houston. And of society relative ages might have been so high it's like this OK okay. Lone man mounds and perfect I'm not sort of he's from. You have an eye on many are constantly getting them on video we all I. Well will table Kelly and me and JP and welcome back. We'll if you are evil laughs for you sometime later in the show to give a sound champ did you round Robin I. Yeah. Kinda wanna hear JP for the next time we do this can you have all three of them laughing at the same time he added that yeah remixed. Somewhat horrifying tickle fights. Somebody put a video together and he's a hundred civilians. Doing evil laughs. Ands. On base and you know that the movies that you the last her movies like here's crew relative bill. Ursula from The Little Mermaid. And nothing is more famous than the wicked witch of the west. Yeah. Best evil laugh and Hannity boy suffering designing and kept under any. You know transfer real yeah. I can't hold water before you're likely to gamble away and relax. This time. Lets the Cali getting into character you'd just sabotage JP but his parents are here right we use snuck into his studio so that when he pushes a button. The whole radio station is completely up here to embarrass him in front of his parents as you can tell out of its studio. We think camera cuts in close and. Well. Let's compare that would you means from early there. It's O'Connell talent sneaking. No I got a two piece of food content through this give verbal and the part that yeah. The. I have run. I've been thinking about this ever since we did I'm gonna go with the growing built. A bank never. Maybe that's. Just imagine Jeff with a handlebar mustache right. Hope it's gonna compare that he Maggie airing turn from earlier so. He he he he he simply being. He he he he he simply being. I hate JP I had a feeling there's gonna be related to not default to my dad since he's here today as he got a good evil left the money here. Hot hot hot hot hot. Oh my look don't ever do that again it's. And. I bonnet house scary why does he do that Clinton what is why when we pull those little kid you throw me into the air and then you bus like that right right. Didn't catch you in you. And oh yeah we we have JP's left from there. Yeah. In its Internet. Closed her sense out all right well JP is dead won that competition. And young star ready for a one.