Erin's Potential Monster-In-Law

Monday, October 10th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to shell on starting for want. Thousand dollar thank you continues on sun April when your next chance to win and it is at 11 o'clock this morning with had a great. It's a really great creative person who can put two really stinging insults. In one sentence. And they backhanded a direct insults I think this is. Gonna be backhanded we have we're gonna call her. Era in this I don't I don't know if he's so we're just on a mission and she's been a guy for. Three months. And got to meet his mom. Great line. Aaron one of ownership Aron. Paul how are you. Okay so some. I replacing invited me over shoot his mom task for the first entertainer and I each and I was excited primary and we went out there which and the first thing she said give me what I walked in the door way. Lack of my thank usually brings in late really neat quiet girl did complete I'll say. Hall's winning what does that leave like I didn't elect doctor direction and I was so intimidated like. What I don't understand what that meant. Do I. Do well I'm I'm Kelly at all I mean. I think it means that she thinks that your Atmel. Grew up. Oh now the rest of the night was she simply just doesn't have a filter all. Is this just an easy issue just blurt out what comes to her mind. I don't know this is the first semi matter so I don't know more personality. I Alice's million pound. Well did your boyfriend give you any contact slide. She needs every woman and bars she'd as we've heard of this before that we've talked about it on the show before there are some women. Who jets eight everybody that their son. Eight nobody's going to be good enough nobody's in an hour span. And it's almost acts like she's almost seeing how you respond to you is there a chance that that's what was happening. Rumor won't now commitment that I mean we're just saying Herman bring them to me cry echoed I mean. But she liked that but she didn't like me I don't now and I'd like stay with some argue I. Yeah break up our end however that he didn't need any. Like any dietary things slowly got scared that this was how she is not clinched and then the whole time where they're. I was around her and I can have a chance to actually what we're like yeah who. 404 is really comfortable our fathers 40474194. Hunted if you want to talk to her. Like she's your best friend gave her advice for 0474194. Died in you guys have been dating for three months. It's a. You talk to a guy objectively about his own. You know does this like she can't numbering up to him because with it and do and defend his mom army uses are. You can't even. Gamely broached that subject if heat rotted out if she's like that he would have brought it up. Her but if he may be not maybe he was just fingers crossed hoping for the best. If you think you know just like. On my present and over the past gone into that situation. Just be quiet mama I really like this would be real quiet. And yeah. I'm so sorry you had to go through that isn't sure the entire time that one line jesus'. Going in your mind over and over and over and over again. It analyzed editorial content types didn't like he could really really be myself and the whole time there. Well if you continued and not have meals then maybe you'll be in the NAFTA be within a month and just go out after it. 4074194. In the foundry. A lot of advice and an inquiry. Is it is that lay our ally. Of Blair welcomed the Japanese engine. I. Your thoughts for. I'm not from Georgia now I've I've got a complete culture shock. Is equal here. And I'm carrying. Or comment by a kind of remember that when I first met my mother in law similar. And overtime it technique in times is completely understand why they're actually aimed. Oh you mean when I hear that I would actually get a compliment. Saying I'll I'll my arm my son ever brought home late in the exit anorexic. Admit that go out and I don't like. And you. Art completely out there I'm so grateful for you. You're healthy not like you're healthy not any anorexic. And yeah actually have a personality. So that's when I put it into the negative it has acquired you know being. Electrodes and that I would be perceived. Right that's good why are you from Tom are you born and raised in the south are you from other parts. A re air it out he definitely I'd say you definitely got a negative or critical lives. The way out back I mean Blake. I can't picture you sent me an accountant peg I'd like that you had. You like I show crying so hard to in Atlanta yeah. Hey Hollywood walk up and and show what do you got for Aaron. I know. No been no need to grind he needs to ride what are her boyfriend yelling at the tying his mother blatantly insult her and I met him anything like there. I mean did he. Did he get back into immediate politics grandmother. We're now looking around. I think that's a clear indication of who he is. It peaked and I like his mother and tell you in Japan. I would find her music. And Molly hey Kathy welcome the jet engine jet. I'm you know the thing struck anyone born in it seems that they militant linked in the legacy and so crush. That one commented this couldn't eat. And you know I'd worry about Garnett said I think it's Jerry transit and I think he's wrong. You're saying that one comments and made it hurts you know. Now. Imagine in that situation you're trying to make a good first impression. You're trying to be yourself and something like that knocks the whip out your sales. I don't buy it it also you know I would. In the current running like you want an America market or another on it says you meter ticketed or no light at him. Ridiculous and funny or it the find me and I don't think she did it doesn't Pinehurst and he's kind of don't like black hat off. Oh. What are now because it's not what people say. Is always an inherent competition and we've or light. Is you is there does that he'll competitive between a woman and her boyfriend the other women and I'm and a boyfriend like. Like do like them my mom. Think so. It's a competitive thing but it's not respecting gear walking into situation witnesses boyfriend's mom. You wanna respect that person you want the middle like you sum she ran into except you because if they don't except you then you know it's trouble right so. I think it's more about wanting to make a great impression and wanting to have a good relationship I wouldn't say competition. I'm sure that's right yeah. I've had a what do you. Came out of touch you dare let her make you feel inferior or that you know you're not what are the account. Any thing because that they don't compliment you to learn that I. That immediately at that hey you know it did get clarification or stick up pretty well. And he did that something you're well. I thought you should bring it to the attention that it didn't. Feel uncomfortable. And appoint ebony do you think you have to have him. Let me. I think depression is just not and I don't wanna Aaron I'll put words in route that. I think aaron's autism a flight and it's only been ninety days even worth it. This is my macaroni. I don't know I'd give it one more interaction if you had one more chance and be around her and hang out with him in her together and you still felt this way. Then I would say may be. Lock away as it's going to be that way every time counter. Depends I hear about him tear. You're never feels a lot with Pam and sits there whatever she wants is not gonna change your. So where can I Britney this is still your boyfriend right. That five year alone boyfriend britney's got some encouragement. For airing because britney's mom insulting her voice from the first and met. I couldn't tell you exactly what you advocate that I thought long and you still make. Mario Kart and you do it say. About her I can't I can't remember exactly what. But along without. Let you want to know how she does she Hamlet you are talking about that now have a culture the gang didn't say it right. And anytime you come around like I don't know I should be quiet area I. I should say something in it but I hear later and then come back in patent court ruled by. I ninety around. It. Give us and give us an example of some of that wire winner to the negative things that she says you. I'd one at a time Damon came all of our solar light. I'll heat coming at you again I thought that we were just spending time without end up like right there. Oh. I. I in your years in a week and trying to live up to her expectations are from five years and arming them. Part hire him back and battered by the you may be one of them aren't that will filter like happened at eighth and that it actually each day each probably maybe banter quite eliminating. Ed and may even be the one thing that or. She could be the survivor yeah you just outlasted them and I bring you good luck with the amount and thanks for the story. He's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Straight come overlook knocks. Justin.