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Friday, May 13th


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Or one. I think my favorite thing is we end producer David holds a sign that says priority. Caller. Because we drop what we're doing we talk to give priority column who is it today it is aryan. Yeah hasn't done and I am in a dilemma. For OK woody gap. Look at my my my son is coming home from his first year college freshman in college. Remember that summer she. And he happens that the game pretty friendly with them but. A couple months back I was looking at in your outline here you know your pertinent to examine her get up five time. And I happened you know look at what a difference. That I am I a good looking to protect you know all my son everything and he's even pretty hot. Guy island because believe shirtless photos and everything and so I need some of upon photo an act like it but it was like well like back in the pack and a quick boulevard back in the pack a law held. That's a huge violation steer the creep in mom so. Likened McCain picked snow yeah who never. Although he does yeah OK yeah. And you'd like I see that I like you like iPhoto and out when umpire act and then. And here like nothing accidentally. I'm not own mind can yeah yeah it'll help. All of me and then I expected to follow and what now calling each other. And you know I want the wider hole like every couple weeks we'll talk. Well apparently he like we don't I could come early light conversation and it could play. I thought it was OK but but but then he felt it coming to our house because. My my kind of friend Pam and put so we're unlike wearing their to have him here because of what happened and I thought. So let it now so we're all gonna yeah you're all over the place there didn't she did chatting back and forth has it been like. Mother son. Because you have that he was attractive. Or is flirting. I'm. He can't defend hey how things going up like how about violent people living his life. Let's go but he's your son's friend you have to put him in the category right accuse either another kid. Or he or decade ending up since he's. We unique category in that category is clue. How loud and. I am I different look yeah I I mean I'm single on the board and he. And I beg to thought of okay. So he's now coming home with this friend and you think it's going to be awkward. While yeah. I don't like I think that what effect coming and he said that he had yet but I have friends here. In Atlanta and you know it and it they proud for a couple of days in men and friends. Are staying at your house. Walk for just a couple of days eased. I love this little player dared hope what are you previously if you in nineteen. Not only. Yeah I in nineteen Barney. Oh my gosh and how Oreo. Iowa. Are more important. Okay good works and so do you think he you actually think he's pursuing yeah is she late depicts an episode in this guy is just so you know so you know at this guys thank him. Because if he wrote back and said it nothing's an accident wink he faced hopped bullying knew what he was doing and in the back that every now and again he sends you a message he's just keeping you on the hook. Yeah I mean yeah it's and the fact that he. Well it's frequencies of that. Are you hot. Language you are considered a hot mom. Yeah I I work out every day. Figured I do I and my body right. He's not after. You got out. OK we'll fly home all of our. This isn't fun and I like your son does and he's so. That you don't you know what I or. I'd say go for it you can both have a great thought back and if you're signing creeped out loads. He's not gonna know you've just got to keep it from yours and not cool won't. Let you all a jet. ID and they. In addition to bed and out. And a couple days you know. Yes you don't come stay at my house. You can come stay with me for two days because you cannot be a mad house especially really it began February lowly and this is hot. No way no no no this is it's it's bad you are and that crop jets now. You not make him coffee or how about you do oh yeah. This is fantastic I brought anybody and up my guide yet I look at you of anybody but this kid. The torture indicate we take back to the college campus to torment hearse and then wouldn't even tell her side. Odds. Aides are gonna have bragging rights like crazy. And that she's gonna become like Steve season yeah and the bottle. Yet you don't do that to your son. So is it this weekend that he is. Coming to town. Yet again and how many days is he saying. He now. Okay. RA while just argued he gestured ready for a high. Wow I like guys did. Not yet we are definitely gonna stay in touch video can't mayday OK okay all right polo and this is. Awesome this. Re not hit disastrous what's that kid's name as the league's act or something like that. He sent Colin you Colin I could well court today please just. She now. Or one.