Engagements Gone Wrong Part 2

Friday, December 2nd


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He's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Thanks for coming overload off the jet engines Yahoo! on stony nutty for Lloyd. I jingle jam happening Sunday night we had four great fans in one nervous dude. I'd trade ex ambassadors Charlie crews and James bay all performing and and and summer in the middle guys gonna hop up on stage name is Chad name calling them. There's girlfriend as a trying to he wants to pop the question here is girlfriend I'm stage. At jingle. This is a bit of a warning for Chad because they're talking about proposals. That went wrong. And more again tell us about that proposal that went sideways. I'm right in and solve my brother without the Marine Corps ball and he proposed to it why should. And she's gonna get there about identity and then she grew up in the end war. They had become clear off the entire dance floor action and all these Marine Corps or Italian Marines in late projects you're on top and a mom and. The US QR and bad guys. Not why did she gets in. QG assume they're at it like how everybody is looking gathered like all landing Carney and everything and he's got another eight Aruba and then had yet now. And now own a. A double what was the turnaround time between him. Putting the ring on her finger and her yakking. I'm eating the ring on her finger. He went right down on what and we know and pulled out bickering and she gets turned slightly than the rule out. Oh. Yeah. Yeah any yeah I hadn't heard of cable Bentley she wanted it on there. Back at that rate there will be varied that would that would really the incidents. Your sister. Piercing ever had. Yeah. I absolutely. Am I bags Morgan thank you to listen in Lawrenceville. I. Angel and a lot of guy hey Angel how are you had ma am. You. What proposal went sideways. Only didn't have a bit out in game and the art guide alternate girlfriend out on the ER are closed on one knee and then she. Sicker. And grandma. And Oprah. Com. Oh yeah and I. Are. She knows that when he was taken now to the fifty I. Want to know what was it. It depends what tennis season as the falcons were the falcons having because it. Does that say you have a matter of energy he might just say hey you think you go if you feel gulf war. Yeah. Our might get it well and better and then it. Got. And until. About 8:8. Good morning at Libya where you comments from this morning. New York hi Lydia in Marietta what happened to you. It's cattle. My quick little wedeman I ran as when he got that. Yeah you can't all the admin has been out proposed the Disney World OK I'm not about that I security blocking it. Well that's how old and as it. He's kind of like an old idea that good did that and it take you know it was not we're at. I'll never negotiated bag and seat range yeah. So he won at I don't know maybe like. Create that it at a now that you Wear a yellow ball cap. Yeah bring it in through the backstage something board Shanda or channel have to put it by. Prison time. Yeah. I'm hearing from law. That they leave here we'll. I didn't expect her daddy gotta gotta worry about that. Him from the way and bank human via. The UAE says like is that in mind. We'll move it. And let's outline and Larry and alignment it's terrible movies. But now it's not where you were quoting that's why it. Just think about putting things in your is well the problem. It well this is gone in an odd direction to. Maybe it's time to improve. I am sure you can be good enough. He could keep the last call it is and. Yeah so basically. When my wife and I first got engaged and just had a discussion and at a mutual agreement that we can get married and men all her friends about asking what might be in decent storyline in the and you are getting upset couldn't ever really did anything so when it snickering off early side by Pakistani plan tinkered under Fire Island to do this old beach picnic due to elaborate proposal. And then the morning it turned out there it is XYK. On Thai islands and were able to do bad. I changed my plans to go to ensure an inch into something on river street or that. Yeah actually made it attractive and so that you can actually get it and to. And I changed to go to the botanical garden in town and just a nice picnic Dolan called him turn they're closed on Saturday. And eventually just decide we're gonna do a picnic in the yard and and I had this this look on her and then she literally eventual turnaround. And I would be down on one yen and she can get just oh by the way I saw your Shattuck and on one human underneath. Okay home of. I have to tell you back out once and humanity well. Call. Right thank you a theater and on behalf on behalf of Chad Johnson thank you beat is that the reason that's really the reason we did this as. Get all the way through. The so watch it watch your Shannon's dad. And check for five days. Running through the event the concert in sending. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. 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