Engagements Gone Wrong Part 1

Friday, December 2nd


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We'll this league he's on this not not. Talking about those and show. Ed is right the guy who. Once the pop the question. Onstage. At jingle jam. At some point to the concert being able to get up onstage and I wanted to player so long that it be the end of the I could get down on one knee. And vote that is what you. That is call we went to the people we had to go to the game in the approval. And he's gonna do that action and he's been practicing. Right. Oh yeah he's been practicing a lot he's scared to go OK and I he told us that it's exciting it's an edge shear and songs that we told us. Irritate me an insurance on an ideal out a case it's going to be an adherence on all planned out. I'm old man she all she has played mainly coming in from ideal. Shall know about it in the old. Big thing in we've all talked about it. I. Great. Aimed at. What if something goes. The quote I don't. Why. If he can I just for I forgot a phone number that I get about 35 times that what if he gets are there any reason is the word. What if you forget and he called my I hadn't of had been just panic in the Everyman when you well. Or what she says now oh. Christina public proposal go round like. I cannot sign that she won't say narrow because I don't think I think 90% of people. Who do you. 99 and you don't to a public proposal for a 100% effort yet and I think 99%. Of the public proposals use say the use the on line with the girls now when I'm away. That's him. So it's gonna go adds that she's gonna say yeah. Take. What I wanted to use your phone calls and possibly on base and maybe give him some advice on what's tri oval. What if because he's going to be a onstage. Rate. What if the rock the ring and rules and all. This they must make to. What do think based refugees from from some chords and stuff it's just a lot of musicians on stage such changes between. Hazards and then trying there's a lot of acquit happening. What if when it's time to Wear it to happen and she's nowhere to be found she's in the IG's in line for being with. It. They have that happened to find an issue that does stand next to her I thought I'll tell you on the app you right here. You have who's going to be on that is unity chasers Tony. Because this thing so I'm you know. Eat eat performance goes for so long. Days and right. Arm and I've been viewed the proposal. I think after we get our winner rated their win as many in the event that you want will clear the phone line. We'll just take calls on the proposals that way. If you know oval heard that story in. We can help Chad writes yet by some meals getting it wrong I missed look for things to from ninth. At both of these it. Yeah. Jan say hello to Sherry and Stockbridge. Jerry. Yeah. I'm excited. You do. Will be ad jingle jam. And Sunday night these guys that ambassador. I've never been acting again and sort by it. Ein who are you gonna bring waiting. Oh god I'm gonna bring. A light instead posting a student. That's really Lowell is welcome me do you view. Yes there has their third plenum. Wow awesome well. You guys are awesome people for doing that you deserve a fun night out us. Oh as many tickets as you need you've got them Cheri thank you so much from us in the senate for one overtime hole right now in you know information we'll see you Sunday night. Thanks Sherry and your next chance to win as many tickets as you want is coming up again 11 this morning my 8 this morning I would do in every how every Aaron Jeff. And we're cool I think apple. Coolant. Yes it would that it would do well win as many Asian line at 8 o'clock and now we'll open the phone lines 4047419400. U. Anybody who's been a part of or witness or knows of in engagement. Proposal. Went totally. Wrong it's preventative health and hope you're listening to add five. Yeah because next. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. Jet engine and Shia on stellar no need for a long line.