Emily's Overbearing Mom Friend

Thursday, April 7th


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Jesse James Shields shell Vizio. To join the conversation at 4047. Before under all sorry I eat all our family's best friend used to be Opsound. Then they both had babies. And now she is a crazy moms wives itself family that everything. She's doing is wrong. Aaland is otherwise family's best frame does everything right Susan. One of those is gone off the mom deep end family. Carl welcome to reject and Jan shall. All 10 AM all. All intriguing isn't public says what's going on with your best friend. The I think that they can cheat without became. Apparently the old pictures I'm about a year my and and cute little bit deeper into com and timely warning that darn thing that that. Well we'll use deflation and still can't get rations and walls which stop being involved in the king Q is he with her. In the intricate as an area that should start happening about going to church. And unlike insurgent movement are foreign or now I have some certainty jobs for the one year old and we just knew each week and. It's. You church isn't really enjoyable with a one year old like you're not you're not getting anything out of that really all you're doing is chasing them and asking them to be quiet I get what was she like before the baby was she what kind. Infection domain changed they championship. You have ET pitching there also that different like. I'm can look at that what you. The fact pulled it to you each and she need that energy she's talking like it's a total current drinking her yet fun things like that. She's a spring break like I did you know that that the things it's not fun only now seeing is that mommy blogger. Like literally she has them and. Yeah literally and it kicked I'm not about her that you like or she'll make it clear he won't get into. Thought put forward apple iMac. And she's if she's a bossy mom to tell that she's pushing it all on you know. And I kept thinking to kick in our age. You and I try to transform the world ticket that you and me in the aren't going to be different which shall be total. You know mom doesn't make you an expert on Bob's story. We actually don't get a yearlong that I have. All right Elaine what are your what are yeah what makes you more qualified. Yeah right let's get that call by the neo intelligent let's give the try to route 404741. 9400. I'd IC challenge because days. What do you do with that well I have a little experience with your friends and other friends. And I will say that I have one friend in the first year her son was born. She was. Awfully deep and mom like we could talk about I didn't have kids yet. And we could not talk about anything else literally every single conversation we had came back around to that I enjoy it on Boston Common pushing timing couldn't have kids yet but. She was definitely the overbearing it took over her life mom but I will say she's come back. Sent tickets there a little bit older and she's come back around like she's come out of the mom fog. And it's cool I'm glad we didn't cut up our friendship because. Because she means a lot to me it sounds like your best friend means a lot to you. So in May be just need to hold out till this phase ends than I have known other people they've gone to deepen forever. Need vision telling him there's no way you can talk about anything else. But kid stuff what. Bothers you more is it how bossy she is. To you or how much an expert she thinks she is. Popping it won't be expert that he can achieve its specialty and I know a lot. Things are going on Ronald relying. On. Disappeared from L I should see my kids you know. This brand of apple spots. I know that he had 50000 dollar credit card that he can even go back to that your cheap to coaches because you better fight with the almanac. And that. Don't think she'll. Still perfect Michigan it's out there hey mommy I guess this year blog about that. No but what about. Nice 4047419400. Emily Chang and. We'll see if we get some people to give view advice anybody who's been through this yeah or if we get a lot of it or a self acknowledged. Crazy mom. Might be able to talk you through the best way. Ten and a dollar so hang out Emily and we'll take your calls coming out.