Emily's Dude Bailed so Let's Find Her a Guy!

Wednesday, August 3rd


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Jen shall we does the so this is what it sounded like a few minutes ago. Wayne and Jeff and Paul met in just a few seconds later here at the bad. This is what it's. It. That is horrible. I'm like a time and out in that it's just had a microphone and jammed rate up next in their lips now. They get is like an adult baby with a pacifier. In head innate that's what it sounds. Like and again like. Come off the fact is. That. I we welcome to the studio now Emily who called us yesterday. He went and bought. That was her reason for different going to be a part of this I am only here Ryan tells a little bit about yourself. So ions when he Ryan and I live and work in the Buckhead area at and I'm Ron offer an original planes now. Here and just and dating her on the city and it's a. Lebanon and now I'm gonna say the same thing about Amelie that I said about Paula why are you having trouble beating your both beautiful and open view I'm I'm I did I could be this could be a rude thing to say I expected the people the column to be partnered. The first kiss hey this is stranger bent it to be fairly an attractive. Not case and I Matty right and I just can't get Apollo Italy's largest olive just right so while what is the dating problem in Atlanta. Say day on their babies and unrealistic expectations. For our. When men in terms of dating as actually just speaking with one of the other ladies that are there about her ex things that they eating hot. In serious talking about how seat when I was telling her that she commodities strong men and act and it is an TO. Well as it gets out of her suit only cast and after T date so I think they had their babies found differing expect east comes from deep ball. And yesterday and her and mumbled not working great trio Fiat sensors just trash issue. A field of contenders word hook up bright guy in Marion and bumble is where the women addicted pick what. You mean what guys interact right yeah I have pretty decent experience on Bible read from playing. On it says I guess I haven't met anybody and I I haven't had any notably oss mixing that nothing terrible like pat from and how lover right to have one guy. It's called me after I met and that I didn't look at it is I did in my as when it's I don't yeah I would I totally don't think mr. at all but I'd very embattled. The red as where he said that to you in person yeah our enemy you two were in her room breathing the same Aaron he'd look you that your pictures out of and you are pretty nuts. One meters by. Oh god no more questions about your dating. That as well. This situation that we find ourselves in this morning we were gonna do this twice. All of the other guys. You're here by yourself. You don't have a guy treat. The prize saying and but it's not because of you because they didn't know anything about Hewitt he gets guys are alert. Because guys are all late. Gung ho and excited I'm Tinder on bumble on the radio on the phone on the when it comes time to show up there like him. Yeah wasn't a scheduling conflict oh yeah now can now I chickened out. Now I feel that his family's year he's definitely catch. She's. It's and market she's attractive you guard right out at strategies employed 80 bales a little bit of a potty now that we're going to be out I count that yeah. It. I'm gonna have to address that puts you sassy is it. So do we iChat is another day and again and maybe now would part company I lessening the chance to do that now and then and we're gonna find you man. It's wrong way and manner tree and a power and it. And and we use our prize OK okay Amelie has wounded. Those are legal three legged blind Golden Retriever that nobody wanted it were aching she. We'll do they mean. We're gonna hate her and I don't know why how it's gonna impeach him when he's. He's. We'll figure out. And so Emily we're gonna if we're gonna make it right. That and that makes you talk around. Your employees to choose Everest spontaneous it's beer yes she asked playing bumble Gina London is the same. Is this is genius second intermission we now because this is not about her it's about the men of Atlanta. Down four and other experienced. Guy. So that is everything happens for a reason right out right this could be destiny type of situation and not then that's all fine. A pentagon are so. Jerry onboard for a week as. Jeff and I have been friends on. You know we've worked together for Ireland so when he says things that are made I know he's already cooking some sort of. Let's look at look at it's already happening Jack John from Atlanta howry. Great I would listen what can what we do 3 this morning. I was wondering if I don't catch her age but I am saying go down in midtown. Has figured why don't I call and then I thought again about did they don't let how to lock picker while she's a lab and so cool way way you out of my league. I'm just way. Hello there how are you John. I'd just turned thirty all thirty times that at window. I'm out total and and and he finally and tell me it's easy senator sir yeah I'm 29 and wit at least doesn't value right now. John what I would now what do you do for a living. On the corporate relations should technology at the district court. Larry there's a lot of syllables there so that but it's at corporate eating habits though. He's in a paycheck questioned again he's employed question Amelie tell us anything it just when it comes up or thumbs down what are you wearing rate now. Great seat can't delay but not. Tie. The tide coming on later brought wonder and watch. No never got into them. And what can privacy is an excellent chance not we've got to stop. John it's mind. What sort of products you have your hair right now might soon. Away. What your question my question is what sort of products they have Jerry. Cool I recently blah. Now I'm I'm not a three on the year. And I am when's the last time you Wear flip flops. I'm public. Solemn and all that well back. In enough. To me now are brilliantly and then. We'll open thumbs up thumbs up yeah. January to America. Low. And he says and that definitely to have. Mad is how love happens with these gentlemen. And chuckled. And I will connect you would Tamil we will try to find them because this is not right wing man. And you matter I I did that. Judgment is god you better. Yeah yeah. Dollars on them out. Any forward.