Emergency Gift Ideas

Friday, May 6th


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Jeffrey didn't show just show Vizio. To join the conversation I had 4047. 8400 also all right I need or want to. I'm not above admitting that I screwed up very bad. Mother's Day is Sunday. My mom is in New York. I am in Atlanta. And there is no gift in the now. Oh yeah panicky right now there is no card and now. And need help. We have low we can do this. Tomorrow before Mother's Day coming out this ad was stopped at this weekend tomorrow Swanee towns and her hard. Starts at noon is your furry family member festival so bring your pets come on out and joining us air dogs are gonna do really great show tomorrow's this be high of 82 and sunny the absolute perfect day. Four wheel of soccer. And he's kind of fun great food and drinks out there we now live music concert from Ben rector a starts in the afternoon and if he won had backstage and meet him. And you can't stunning 41 Atlanta dot com we'll see tomorrow stock. I screwed out. Tale doing your legs right now I knew it was Mother's Day weekend. I knew Sunday was Mother's Day always really good at put something in the mail that arrives or maybe colors and flowers some cookies or something like that. Zardari than anything I can get there by Sunday. Well if you order flowers from a local florists in their town. Can't they still deliver you know what they mother sees a huge weekend for florist so they might be busy but Mickey was weakened and an end to spend some extra cash on. I nobody that can and are not worth it I'm Marty imagining the phone call it's gonna go like yes that the king of flowers is 55 dollars. And then there's a delivery fee of ten dollars. And I'm also because of the busiest of the weekend because you're an idiot there's a surcharge of your first born child. And it's going to be pricey. You can do that what about some other local place that she really likes. It she could get deliberately maybe it's a whole pattern of Applebee's in the casino don't deliver for. It's a good but tasty does maybe they have sixty and Basra god they don't even have cable. Panetta drowned her trip there VCR still loads from the top paid nick called. Hey help. I made the exact same situation yesterday I'm in and are at. I mother and a lot is that Ollie North Carolina yeah yeah I went on Amazon and I. Hats are looking like Godiva track well that school itself or out of court. But I found Starbucks gift basket and I that are hot iron in about Simon it's gonna get there yet. So Smart rate Amazon prime Amazon's c.'s mad but so many times start gift basket is a great idea because who doesn't love that while they may drink coffee to drink their coffee every morning and L is. I dad always makes fine. When he has to use Starbucks. We've we've made because he's like. My allowed just to get a cup of coffee here that's has chip that is almost as always go to benefits go to your order is two lines long. Our producer Kelly yeah they thought it was two peoples during quarters but it was just one for to. And base. Hey Brooke incoming how you doing. This area pray. That you. You can order flowers when you go light on the right like one hander Lara. You can order same day cure the cure I get their act today yeah how you can go online greeting card each edit your email. And it did so impersonal as an ant like I. Or are they allowed redneck country and she's that you know the proper answer and Brooklyn man. You have you know it's more impersonal senator not that Brooklyn you've done great not terrible and straight out. Are you too old to make a coupon book that they'll handmade coupon booklet mom this is worth. One do in the dishes story mom this is worth one foot rub. Mom that if you're at one due in a pool party and why adult male and you disgusting weird family. You're really paint a picture last week we talked about patriots need your kid was so Paula I was at like two weeks ago that we talked about how Jan French cases are parents alone to buy now. The issue too we kiss each other on the mouth but it's not with tong now you're given food programs geared to add your new family. Had their welcome to the show. Roll look out. I've got here yeah out that it doesn't even have to relay yeah go to at a bar Rain Man yeah they online yet there haven't delivered and agnico. Dad here's the problem goes edible arrangements I I mean that but in my thumb doesn't eat fruits. It's is like afraid at all yet have could keep a case like that to you then gathers like cookie that crazy Indian and all kinds different themes sure like those a call from Gainesville what's up Wendy advance and Jeff radio. I don't pay out that a piggyback off that there and bond girl they'll get extract anything I have a bomb I'm worried and then even if she doesn't want like. Mean your whatever on Amazon I'm against that. I'm literally where I'm gonna hang up venue and we're gonna play a little one direction is that this on the puts me. In a gift shop and moved. It is drag me down by one direction that so that's what I was shot of an animal that will combat in in three minutes and I will have again found on Amazon prime and order and sex a lot depends on Mikhail ways to me wanna find in three minutes and were good under pressure can't cash ready so marina Davila gift shop and musical tucked in three minutes. Thank you are making this list today Jeffrey gen shall all star got.