Email Etiquette Violations

Monday, July 10th

WHY are you wasting everyone's time?! We're not alone with office struggles like these, are we?

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Assuaged and adjusting. Numbers so we need to hear from you toiled voiced his 630941. If they email etiquette violations that dry heat you. Now this and give me is that we all everybody universally ass okay placed. Hitting reply to ring ring you blind copy somebody and the blank happy person it's reply all thing hello. Ran a blind copied on that right Nancy why in the coming up replying cup mania that's a huge violation right so. Bob Galvin guilty of you and stuff like that how about the inner office Cherokee email teams that go on about ten punch lines too long yeah the ones where it says here Maclean an outrage on Friday everybody gets stuck out in minutes all the jokes about old. Garbage food right in the line and then there's the first few. Authority are usually worth a chuckle. In manages to get standpoint or be around and hands and at the right I've got to read something Maria it's that takes a volume memory new email many can't send anything you're like. Here mean. Here's why it here's the one violation that I have. That might be unique to me but our phone number 4042630941. If you would like to bring me some comfort in numbers. Because there's a person. We were great here this radio stations. Who is the king. Borg queen I don't know why I've called them out specifically. But they are royalty. When it comes to you. Standing pointless emails. As follow ups. To create work for themselves. And sucked time away from everybody else and maybe exam. Brands business. Talking about any email goes out of five people and it says hey. Can we all meet at a lunch meeting 1 o'clock and Tuesday. To discuss this because let's say that email goes out on Friday afternoon. And one person responds. At fifteen minutes after it was then. The original sender will hit reply all and identified the three other people ever respond again got Hayes it's gonna the ice. I'm on the email I don't need you don't want to meet throughout every time I always find when exactly did. Our kids every day you pass out frustrating it's like oh well I guess I wasn't fast enough freedom. There is one and it because I I called him or her out on it one time. There is one where at seventeen after the hour an email came out this is back where we're planning our brunch omelet. And email came out of seventeen after the hour and it says hang. A couple of the restaurants when a command on Thursday. And bring you fruit. Is is this cool and sat next to him or her and then all of us on the morning. It later. I did today. This person forward and email that we were copied on to us and said. We yes thanks it's good for you guys. And literally. If I did and what it's not good waited. I would not imagine trying to formulate a response before you are bored fans instead patent this look I. Oh lord do you think are there any other nine are aligned to his comfort in numbers. Greece in Atlanta welcome the chairman. They're yet hey there. I'm good I'm a little ramp up. Now on the owns the fifth. Make him feel batteries. Well if so why do yeah Obama team is when people spell my name when it gave my invalid clicks. Here is perfectly Soriano. So you look above. And it says parties are your name is or the Sierra and asked. OK state senate in your your email addresses like RE SE Jones. At. Gmail that town and then they have rights RE ECE and that body the. I'm saying RTC. JR RE. RRE yeah it's got to understand. I hate this futile it's not easy crazy I. Have friends named Brittany that also drives them nuts because there's a million different ways to spell Britney. With a without UN IE with the Tutsis as their next Shannon Mara when I'm sure that everybody smiles Britney wrong even if it's an area. Ask have we reached a point you mean now that like you know how is people went to me if you're in the last if you're on the far left lane. And more than one car passes you on the right it's I'm digger don't. Yes but that's just obvious to me how much honesty even I'm gonna eighty I'm going to slow stretch highway yes let me get over Susan say yes I got. Because one car could just be a speed demon to cars is like an immediate by the time the third item mattered and over the how. That there are people who just hang on in that lane injuries go and and had no idea. Is that how this email address that's what I feel like I feel like everybody should know that I feel with email everybody should know these rules Ina. Does admit. Well you. As I'm stupid person. And amnesty would person's mind. He's feigning. It's like makes you so man my arm pits on fire pet and I just know what we're gonna get an email about this I'm. Here's some extra drill some vacation I'll rely X and then and Ole. Then just sound like. Because the first three emails when I got back we're like four words. A emails that I went and saw it against not a surprise you not like. Refresh my memory it's now I would make Asians are ignoring you. As the weekend. And I were copied on both of those emails because neither of us have responded yet and we didn't need to respond because until the end of the week. Give us today on food anywhere in town from together. Luminex. Because I. Yeah. Starry night before one.