The Elf On The Shelf Calls

Monday, November 28th


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Cell phone itself. Disorienting a couple of calls really quickly and then we have is central to test it out. Mandy are you do you understand where I'm coming from is this issue significance. Is that Al yeah. Like I S I and a six year old scale and intensity. One being lease and and and being most intense where does this. And here at home like. Gillian on an intensity scale of one man. Your six years old where does this incident fall. Good morning. When he. And and he would critical and are badly. Thank you all think it all right now we're gonna I'm. Say hello Kelly geez. To finish and it now hi Shannon while he's and a welcome to the jet engines. I have a need you guys. I right now Shanda is gonna help us out we have to retell the story because she wasn't. Listening few minutes ago which she and there you go ahead and give Kelly and everybody listening you more of on the shelf credentials. Well I am I am fortunate enough to work or can't I I ran out on the shelf my mom. I had eleven your dad I'm a plumber in my Dutch and safety and then call are only now it's trying to. And I tell you why you're in the day in her court at night and in the morning Ireland. I'll fly back from the north on the Leander made black and count and and I got my mom and I got special permission and I can't tell his story and he held me right. And back here we are on these eleven years later how many how you guys. Well we just had. A horrific story. That Kelly doesn't seem to understand the impact. Yeah as we had somebody who told us that an awkward Thanksgiving. Back home when her boyfriend's family. And that the elf on the shelf let's just like I didn't she's in really know lot about he thought was the dog's cute boy. Yeah. Good thing. And above the place that all of also on the doggie door you know the dog no and a house slid. So she just kind of as soon and she was playing that zone with the L on the show home. And the little eight year old man little brother and first of all Kelly it's that the Al on that shelf it was Scotty and a nameless Scotty is about. I think it robs in the world and the little kid was crying to the point of weary few and the our coastal areas that Jett told me that this childless crash like losing an animal. I can't have it in back of the doubt our day people that don't have it back. Out at all the Al promotional out I'll actually comes a lot. When they child's name and they're not from horrible. I'm in o'clock and now we knew and move and it it comes a lot it sounds like that Al did not do it very good job achieving. A good lean and and then had a family member he did not know all the oral and one adult role from an client is that it. You worked out all. Magic might go. Well when. Oh what if not only if you touch it what if you throw it out in the yard and let the golden doodle grab it bring a bag. Yeah you're exactly right that there are being. Or that situation I'm so glad that you guys are able to get a week there are couple and you I'm one of course as I. And airway seeking to advertising that Al Al. And one and then of course it is it would have been a huge detach BL. I know it wasn't even a family member. It was it was the I'm young man it was bodies. As the guy Scotty was keeping an eye and he met his older brother but I think what they've already done is they've already written a letter to Santa. I think that that's the linking yet that ripped doors got the RJ. I was on and be reticent painfully baptize a little Albers. And and that clearly didn't go anywhere dollars and service and. A letter you're written in magic you can on Edgar is the. We're all ER on he can actually acting customer service are all on the shock comic kids now they're in desperate need at Internet how. They're out on the shall. And certainly war would be capped at that I in the late eighteen and that out yet at quite make it back to work on time I ask Eric air waves around the situation it is by it's crucial they were right at the hit when he on the L one and Jack you're generally right your car here. I doubt that your way you're Dirk at the magic or our yards. And certainly act not rest there the Al on the shall. Has more on each and sneak in and out there and they've got all sort connection between now and emergency. Or can't care that it's. Now Kelly geez do you believe I understand that security is based in and I also now think that we need an L on the shelves. And we can name here's an idea guys need anybody reporting the stuff that happened out there and trauma that anybody out. Thank you can. I yeah I did you have a great day snake pit every. And I that you looked dumbfounded I am. Still ahead this morning when Justin Jan that's how we roll on the evidence that we need answers we go. They healthy are you guys that you can email him directly to him off. The. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.