The Eggcellent Spelling Bee

Friday, June 2nd

Eggs with Cheese please! Today's spelling bee had some inter-egg-sting consequences for mistakes.

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. We're very excited because we're all very competitive. And it's time for a game. We are going to see who I may show isn't it Ed is excellent speller. We've got a bowl of rock. We have gotten words from the official. Practice tasks or entry test. V nationals value Scripps national spelling. And not easy work either. Tiny in the first row and these are difficult words just now some of the words greens some of them that. More chance. So. We decided that what we were gonna do. Is. Have every egg represented different word that we would dry it out yet okay and then we had a big plan. It had this big hole areas plant there was getting involved. Who admit to us the other day they've been listening to us since they were kids and they may dismiss discern any form 14 they're intern ship. Yes yeah yeah here's Robbins on about it. Well I Isa listens to you see you don't know learn your previous yeah I did you guys team so hiking and we had heard of that as the dark ages yeah. I managed it. Just made the switch as we as it stands exactly and sand island on radio citizens and obvious just what are you gonna. In my own humanity and radio this or any of what yelled. I like everything yes and Stan are you and Sloan now. So the plan was to have Maggie and Robin. Spell the words on our behalf. And if they get they're wrong we would smash the egg on our head there would be a lot of pressure. And you guys. As branding interns. And like Lou if Greg Kelly when you tell us why weren't. All alone like shaking their real. Her fans. Because I have five miles an intern then they all like gaming on information other starting Maggie to misdemeanor on Friday for. I can't look here I announced that feels so bad. Then I came in this morning miles like Sonny did check and make sure you can promise like reverse got a wedding channels like. So we're we are so we egged them. And I'm getting into so much. So we've got the eggs. And we've got two words. And we can gang up on Robin know or not and vice Versa well this isn't me Xena spoke we came they gang up on the match. Teachers he dropped the ball. Learned and area. And we do while routed to be able to participate so what we've decided to do. And bye week is the everything's kind of a good decision by we I mean mainly Jenna and I are. What we've decided to do I think kind of democracy we ran around near chaos. We will all spell the words yeah and for everyone that we get wrong. Kelly we'll smashing magnetic is grossly and everything is usually need seven years. A strong well I thought you might say that so what I've decided is that Al host the game. And a video can't show goes and Robin will spell my word. You know we will we will all in earnest try to spell it right but if we get wrung it goes on your hands. Does Rahman's smash on my head I get to do it he just ran shareholders we don't wanna bump your tooth in a bad team in the. Oh yeah oh I actually I think I Dennis said that I can specifically. So they're question here is there's only one question because we don't wanna take this completely out of your control. He's content on fire this question is do we want to do this egg by egg. Or do we want to do it's. Where you and I like wrong I want all of once. Woody Allen once I'm confused like it do we want to. Let's go around the room and I'll try to spell the word and then shall just now how many eggs a chance to smash men at the end she can put him on one hand once he just got. Now one big smash Baylor we quote torture her over a little larger and over again in Allentown in the and eating. Well I. Our eggs still in spelling the featuring Kelly she's starts in three minutes. And you have to. PUTH. To put the OnStar. Star in 941. Who is ready for Iran and Phillies rally made. Counties. Judge she's asked delegates and how much they hate us. I'm gonna go to college men. I changes askew if you think this will help you remember thanked us. You had to forget for a week and I know there's been some painkillers involved you have a Vienna really taking on him. I'm vulnerable I let's explain Kelly she's gonna with indeed now I'm for got a few details this whole SOA and spelling bee planned to have our. Ray and fresh interns do all that funny. It impressed us spell some words and they got around we would have to crack an egg on our heads. And Kelly forgot when he's out there we only have one in turning. So we can't just pick an intern Robin we can just pick kind Kelly she thinks those table concerns as tag never forget. Never you know we're getting the AF this thing goes over easy. Dead days and I mean that was barrels of fun and Jeff. A welcome back to the show Robin it's good to see you hope. Good to CJ a quick question. Are you good speller or not I'm not all right that's. OK well why don't you. Grab yourself. An egg. Prevalence of and it's one leg I hit a fat and out what numbers on that day. 1111. And Kelly geez. You'll have to spell you'd rather hand held Mike. And that's for notre Cali does for me tell you is the easiest to stand away from anesthesia and get a go to the play OK no I'm not his. Guess all this for a coach. Is that right it's no big if she gets Ron know internship do you smashed. Fish eyes so here's video we are going to obviously the word freedom. I EU will I be able to ask all the usual questions Kelly language origin part of speech definition all that stuff. Can use in the sentence. And then after you hear the hear the word. You and all the stuff you need to now use about you get I have just done and I don't disperse Saddam's fascia just all right. I yeah and as we examine terrible solid and then if she gets sick if she gets the word. Writes. The egg isn't it how about it and she gives Iraq a day goes on year extension gets it if it's. If he would make up the rules I don't know Imus finds her heartburn if she gets it wrong. The egg goes in your hand and yet. Are you ready for your friends know doling out this sign up. I campaign. Fryman take a close look at the person who hired you for your internship. This could be your last day out and and that I was there and hear his word number one. Take from a top CEO. I don't know her. How can mount a comeback take you here again yes. Ache from a top CR. The origin of this word is Greek. And it is and down as a visual defects defects marked by total color blindness. The colors of the spectrum being seen in tones and white gray. A chrome atop CR scientists have found that. Ache from a top CR results from genetic mutations. And can be syllables are and that word is a lot. They're really long words okay eighth room that tops CN yep eight. See. Our though. You are my top CEO pay is now. They see a RO MA. TOP. As I am Armenia you're unemployed I. No matter how good. And these chemical and they damn well. I wanna see how I got these are real and I'm examining. Please use. Off you think this is the oh did you. Not happen. I. JP would you consider yourself a good speaker are good speller dads about mediocre scholar I I'm gonna reach into the bowl of eggs. Pick our trio. Okay. Lewis says sticky. And Robin. JP. Your word is. Siri app tracks. And I Syria tricks is a Greek word it is a plural now man. Syria tricks is the science of veterinary medicine. Theory extracts Joanna bewildered all of her friends when she said that her father is a specialist and Syria tricks. They have a fighting chance on the swan you're right. THE old. Yeah OK yeah. You know what would you like an opportunity to save yourself if you can spell it right you have to crack yeah as effortless eyes say the lord's army. Syria tricks it reacts. Theory at tricks. Can uses a sentence. JoAnne bewildered all of her friends when she said that her father is a specialist in Syria tricks theory out tricks. She age. EO. Those guys have been. As yeah I was burning kind of. And isn't. Noah well. Aren't you. And time. You live in a breather. And I can't. Oversee depending on how you look at. It's a beautiful thing is that I hit eggs are really good for your roots. I should mean you say you very admittedly a bad speller for. Designed and yanks lose its unique magazine got an inadequate when I got to hear. His fifth and that makes that I am one they Dylan and whenever he got up number one number one is as easy as this is easy and very competitive. She's gonna get it right just I think she's Smart. Guy a minute trying to leaving Eugene hunter roundtree the anger still unsettling about it. Selling their three point NCA scenes okay of this Latin origin word it's imaginative straight at its relating to the Kitchener cookery. And the early colonists used herbs from both. For from for broad base and from an additional purposes they each sentence here ready for the word. Culinary. Culinary. Isn't your ordinary and one wonders once it says 300 allegations. Culinary you. Culinary Kelly T is a adding preliminary if you can't that's my orders. And Harry I was told Mary Ellen. Wish it were really upset if I get around OK these two feet. You. Now. I and I are alive. Praying praying they. You just did this at the mezzanine and I and the things I move airline really love you so much. Hi I'm Jenn hobby you're ready for your words yeah how are you okay can you take a break now and. And already Edward. OK and you have legs and goes on when last this I gave meg memory two and number eight here's your word. Five learn. Five learn filer is a Latin word within English combining form it's imaginative. It's possessing threads across the field of view. Five learn mrs. Jensen instructed the students to use a five learn microscope to take a more accurate measurement of their specimen. Kelly Kelly Kelly. The one accelerate income and. Really here's our defense. Yeah and is the third hole. The debate is over the first letter. Do you go I'm not answering it now I am giving you the internal monologue which is do you go Ph.D. go left you're really just prolonging the torture for filer. And I feel like these sentence that he used it in with a microscope. And he's an hour ER OK I'm just gonna go for it because I don't know my eye test the origin and and yet the origin is. Latin plus an English combining for a news okay. Ayman have tried this out as the a's are really old. There is an online channel that would. This. And why learn. Sure. Iman again are we even as we once they get it 11 Ron yeah of course I'm. He. You news you urging my mom and moon. I think. Have a direct link up fibers and then things though thinking I have is F I L a RO. Kelly she's. Hey urea hands yeah exit plan. They yellow and have. Vivienne. I could have been a double yet is every. She's running get this done. All over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. You just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.