Effect of Jeff's Dream

Tuesday, May 10th


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Yeah it's done maybe 41. Hey Laura welcome to the Japanese and Jeff I thought were good how are you happy Tuesday. Bracket. There's not gonna yeah we're reading I have my or your daughter her. You know I got hurt and hurt her or whatever barely literate stronger. It's unit. That's what's important early and. Is our psyche you. It cannot happen Thursday that often very there's not a real high side I talk directly to the thirteen year old girls they there were on the same level. Babysitters club all that stuff. I don't know if you felt like this as a teenager I certainly did and just everything was. Emotional and everything's tough and it just feels like everything is monumental. For you very young age drugs or teenage boy you know I thought about groups. And it's definitely it's quite a lot of them is what what you read your post from a couple of years ago. Really speaks to that time of life where you'll you know somebody's not kind to you at school Felix that's going to be forever. You feeling this is what life is but. You know I think something like that is a good reminder that today's just today and feelings coming go in your life isn't defined by this very moment pay Cassandra flowery branch to accept. Well I think they connected me I can't look. Ahead. Might have been committed suicide. Back in March. AM phone. And it didn't really have. I had this spring and ready to Catholic but are you on our way and I actually wouldn't art form and as. Allowing alert edit it very irradiate and and how are you talking about dreaming about. I think something's sudden decided to keep listening. And I think schooled in the art and cinema where parking lot less on I would call in to save it for him. I thought that was directed at me. Well if it helps you was and I'm sorry about your husband so sorry. And then they can pass it. I know that I will get there and then there's that much sorting out it trainers alone and player that he is kind of really fitting for today. Well thank you for calling and sharing your story with us success sometimes I feel like. Phoning it owning what happened in your life and sharing that can help you get through it as well. Mental health in the big deal when it DR. And recognize and embrace and people need to help those that are in the yen and it. I Cassandra what your husband's name. And they are generally cool. Actually you working with freight and we're going to use these are saying to make sure it. Others that are in trouble and feel like they area that the rat hole. Pete Carroll saying that it's okay to. Tell you that it makes you stronger city. Cool thank you Cassandra and let us now how we announcement that message will will carry out and held her memories much as we can stand here. Right I. Thank you for making this switch today Jesse.