Dumpster Fire Update

Monday, October 30th

She's back on to share how confronting her parents went!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all net home. Was it ever Devi told us some Friday's say NA does love a good dumpster fire. I've got one I just sprang to my parents by sending them a picture of face time with them. C costing him. What they do know is that I'm really gonna go home as you can and tell them that I'm pregnant. And there are comments over her pregnancy Jeb may realize they don't like her boyfriend and all. I think that's taking liberties Jan just as they call them a loser. So important Seminole and tell a parent I really am expecting a baby. You guys just thought it was a joke but it is my way of telling you I'm I'm expected. She is on hold them figure out here and about thirty seconds. Okay in her own words this is steady on Friday. The reverend earlier to try not pregnant. Ranks each and this is merely a thank you and you know it's Halloween approaching. And I cornerback captain shot and a petty and entitlement are pregnant belly bomb blew the whole ugly thing. And I thought Kobe I think maybe you and I think kind metric with and don't do not in the belly everything and like our heart attacks sign me you know exactly along went back and I like oh my god we can't speculate. They guide you and I would be the worst thing. On the world like to get pregnant I don't know undertaking. All and then I read a book about it began and we looked at. How bad. Danny welcome back to the damage and show. They got they Dylan. And how are you the quest since. I didn't I didn't. Well I'm lots of people call led to give you advice some Friday we need indeed it was gonna go lesser action nebula like tell your friends first no tell your. The spurs need to what do you do little. I know you heard all of that did any of it influence you in any way. It actually did it it gasoline. Helped even though I would look to articulate it helped me. And Don people think guys turn instead of I hit it. And you for the unsolicited advice or just something people they often and often. I mean nobody actually it may mean pain and and then finally home I actually eat. Like our friend that you know the formula that. No I can't exactly that well. You know I don't of the back track record with my parents were bringing them boyfriend so I can't you know directly really never liked anyone. But I did it. I mean. It is okay. So you're laying the ground work for them laying in them. Eighty. Basically I ain't trying did. Soften the blow sperm cells that I would expect him. And get Eric you know whatever and I I had a better relationship with my father so. I took him to the side then you know I just kind of to Haiti you know. I've been disappointed in Obama to do and I'd really like if you just have my back you know moms the mom you know this could have my back. And the court did not talking about but you know he said okay. Times. And then proceeded to tell them and my mom started quietly trying to. Wow. Yeah. It would. Look pretty safe place. Suit seeking happiness so you know I'll take it and isolate Brent Wright president says. So I was I'm so I won't hurt looks fake her crying or her happiness. The cost you anywhere including the happiness so yeah. He asked in the dramatic. Actually. It was not quit and let let let brand Yahoo! believe you'd like every center and I don't look at that you know can't you know let you know you that in one went and the Goddard. And you know. For the last you know whatever thinking though you have you're the great man there. So I'll take that I mean I'm happy without kind of says it. And so how is your boyfriend feeling after all of that is is he OK you're the only guy who. Parents. No he's signing. It's when they are battered and hanging with expecting so. So when he was gone when he left that was your mom like to share a full line breakdown alerted she suck it up and make it okay leg. She kept breaking down. You know you break it I'm not married and you really traditional go. That was her big things and you know like I that I don't have a track record says she just thinking like. It's going to be able to take care of me you know let that kind of thing it wouldn't that you don't really know him sound weird but I think worried about. And knowing Kabul. I try to soften and you know I'm thinking that really good job you know they were us financially fine light. And that seemed to make her like so much battered and so that helped. Well thank you for sharing those and the story with us in no kidding thanks for letting us know how lands. Are you claiming to get married would you get married is your mom wants you to. No we're we're burned and the right now you talk about their leg. You know we get that we do they were just doing it because I am pretty you know so we're just trying to. Let's relationship evolves how it looked him and then tearing up and it you know it's pretty athletic sound public. Opted. On thank you and me. Being. A bank. Anybody else catch and choose and you know no luck so it doesn't take out and head at some point like thirty. Hussein you know in college I couldn't hear anything else 212 Avalon aviation have meant is that what's happening I. I only can solve assurance singularity and Alex you know like I'm trying to you know talk myself down as you know. Oh yeah you know. I did pick Matt why your face soured my question did you edge I felt and every one photo paper cut in the corner man led. I stopped the I can't why isn't that each of them a little here. For making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.