Dumpster Fire Dana

Tuesday, March 14th

Her sister needs her dad's help to ruin her relationship....wait what?


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Dana is going to be on whether it's at 7:30 this morning of filling us in and how her dumpster fire. Went this weekend if you don't know what we're talking about here's our conversation with Dana from Friday morning to get you all caught out. I'm calling because I'm curious about it you guys are actually going did you that dumpster fire saying you said. I'll let us tell us about your dumpster fire. Yeah. If you have a good story then we will do that segment. Touched okay role he's bitten the banks sell. My sister. Doesn't wanna be with her boyfriend anymore. And she found a you can at proposed to her the weekend and set them. Breaking up let them work figuring out she's getting my parents and world. Jack his State's total. RA you have our attention. I just. OK dumpster fire for anyway and who did who doesn't know is basically a messy disaster. Because of fires that disaster right right but a giant metal bucket of trash on fire is a whole new level of of disaster. It's it's a great way to describe amassed just ready to happen big trashy Matthew Pappas I Dana tell us about your dumpster fire. Well my sister has been playing the same diets or five years. And he's fine and I you. Lately he's been around our family. She doesn't wanna be with them and she looked through found them. Somebody's gonna have proposed this weekend and she's out in my diet. You not get him permission and. We'll oh. So why isn't she just break up within herself. Exactly I need she eat. Just relies on him I asked her like everything in her life so and doesn't have the guts to do it. So so rather than her break his heart she is once your dad to do it. Right it did when he asked for permission and achieve. Told my god like don't get it to say now. Coach and what is your dad could say. Well he doesn't know yet. But he has to say anything. She told my mom Ers and they're gonna go to my data that information and. So her so your sister and your mom have conspired. This big plan to break up with your sister's boyfriend. I'm making your dad do. Exactly eight totaled dumpster fire is gonna be great. All yeah all this pork not has no idea what he's blocking two I don't care about him I care about ratings and there's not there's only so. How did when you went to new topic callies paranoia now. And and can you imagine the missile things already. Pre arranged that he's gonna get rejected. What if you're dead is there any change your dad all refused to participate in the Spaniard sister in your mom's plan. I mean I think he'll probably try his stats to like do what they're asking bad I am just a priest and Matt sit there's no way you can pull that I. And what ifs what if it happens anyways right but what if it. If he goes Nash should add your dad does pull that off but then the guy proposes anyways he's had I don't carry your dad thinks is their chance that can happen. Yeah definitely I mean this is just Boris plan ever write a faster rate however while. I am just so confused why your sister won't just break up with them on her own. She thinks he's Jack. Away and I'm like she doesn't have a job. And like he gave her everything and she's probably it's a serrated. So seize of raid and a free loader. So yeah I'd definitely. But I mean she's getting get dumped. While she might not because then that quite what can happen it is. Dad can reject insane no game and they'll wanna be fiance goes back to his girlfriend your sister air. Engineers rides it out for a few more months. And your sister would have to dump him during those few months but she gets a couple more months of like ran or whatever she's getting ranked. All right yeah this herald this court IAA can you please. Please please. Ivory pretty Reinhold give us your phone number so we can call you on Monday this is beautiful. Oh yeah definitely. Hero ball if I terrible you means ratings bonus so wait. Dana do if the Dana are you gonna be there when he comes to talk to your parents I mean do you live nearby hammer away at. Yeah I don't aren't. IE I don't live near them but I am leaving work early to get perhaps a seat at that smile and I. The massacre you know witness the dumpster fire. Yeah I'm leaving work dried out there and I am ready to serve a glove and you campaign as a lovely picture on Monday morning of how it all went. Utley I thank you Dana we'll talk to you money it's. Star in 941.