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Thursday, October 12th


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And she I'll start to. Date on the jet engine and show basically give you a form to tell somebody. You're in Iran relationship. I am more right for you the first we got a reminder we have got all the concert tickets you wind Garth Brooks at 8:20 this morning. Think at 8:30. This morning. Dump that date me it's our segment on the jet engine show where we give it to sell to someone. The relationship you're currently in is wrong. I am right for you. Let's say hello to. Danielle. Who has a decision to make hey Danielle welcome to the Japanese and Shia. IE you are on a segment that we call. Dump them date me. There is somebody who believes that the relationship. Europe and is wrong for you and they are right very. So I just so we can make sure taught him the right Daniel and everything. I you've been exclusively dating a guy for. To the best we can tell less than a month right. Yeah. Are you calling him boyfriend. At nine I somebody who listens to our show. Banks that they are more suited to be your boyfriend and the guy your currently dating. Oh well that's the thing in view. Are open to hearing that will let them talk to you for one minute and build it's you. I'm why they are better for you in the guy you're currently dating. Com or if you are not over until we certainly respect your current relationship and then just off we go and we you know went our hands and at that. Okay well I I don't want to hear them and and like if I don't know that there and one that I mean clearly that in there and make an attempt or because. The only way we can reveal who it is is if you allow them to pitch his why would they put themselves out there. Without explanation yet we need time to explain themselves. But I the bigger question so you are kind of intrigued by your dating someone. Exclusively here and I've spent a couple only been a couple of weeks. Thank you not so in love with your big guys are currently dating that you want to -- just not now. How hard and I and that ended things you wouldn't want I know it and I'm. And enter the no entry eight. Curiosity course. Well we needed. The I got here and I'm like you know. Thank you thank you thank you and your curiosity. We are going to put one minute on the clock right now and connect you with the person. Wants the pitch you on why they are better for you in the person you're currently dating. Iraq. Guy. And are you ready I. I. I've sir it's all yours you've got sixty seconds that humans are the dump them and day you octagon. It. Eight and you know it's nick until I know they are seeing someone right now. I had an idea that you're actually instill in them especially would have moved faster. I want to to take him clothes are expected dad and I didn't you don't want to Russian relationship. And I just have to look to note that. I don't think you're one. Is the sweetest girl I've ever met and we have. Such an amazing connection worked closely together looking out what you usually when I'm writing poetry and then sings songs. This. This is honestly never happened to me before and then. Talking you and and and seniors smiled the best part my gay. So it this guy really make gas be then you know what I'll accept that bond. I just really needed to understand in case there's any chance first to let people that. I got ten seconds left anything on mad at god TI yeah I'm sorry is this spring is only like that put. Yeah I got particularly true. So god. Well time. He struck a figure that one and then he dropped it I thought era. I'm nick is back and hold Danielle. Allowed that snap. It howled that led. A lot that was really. I don't have to do an hour I can't think about it a little better. It's lie if you have a good you don't have to like choose rate now bright. What are you be paying. How lucky I've never did you. Song by allowing that. These things and ideas that nick felt this. I mean I had he was and should send back I didn't I didn't play. Your potential bad. How do you how do and how do you innate you know each other how long have you known each other he's zero. I'm saying hi I want to think about it when you got to turn that data bank. It matter that. A guy. What are you and is there anything that makes you doubt your current relationship now that you heard from. And I don't. Buy it I think it I'd sit I am. But I think about it bill. I am. I think all that I have to I'm very. And may. I think about that. Guy. All right we're gonna I'll let you go okay. I thank you I Jan I wanna come back and I wanna pick up neck an island tucked in. Mean I was on hold. Yeah are not the L bomb OK let's I actually disconnected and accidentally says give as to minutes. We're gonna get nick back on the phone will come back and I'm just gonna pick his brain they can that's a bold move rate there. Dump them hate me with an unexpected Elba. Globe. Japanese interest Sarajevo. Star in 941. Dump that. Date me and in deference and show we just gave nick at the chances at eight to Danielle you're in the wrong relationship I am the one who is right for youth. He did and the most epic way our. I just really didn't to tell you listen in case and any chance for us to a beauty of the yeah I got particularly true. Manic. Powell in sixty seconds you told her you're the one and I will. I mean I again as you say that there's been pouring the needle and I felt so. What signal and I don't question what history between you and her you guys dated before. No never data we've been Spencer is the about a year now and I noticed and we're always count like each other's company argued does. I know it's gone election. Mine and I aren't feeling we we dated other people who were wrong period through each other sure trust and and I think this guy is there's no different he's not right for her in these. I think I am unwilling either way and then I know that. I think I'm I'm ready to send it to make the move on sale as silk and turn. In the big of your pitch you asked are you said something about how you she wanted to take things slowly. And wasn't there are deeper relationships you guys obviously have that conversation before. Yeah I mean we know. You know we. Talk no we would actually lose some law really I had you know I told her little there is a we I insinuated that you know she issue. I would be better for her than it did announce the same thing over and over and. So let me know. Let me guy translate for the women can here's what happened. He was planning his attack he knew he was in love and are you knew that that what they had was magic he's planning his attack. And she's ramping things up with like this other dude. But he doesn't think it's going as fast as it is she might not even against honest masses that is then has other dude. Pops in with they had it we should be exclusive and she says okay and then takes over here like the come from. You know that the league and clearly there's an out and it's got to get in there so nick was moving too slowly. The other guy. So will he or she didn't seem nick moving at all you can see he got that correct me if I'm Robbie you've got the impression that she was even named anything marina. Right I had heard the notion that she's only making serious so our and I don't buying. You know I I've been in didn't and that Jason made I made myself some. She's so now that I am ready you know I I was I respected the fact that you know maybe you need a little bit more time before actually selling. So high you know I do you do you do and do whatever you're PM here for you and somebody's been in. India I do that. Nick keep the radio on because I am I mean we're gonna help you out I got an idea of kind of keep this thing in Asia okay thank you nick for bring in Estes. Well let's provide some encouragement. In neck. Okay. If your opening line involved the words. I love you. And you made a long relationship proud of it. 4042630941. I get the first hint of romance. Started wave I need you to know that I love. Mold into bold move but if we can find just one person that works for that's something the mic in hand. Not yet 40 port 26309. Or one. And she I'll still are ready for our. If you are jets are now coming into the Kevin and Joseph let's get kind of program can make. Wanted to tell Danielle that you should rake up with her boyfriend of about three weeks and date ham instead it. Among other things he says there I think you're the one for me and I love you. She was kind of lukewarm about it when about a business. We're trying to get make some encouragement looking for people whose relationship started. With the words. I love you I'll start Josh. And Marietta Heyman. Hey I am so cringing at did this in high school I was playing me. On the cool friend and yet so I could be everything but not play here. He needs the plate. You need to have fun and being a director and play hard be gay in either more he would solely in France avenue and you're not a negative ballet she and the reason why Hearst on those are all right a lot about. This has yet the way either it's French you. Or which is a lot means a lot. Org Tuesday this guy in my hand and in the crash this and her friend. I've been hurt the friendships over right influence you out okay. I'll mail and it hit so hard to get. Yeah I mean you'll still be friends but it can be awkward now. The retailer do we take your rate back to high school Levys feel limited net. A car in the invading Saudi younger so I only cure or that keeps me in the gay guy I won that hard girl that was cheerleader ready raised. We we do win in the end however you militants killed as a and their play it in first are yet to be the leader European follower right now and now that's where I really cringing. I don't know leader delete them and challenge them and help them and how to grow to be that woman they are this is not it doesn't do that brown. Thanks guys here. Emily and that door of they'll give jobs or give nick some encouragement. And paying naked Angel I aim at. Have been engaged now tricky here and their relationship or a liar and he told me you love me or won the like when he got it out on people. And at least you've got to act is getting out of the car and it parent does he now I don't think you only had to let these are my leg they're demanding. Back after he got a car he did for me let me now unhappily totally freaked out there are a man. I asked about it late. Am I can daily and probably get a day or another car and he's ahead by three Larry and magic Dele and bad. EY yeah I don't know late it it came out and I don't know how I feel about it now but you know lack. Yeah I feel I feel the mainlanders who got an energy. After me under I'm winning after how many total hours did you spend it trees. Probably. Late already I call odds places long before you do it county that's how. Sarah and can't question we're asking is Alice your success stories. Is it you said I love you like within hours and your birthday I had there. We never I mean why can't I. Can't. I. And I would embolden our. Own little. Out of being a and it. What I'll hold on so you let you do what we industry is this. I look at me and yellow key out and I don't bleed black and that's. A little bit. And all the I. Where you guys ended up regular clothes and one night everybody else went home. And I didn't. Hang. Out. Cleaning up and wanna pick and ER. 88. Bit of a broken Eddie. Let them. I'll look. The late great and then look at what they get. While foul line. While they while they're amazing. There are women right now who have game trying to find the wine. Effort to date they just won a guy to call back after that there's a right. And they hate her there like going applying it every restaurant every far ahead hi pleased to have complete. So what I heard from that there's the eatery dive on levity is to get his hands and clean you had. And oh yeah that's the that. I'd get a ring Andrea. Sort of make it this way it's just it's. OnStar not before one.