The Dumbest Injuries

Friday, August 11th

Ever knock yourself out just by walking into a wall? Or needed surgery because you freaked over a spider? These people have!


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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell ol' ball. There is comfort in numbers so we are looking for your help. For our friends and praised players. And Margot Gould. Season now how you injured yourself and a dumb way in because there's so many of you. I mean there's a big lists. Odd because Ernie cumin and possum for a 42630941. Let's sparrow is Monique. In the river now emanate. Okay I read about scenario Lenin and I wouldn't running out of sight and I chipped or else I situation that might mean. Over the classic. This. I have zero room. Joan and Douglas. I wish I had earned comes into how. How can read. Maybe as many as anybody in the air broke gonna tell you know. Sounds horrible and it's learns worsening hammerhead Bustamante and he'd tell if I. Let me see where insisting cinematic is when you hit it comment on the side of the bed. You know want to buy something and. And you just have been a naked that hurts americanize them breaking I watched can only catch this side of a table we've heard tell it. Let go and you would have thought she'd been shot I was like oh my daddy okay inspect element I understand. And the reason or talk about this gen. Is in this is what happened the other night to one of our favorite Atlanta Braves players. First glance look to be a pretty cute. Humorous situation. Was making his way through the infield he's jumped over a flying and Tristan he is down and spilled. That is gonna have to make an immediate defensive substitution for the game's first pitch. This is downstairs. That is unbelievable. And now for two weeks are now in a ball players like I use it to her. Yeah that'd at baseline to draft her hands tell us about its forty yes. Examined the use to send gala that test and nuke nuke. Alassane in Carrollton. May. I edit depression and my address is quality and speaking about is trying to really true my column now where we re seeing. I had a lot in bed and says now in place to put my opponent on the one meant so side. He did back in my bed to get my own. And their guy that went into Baghdad dedicating my pillow and the loss knocked a hole and it about it to me. And lamenting coming back and telling Elliott percentage that navigate used to. That's the reason you're out. Yeah you gotta make him a better than that. May see and Atlanta welcome to the shall. Very excited intra democratic act and can't actually over the past. Just on my back up now on the let's look at the net. So you're pumping gas when men and I would you wage jobs and people leaning over you and your dad yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. I I let me your kids are cutting or did you get the video from this security cameras are really really hard. Because they're probably afraid you do you sue. I mean I doubt. That sacks. Right now I'm just an idiot then blew out all the lights on FaceBook I get from that. They had fun that you just wanna go viral. Yeah the worst part about all of. All of these injuries is the fact that. If you have to miss work or in get a cast on your armor or anything like that would make NN Bethlehem. Would you give. I weren't armed and broke my arm and replay. How I mean casts more. A week strip where you're getting your phone. I'm I was actually we replaying in print what you like I need a dart. And Maradona lip and one part and I didn't know about and I hope I and quite well. Out when I'm not to protect my eighth in the other one got there. I read frank who last year dumb it was last year or the year before with the big Pokemon craze yeah. Not a bomber was looking down at their phone and news. I ever do that thing where you think there's one more step and there's not see kind of stomped at the last yeah. I was step. He did that I think in Piedmont park the tone down the steps in one more step and a trip to Saudi fell backwards and have that broke. Where this arm the top part of his arm so he was in eight. Slayings and had to tell everybody for earth with a twelve weeks if he hurt himself playing Pokemon Pokemon yeah fell over backwards chasing a peek its fifth F. Rebounds. Kayla and the Swanee how did you injure yourself. Hi my Indiana in monetary and center. And so little how the world around ten. A lot back and it hit me exact wrong time. Out Diana played on the. Is that your laundry or somebody else's. My name and bonding and did you see him to have surgery. He can't have surgery and they went and now. And that's about the time where yours is so sick of being pregnant. And now. You got to come out way this story before the surgery of what is happening right Baghdad shots in the golden princess for. And I we ran into trouble when it comes to big and entertained hundreds. And she I'll still are far. Thank you just heard. And then show this morning though we are second in the dumbest way you injured yourself because there's comfort and numbers. Forward in our favor braves players young Margo who just this pick ups the other leg and unsealed and NASA engineers like so badly after two weeks. We have some great judgment and your family members who are about to share terrific terrific stories hey Rachel and. I don't. I would and it would really dark 1 morning and I sit back to my head until like a jetted out part of the law. And he hadn't heard of the ER and get stitches and I would do right well I got a unless flight to go to Hawaii. So my dream vacation photo views. Is loaded and I ten and in hot in your bikini with a giant swollen head. Exactly I. American into the wall in the middle of the dark. To well what's wild plum Waffle House happy vacation. Aloha aloha. Aloha ouch instead silly and Ghana. I jumped right on Laura when it tiger jumped on the mountain tech support act. Separate. A lot went through a spider wins it's. And by air but a lot more telling kept running catch it. So somebody watching you mow the line would see you randomly jump off a lawnmower that still in gear. And they have. And main. Hatchet and then right around on the ground in pain. In my. Thanks Jim is Britney and their Woodstock was done his way you injured yourself. I am. Not. Are a you're now. I'd go to your security. Net economic or they can get her sorry you broke make it now. I like to open the door and it slammed back to meet. And that speaks out. After the all hello got an hospital. Bill Clinton a cool story I got schooled by applicable work. I'll I'll oh. So you sign up to serve the country you get to employ a day and if you were to earn a purple heart and because the door hit you. It's yeah it cannot I have the exact same high impact. Completely and thoroughly checked out it was ridiculous but opening two years later. Kind. There's. I. It's he says yeah they were also and Woodstock and didn't. And how did you get injured. I in an embarrassing way. Sure. And I would it's giving water issue like chow that an inch great teacher and edit my teeth out. She includes when Palestinian. And she was like move over and asked which. Made it. Thank you April that's on your doesn't count times the things that find even more African. All load all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.